Thursday, June 11, 2009

Watch 48 Hours Episode.... has put "The Preacher's Wife" in its entirety on their website. So if you missed it, you can see it here.

After talking to many people from Kerrville, it would appear that the "Supporters of Matt Panel" on 48 Hours are mostly people that knew him as a child and that are friends and loyal to his parents, more so than to Matt. What they know of Matt as an adult, is post-Kari, post-arrested-for-murder, in full-defense-you-gotta-believe-me mode. And I know of at least one or two of the people that were shown on the panel regret their early-on, not-knowing-the-evidence, support of Matt and have been mortified as it comes out. That's just that I know of. I'm sure there's more. Don't think that the mass of Kerrville folks are on his side. I've heard from too many that say they, and those around them, firmly believe in Matt's guilt. Kerrville is full of wonderful, wise people.

And again, this 48 Hours was recorded and compiled over a year ago before reams and reams and reams of evidence against Matt was made public. All before his mistress spoke out to the Grand Jury and spilled something so damning that she got immunity out of telling what she knew. This is huge. At the time the show was filmed, the people on that panel had no idea about these things as they were hidden from them by the defense wanting both moral and financial support.

The first part is mainly from Matt's point of view. Keep in mind, though, that much of what he says can conveniently only be confirmed by him....since Kari is no longer here. Gives him lots of room for completely making things up. Whatever he wants to say to make Kari look depressed and/or suicidal. EVERYONE else that was around Kari says the exact opposite about her attitude, demeanor and outlook on life. So you decide who you believe...a confirmed, caught-in-the-act-dozens-of-times liar on trial for murder....or everyone else.

The rest of the show catches Matt in lies and inconsistencies and compete impossibilities of his "story" of that night being possible. And the show had access to and/or was allowed to focus in on such a small, tiny percentage of the evidence available. Imagine if it was a fresh show with all the new evidence. You come away with the feeling Matt is guilty after this? Just wait. September is coming.


Linda said...

We would love for as many of you as possible to proudly display the JUSTICE FOR KARI bumper stickers. They are everywhere, and it is wonderful to see them. Send Shannon a SASE and you got one...or more!

Haley Jaye said...

I just found out about this case watching past episodes on 48 hours. I cannot believe this tragedy. I am so proud of you and Kari's family for not giving up. What an amazing blog you have here to get Kari's message out to the world. This man is guilty and I hope you will all be able to find some peace after this trail.

Best of luck and may God bless each of you with strength and courage to continue through this ordeal.