Monday, June 22, 2009

Memories from a Dear Friend....

One of Kari's dear, close friends left some memories of her times with Kari in the "Share your Memories of Kari" area of this blog today. I am putting it here in a post to make sure everyone gets to read it.

"Janelle said...

My memories of Kari: We met in a sign language class at Baylor. We became friends very quickly. I visited her church and shortly afterward, I became the music minister while she served as the youth minister. We did many projects together. She also sang in the choir that I directed. She and I sang duets as well as performed songs in sign language.Kari always had her daughters decked out in the cutest clothes. She handled them with such a calmness and a bit of sarcasm thrown in for sanity's sake.Anytime there was a gathering at her house she served hot dogs. Always hot dogs. She claimed that everyone liked them and they were easy to serve.

Kari introduced me to up and coming praise music. We listened to the same 2 CD's for 2 years learning every song by heart.

I was with Kari the first night Kassidy was in the hospital. I remember that she left Kassidy for about an hour while the two of us went to the grocery store to buy groceries for a needy family that the church knew of. After leaving the groceries at the family's house, I remember eating taco bell together at the hospital! I was so amazed at her strength and faith. She was out helping others in need with the constant faith that Kassidy would be cared for. I believe I was one of the first people she called the night Kassidy passed away. I will never forget that phone call. There was nothing I could do to ease my friend's pain. I loved the way she helped explain it all to Kensi.

Kari became pregnant with Grace a month after I got pregnant. We even had the same doctor. We shared all of our aches, pains and complaints as well as our TUMS that we ate like candy for the heartburn. We even shared maternity clothes. She was excited to have Grace.

We were student teaching at the same school during our pregnancies. Neither of us enjoyed our student teaching and took turns crying to each other. We got each other through the semester, no doubt. We also took one night class that semester and carpooled together. We had to do a skit in front of the whole class (Kari was an amazing actress. She wasn't afraid to do anything!) Needless to say, we played the parts of pregnant women in that skit.

I was a first time mother and my daughter was born exactly 1 month and 1 day before Grace. Kari was so calm and relaxed. She knew exactly what she was doing with baby Grace. I panicked. She always let me know that stuff was "no big deal" and offered advice.

Kari would talk with her hands and her bracelets would jingle. Her hair was always so cute. I was envious because I could never wear my hair that way. She laughed a lot. She was very friendly. She was a hard worker and a good student. She always accomplished whatever she put her mind to. She was a good singer. She was good at sign language. Motherhood was her passion. She knew the Bible and I admired the knowledge that she had. She was compassionate. She'd cry with people over their burdens. She was one of those rare people who would ask about YOU, not just talk about herself. No doubt, Kari had a heart for Jesus.

She is in Heaven with Kassidy and constantly watching over Kensi and Grace. Nothing would be more important to her. I bet she sings with the Angels and cracks them up with something funny now and then.

I miss her very much. I always had hope that we'd be back in touch and keep our friendship going. I guess I have to wait to see her in Heaven."

Thanks so much, Janelle! What a precious friendship you two shared.

If any of you have memories to share or even have shared some and want to share some more, please feel free to do so anytime! The "Share Your Memories of Kari" link is always available in the right-hand column above the closed poll thing. Thanks! I'm sure these memories are so precious to Kari's family.

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Linda said...

Thank you for making Kari come so alive with your descriptions! I will save it so that Kensi and Grace can also "see" their mother through your memories. It must wait but it will come.

I can see Kari using her hands to talk...she was so And she was fearless. I always had such admiration for her. Kari wasn't afraid of anything!

I just got off the phone with Naomi, a sweet, sweet woman from Crossroads Baptist Church. Jim and I love Naomi so. She was talking about Kari and said, " Oh, how I loved that girl!" Kari did that to people....She wasn't afraid to love and reach out....and others responded in kind.

Thank you, Janelle, for loving Kari and finding me. It means so much. Please stay in touch.