Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Watching it again....

It's so hard to stomach all of Matt's obvious lies. So many are actually pointed out on the show. So many....so little time. There is so much concrete evidence that 48 Hours didn't have time to show....or might have not been allowed to show at that time. It's coming out now, isn't it? So much coming in Fall of 2009. Put on your seatbelts.

I watched this show with Brody tonight. His poignant remarks and observations astound me. I'm still in shock that my now 12 year old son and I are here watching this, crying, knowing, waiting. I'll never forget telling my son that weekend that Mrs. Baker was dead. I'll never forget in the next year (because of the arrest and it coming up in the news) having to tell him what I knew all along.... The look in his eyes. He's much wiser now. But it's not all that much easier.

There have been over 361 different visitors on this blog just in the last hour tonight. I can't count how many of you are on here as I write this. But the love and dedication to Kari's memory and the fight for justice is obviously felt by so many. God bless you all. Hang on. Justice is coming. And it's coming hard. Not fast. But hard.


suzie said...

It breaks my heart. Kari loved a man who is evil. Her daughters are living with a murderer. They are living with their mother's murderer. There must be justice!

Wendy said...

After so much time, I've been frustrated with so little changing when it comes to Matt owning up to and accepting what's he's done...but tonight, I got a tiny little change in how this home reacts and absorbs and responds to it. My husband was writing a work email and was trying to properly piece it together and said to me, "Can you pause that? (the TV) I really want to watch it because I've learned so much about it because of you - I want to see it..." Of course I paused the airing - then we watched together. Shannon, thank you for your continued efforts to make sure people like my husband take an interest in such a need for justice. And pass my love on to Linda when you can.

Carole said...

Shannon--similar experience here at my home. My son has known for a long time that I have been following this story so he watched with me and was astounded at Matt's demeanor--I filled him in on the MANY things I know about Matt from all the reading I've done that were not told during this show. I also understand there are things not known to me or the general public that cast serious doubt on his accounting of events.

Lisa said...

I lived next door to Kari in college and was so shocked to just find out about this terrible tragedy. We were pledge sisters in the same sorority. I have been looking for her for many years. My heart is so sad to think of the hurt and pain that her family has dealt with over the past two years. Kari was full of life and so much fun. I am sure her children are adorable and will pray for them daily.

Ellen Di Giosia said...

I live in San Antonio, but I must live in a bubble, because this is the first I've heard of Kari's death. I was at Truett with Matt Baker. I don't remember him well, but we overlapped by 2 years, and I had just started when Kassidy died. I remember when that happened.

This is completely incoherent rambling on my part, but I'm horrified. I don't even know what to say. I've spent the last hour searching online for as much information as I can get. Thank you so much for maintaining this blog and for publicizing the fight to honor Kari with justice. My prayers are with these sweet girls and the rest of the families affected by this.

Anonymous said...

I Do. Not. Understand. why it has taken so long to bring this to trail or how those Kerville people could sit there and say they "know" Matt couldn't have killed Kari because he is a spirit filled "sweet" man. Really? Watchin gthose clips with him with the girls eve for just a second makes me wonder how "sweet" he is to them. AND WHY DID HE LET THEM TAPE THE GIRLS?????
I almost hate to ask but do you think those Matt backers are as ready to defend him today as they were two years ago?

sadie said...

True, a TV program can only go so deep or cover so much. And yet, it's amazing how the eyes of a liar say it all.

Thank you, Erin Moriarty and thank you CBS for again shining the light on what happened to Kari and how the system broke down.

Thank you, Shannon for being the voice for a beautiful woman and mother whose own voice was cruelly silenced by the man she loved and thought she knew.

Thank you, Linda Dulin and family, for continuing to show the steadfastness and love that has become a true inspiration to so many people.

Thank you, District Attorney's office for finally holding Matt accountable for what he has done.

Thank you Vanessa Bulls, for speaking of what you know, and may you be blessed with the courage to continue to speak the truth.

Thank you, God for your assurance that you comfort us in sorrow and that vengeance is yours.

Matt Baker took Kari's life, but he could not kill her bright spirit. Love WILL triumph over evil.

God Bless Kari's family, and especially her beloved girls.


Beth said...

