Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pics from WCS Days.....

Had a fellow Warrior send me some pics including Kari from back in the WCS Days. THANKS!!

Click here for more great WCS photos of Kari Dulin!


Suzie said...

These are great pictures of happy times. Thank you for sharing. I hope Kari's girls are provided opportunities to remember their mother in a loving way. I have my doubts (big doubts).

k j said...

Kari is so cute and Matt is, well, so not. What did she ever see in him to begin with? From the interviews I saw on TV, it wasn't his wit and charm.

Does anyon know the general feeling toward Matt in Kerrville. Not that it matters but it would?be interesting to know if he has them snowed there.


Shannon said...

KJ, I actually hear from quite a few Kerrville folks. They make it very clear to me that they and the people they know feel Matt is responsible for Kari's death. Quite a few of them don't say anything about it there in Kerrville out of respect for his parents. They go about their business and try to hold in the cringes when he is near.

Linda said...

K J,
It makes us so very sad to contemplate that question....not your fault :). We have asked ourselves that question many times. What makes us incredibly sad is the double-life M B led. He was NEVER a faithful or loving husband. NEVER. I won't say more but it breaks our hearts.

Washington State said...

When I look at these pictures, I see a young woman full of beauty,grace,confidence,
love,and joy. No earthly act by another will ever take that away.....for it is eternal and can not be tarnished by man.

Anonymous said...

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


Your terrible deeds will be uncovered for the world to see, Mr. Baker. Rest assured of this.