Monday, August 31, 2009

Someone is "Concerned"

At the bottom of the's recent article about this case, you will find some comments. One made this morning by "Concerned" shows just how concerned a certain individual is. They should have signed their comment "Desperate but have nothing else." I had to respond. Below you will find "Concerned's" comment followed by mine.

"By Concerned
Aug 31, 2009 8:05 AM Link to this
Kari was a disturbed individual. The media and her family are in total denial. Every year around the date of her daughter's death she could not function as a human being. She would spend at least a week in bed and on medication to get over the week. I hope that the jury hears the truth in this case and not just what her parents want them to hear."

"By Shannon
Aug 31, 2009 8:41 AM Link to this
Dear Concerned, Kari is not the disturbed individual involved here. And if you truly knew her, you wouldn't/couldn't say that. Unless you are the one person that did know her that is desperate for the world to believe your lies. I (among many, many others) saw Kari almost daily during March and April and did not see, hear, experience this "could not function as a human being" you talk of. And as you know, she did not die during that "week" anyway. In fact, I saw Kari that Friday afternoon and she was upbeat, jovial and making plans for the weekend and her new job. You gotta give up that lame defense. Mountains of evidence to refute it. And don't worry, the jury will hear all kinds of truth. The DA's office (not the Dulins) is running this show and he's got this thing lock, stock and barrel. There is only one thing you should be concerned about and my guess is that you very much are."

* At this time, there is a Kerrville IP address on this blog. Has been for at least 33 minutes. Probably came right over here after leaving said comment on the Trib. I may be wrong. Just an observation.
** Now this same person is showing up Unknown city. Same IP address. But "in disguise."


Anonymous said...

Desperate is right. The clock is ticking.

Anonymous said...

You are such a biased showboater. Is it to hard for you to understand that Kari DID have mental problems? That is a proven fact. You didn't even know her personally from what I can tell. Go get a life.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the chuckle. Sure I'm biased....I am biased because of facts and personal experiences. If you don't think I knew her, you haven't been around much.

We all have up times and down times and Kari wouldn't be human if she didn't. That does not make her suicidal. Doesn't make me suicidal. Doesn't make you suicidal. I've taken the time to go to the courthouse and read all the medical and psychological evidence thus far presented in both the criminal and civil cases. I've talked to countless family, friends, fellow chuch members and co-workers that knew Kari...some of which very intimately. Do tell where YOU have come up with this "proven fact" of "mental problems"? Was it from anyone besides the person who is on trial for her murder and would do or say anything to convince people of his professed innocence?

When it comes right down to it, the facts and evidence that prove Kari didn't take her own life will speak and show for themselves in the weeks to come. And THAT won't be hard for anyone to understand.

Linda said...

EXCUSE ME, anonymous. I am going to work very hard here to maintain a considerate tone with you; something you did not do. I DID know Kari....her entire life. Kari never had what you call "mental problems" What a terrible term to use for people who DO suffer from depression. Your language shows you are not enlightened nor are you particularly sensitive.

I know who you are. Whether you believe that or not means little to me. What I will say to you is this: You never met Kari in your life. NOT ONCE. Everything you know about her life comes from the man who has everything to lose by the truth. We want nothing more than the truth. Most of what has been in the media has been from Mr. Baker. He has given many, many interviews. The “slanted” media has given MB many opportunities to show he is innocent. Now it is time for a trial.

I will not call names. I will not say what I think of a woman (yes, I even know where you work and live), who has written horrible things about my child, who can no longer defend herself. You have written horrible things about me, yet you don’t know me either. I don’t care about that. I care about two issues:
1. I care that the truth is exposed and there is justice for a murder.
2. I care that my granddaughters are safe…physically and emotionally.
Bottom line, it isn’t in your hands or mine. It will be in a jury’s hands in less than a month. I believe we will see justice. However, the only thing I can say with absolute certainty is I TRUST GOD…..ABSOLUTELY. My belief in Him is not contingent on what happens in this life. As I write this, Mercy Me is singing “Bring the rain.”
I can count a million times
People asking me how I
Can praise You with all that
I've gone through
The question just amazes me
Can circumstances possibly
Change who I forever am in You.