I just happened to watch the 48 Hours Mystery last night. I rarely watch TV at night because I"m too busy picking up after the day. I can't get her face out of my head. I know that I know Kari. I just ca't remember how I know her. I didn't live in Waco. I grew up in Bedford,TX, which is in the DFW area. I didn't go to Baylor. I went to Texas Tech. We are the same age and graduated from high school the same year. I have four girls. I just know that I know her. Maybe we went to summer camp together. I am so sad for her, but mostly for her girls. I am praying for justice for her. It was great to hear that her husband was indicted! I am going to keep her family in my prayers.
Beth Beard

Anonymous said...

Does Matt Baker still have supporters? How can they believe him when he can't keep his story straight even for TV? Last night it seemed like all his backers were childhood friends. Did this man have any adult friends? What do these people think? Also has anyone gone to the courthouse and read the immunity deal given to Vanessa Bulls? It will be so interesting to see what she has to say.
And I'm with the commenter who didn't think Matt Baker seemed like he was very sweet to his girls, not even with TV cameras there. I also think it shows Matt's selfish nature that he would let his daughters be filmed and put on TV to help his cause. Who is protecting those girls? Why is he allowed to keep them? He has been indicted on a murder charge for Pete's sake! Get those babies away from him! Yes Shannon September seems like it can't get here fast enough!

Linda said...

Kari was at Tech her freshman year (93). Maybe you knew her from TT. She had a terrific roommate from the Cleburne area (I think).

Beth said...

That has to be where I knew her. I talked to my mom and she said she remembers a girl named Kari that went to church with me at First Baptist Euless, but it must be from Texas Tech. I just can't remember for sure. I have a horrible memory after having 4 kids! I lived in Stangel Hall at Texas Tech my freshman year and it was (93). Maybe we knew each other then. I see her picture and know that we were friends! Thank you for responding back to me!

Beth said...

I was a Pi Phi at Texas Tech too. I pledged in (93). Sorry I keep posting. I just want to remember how I know her.

Doug said...

I just finished watching 48 hours, and could tell Baker was lying just from listening to the 911 call. He was WAY too nonchalant about the situation. An innocent man would have been calling in a panic. The typewritten "suicide" note was another giveaway. His whole story was just too pat and sounded concocted.

Linda said...

Beth, you absolutely knew Kari. She was a Pi Phi pledge that semester. I am so glad to "meet" you!

Beth said...

Thank you for telling me! I was looking through all my college pictures and I found a Bid Day picture. There she was! I am so sorry for your loss! It has been so long...I had a hard time remembering, but I can remember her vividly now! We were friends! My maiden name was Perkins. I will pray for you and her precious girls! Thank you again for responding to me!

Shannon said...

I'm so glad you and Linda figured out this connection. Kari touched so many people. If you would like to talk more personally with Linda, email me at JusticeForKari@gmail.com and I will forward it to her and then ya'll can take it from there. ;)
I mean, keep talking here when you want. I love it. And I love having an avenue for others to read about Kari. But when/if you want to talk privately with Linda, let me know.

Shannon said...

After talking to many people from Kerrville, it would appear that the "Supporters of Matt Panel" on 48 Hours are mostly people that knew him as a child and that are friends and loyal to his parents, more so than to Matt. What they know of Matt as an adult, is post-Kari, post-arrested-for-murder, in full-defense-you-gotta-believe-me mode. And I know of at least one or two of the people that were shown on the panel regret their early-on, not-knowing-the-evidence, support of Matt and have been mortified as it comes out. That's just that I know of. I'm sure there's more. Don't think that the mass of Kerrville folks are on his side. I've heard from too many that say they, and those around them, firmly believe in Matt's guilt. Kerrville is full of wonderful, wise people.

And again, this 48 Hours was recorded and compiled over a year ago before reams and reams and reams of evidence against Matt was made public. All before his mistress spoke out to the Grand Jury and spilled something so damning that she got immunity out of telling what she knew. This is huge. At the time the show was filmed, the people on that panel had no idea about these things as they were hidden from them by the defense wanting both moral and financial support.

I also think it was very poor and selfish judgement for Matt to parade the girls in front of the camera. But he is the legal guardian for now. He is allowed to keep them because while he has been indicted and arrested for murder, until the upcoming trial, he hasn't been convicted of murder YET. He still has this right. One can only imagine what he tells them about their Mother. If he tossed Kari's belongings and pictures on the curb for the trashman to pick up so shortly after her death, you can imagine the fabricated, self-serving memories he has worked into their memories to replace them. The only bright light on this front is that once the girls are not subjected to that and are back with Kari's loving family and friends, there will be hundreds of people that knew Kari that can share their love and memories with the girls and help paint a proper portrait of Kari's heart and soul and love and devotion to them. The day will come. And with the grace and patience and wisdom of our Heavenly Father, the girls will be healed and be wonderful, whole, precious young ladies.

What Vanessa said to the Grand Jury that was the big zinger in this case is sealed for now. It is up to the Judge to unseal it. Back in April, Matt's attorney at the time petitioned to get their hands on that Grand Jury testimony and the Judge flat-out denied it. You can go to the April 24th post on the blog for more info on that. I don't know when anyone will get to see, hear, read about it. I'm going to make a quick trip into the courthouse next week while I'm downtown and see if there is anything new filed or in the works.

Linda said...

Oh, Beth, I would love to see that Bid day picture and any others you have. If you could scan and send me a copy, I would so appreciate it. Let me know. Thank you for finding the blog and me!

Beth said...

My picture is horrible! It is really dark and you can barely see the faces. I have emailed a few of my other friends who pledged that year too, and I am hoping they have a better picture. I know one of them has to. I am going home this weekend to my parent's house. I have some more pictures there from college. I will look through those too. I will send you any I find or others find. The only way I could tell it was Kari in the picture I have was from looking at the picture of her on this blog. I can see her hair and that is about all you can see. I hope I can find some better pictures.

Kelly said...

I watched it for the first time last night and I am blown away by the different stories he says- the truth does not change- if you are being honest the story will stick- my prayers go out to the family and friends of Kari-just looking at those photos of the body- the time of death does not match up by a long shot

Elizabeth in AZ said...

I sat here trying to find the right words to say. I just can't find the right words, but Wendy did. Linda, my thoughts and heart at with you and your family.

After so much time, I've been frustrated with so little changing when it comes to Matt owning up to and accepting what's he's done...but tonight, I got a tiny little change in how this home reacts and absorbs and responds to it.... Shannon, thank you for your continued efforts to make sure people like my husband take an interest in such a need for justice. And pass my love on to Linda when you can.

Tex- do you have any stickers left?

Gina said...

I too happened to watch 48 hrs last night and I can't get Kari out of my mind. I could tell Matt was guilty the minute they started interviewing him. His calm demenor and 'perfect' answer to every question point only to how guilty he is. As a mother of 3 boys, my biggest fear in life is not being here to raise my children, how dare he take this beautiful mother away from her babies, a mothers love is unending and I know she is watching over her beautiful girls.
I'm insulted that matt would think that we are stupid enough to buy his story of depression and longing to be with her daughter. This means she had to leave her other 2 daughters here... something that seems beyond realistic for such a caring mother.
This is such a beautiful blog and thank you for having a place to share and learn about Kari..
I wish nothing but closure and peace to Kari's family. I'll be checking in to keep updated on Kari's story as I'm in Canada and hadn't heard of this story until last night.

Linda said...

Your comments and support mean so very much. I know I keep repeating myself, but reaching out to us like this has truly blessed and sustained us. Jim and I BELIEVE there will be justice. There must be for my granddaughters to be safe and grow into heathy adults. My prayers focus on them. They were an integral part of our lives until their mother was taken from us all. We love them with all of our hearts.

Kari was an incredible young woman. I am so proud to be her mother. thank you so much for caring.

Anonymous said...

I saw the show and I, too, am aghast at the obvious lies Matt told... What a loser. Kari seemed like an absolute doll.

God bless you, Linda, your sisters and your niece. You are to be commended. I will be following this as it goes to trial. And, I am hoping those 2 little girls are with you soon permanently.

Shannon said...

Elizabeth in AZ - I just got a fresh box of sticker and am ready to go! I'll send some your way! Don't forget to send me back some pics!!

If anyone wants one (or more) just send a self-addressed-stamped-envelope to Justice for Kari, P.O. Box 1536, Hewitt, TX 76655.

Read this post from April of 2008 where someone shares with us what that "little sticker" means to them:

Anonymous said...

I am sending a self addresses envelope and would like as many as you can send. I went to Northlake when Matt and Kari were there. I have talked to you once or twice before. THANK YOU GOD that this is finally coming to a light and that the truth IS coming out. LINDA DULIN.....WE LOVE YOU! You guys are amazing and I know if Kari was here she would be so very very proud of all of you that won't quit until justice is served. Much love and prayers.....