So, hear me and hear me clearly. I am going to stay on message….and your mean and spiteful words only make me pity you. My message is this: I will spend Eternity with my child. I cling to God’s promises. My husband and I…family….and friends…and virtual strangers….will continue to fight for justice. I love my granddaughters that much….some things are that important.

Tell me, would you fight like this for your daughter?….Do you want me to tell you how many daughters you have? I know that, as well.

What will you do when the truth is finally exposed? Will you be able to except it when it is revealed?

In the future, I hope that if you choose to disparage my child, you will at least have the courage to say it to my face. You call yourself a Christian…yes, I even know the church you attend :). Yet, you have…for three years…made personal attacks that have nothing to do with the facts of this case….and what you have said has been lies. Do you think this is ok? What does this show your daughters?

I don’t expect to change what you say or think. I do ask you to think very carefully about personal attacks against the child I love with all of my heart. Let the case be decided on its merit in court. Clearly, I believe with every fiber in my being that my daughter was killed. My gosh, do you know how much I wish I was wrong!? I am not; therefore, my granddaughters are in danger….I must do what I believe is right. I must. Your personal attacks don’t serve you or the truth…no matter what you believe.
Kari Lynn Dulin’s mother (Linda)

Lindsey (Ryann) said...

I am not as kind as my aunt. If you have the courage to make personal attacks to my face about my cousin or any of us, then bring it on! I'm not afraid to stand up for those I love and unlike you, I won't hide who I am.

Lindsey (Ryann)

Becky said...

Count me in, Lindsey!!

sadie said...

Oh boy. What's this??? Looks like one of the Killer Pastor's deluded, er... I mean desperate and misguided dwindling band of Kervillian "supporters" has skittered out of from the woodwork and found a keyboard again. "A disturbed individual?" KARI? Well, that would actually be laughable if it were not such a heinous LIE -- as you would know if you knew Kari. Look in the mirror, O anonymous one. Say hello to the true "disturbed individual" here.

Getting down to the wire, aren't we? Matt is finally sweating bullets, as he should have been from the beginning. Time is running out now, and the light is about to finally illuminate the TRUTH that can no longer be clouded by Matt's evil lies.

Poor you. You are getting so scared about the impending JUSTICE about to be rendered, that your panic has driven you to blindly support a known liar, sexual predator, and murderer in a public forum -- at the expense Kari's memory, and the feelings of those who knew and loved her.

How dare you? Was it not bad enough that Kari's life was snuffed out in cold blood, that her daughters have been brainwashed and are living with the man responsible for her death, that her good name has been slandered by a murderer desperate to save his own sorry neck, and that justice has been delayed for so long because her cowardly killer has hidden behind the preacher's mantle and his own sick web of lies?

To use the Trib's website as a forum to spew baloney and more cruel lies about the innocent VICTIM in this case is nothing more than a despicable (and pitiful) attempt to taint the jury pool. Her voice has been forever silenced; she cannot speak for herself. Shame on you for joining her killer in speaking ugly lies against her.

Everyone who knew Kari knows better. Actually, everyone with any sense who hears even the basic circumstances of this story knows better. A jury of ordinary citizens will certainly know better. Silencing her voice has not -- and will never -- silence the TRUTH.

So please do the public and your own conscience a favor: crawl back into your sad little deluded cave and ask God to forgive you for what you have done. Or if you insist on panic-posting, you really should lay off the victim bashing, especially in a case like this one, where the victim is so blatantly wronged. It doesn't look very good on you.

Desperation to hide the truth will not prevent the truth from being known. Matt Baker is filthy guilty and it will be proven so.



JUSTICE FOR KARI, and God Bless Jim and Linda Dulin and their family. Their courage and faith is a big inspiration and speaks volumes about who Kari really was.


Linda R said...

I cannot believe how people who have not experienced the loss of a child can judge how Kari should have acted on the anniversary of Kassidy's death. Please!!! She had every right to grieve at anytime, any place and any way she wanted to. Point final.