Thursday, April 16, 2009

DA wants DNA

What's this? The DA wants Matt's DNA? Could this mean there IS evidence? Evidence to compare DNA with? Well, I'll be.

An innocent man should have no issue with this. It will help prove his innocence, after all. Right?

Also, Matt's attorney is itching to see what Vanessa spilled to the grand jury. Something so big that she got immunity out of it. Something so big Matt was immediately indicted and arrest warrant issued without delay. Something so big that as a condition of reducing the bond amount, the Judge ordered that neither Matt nor anyone from his defense could contact her. She needed protection. We'll all hear it soon enough.

Prosecutors ask judge to order Matt Baker to submit DNA sample
Tommy Witherspoon

"The motion filed by prosecutor Crawford Long asks Strother to order Baker to submit to a swab of the inside of his mouth 'for the purpose of obtaining DNA for comparison to an item or items' gathered in the murder investigation.

Strother also will consider a motion from Baker’s attorney, Richard Ellison, who has asked for a copy of transcripts of testimony from grand jury witnesses, which are confidential unless ordered released by a judge." (read more)

Prosecutors Want To Collect Ex-Pastor’s DNA - Channel 10

"The motion asks Judge Strother to direct the defendant to, 'to submit to the taking of a DNA sample by the swabbing of the interior of the defendant's mouth for the purpose of obtaining DNA for comparison to an item taken and collected in relation to the offense that is the basis of this prosecution.'"

State files motion seeking Baker's DNA
Loren Korn
KWWV-TV - Channel 25

The judge has scheduled a hearing for April 24 to consider motions filed by the DA's office and by Ellison.


Anonymous said...

Is someone in possession of another infamous 'blue dress'?

Anon 2 said...

I was thinking that exact same thing anon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Me too!!!!!
But he did admit to dating her later that summer, I' sure to account for anything like this.....which we all know is a lie. Actually, seems like any time he opened his mouth he was lying!!!
Scott Peterson keeps popping up in my mind whenever I think about this guy! They're a lot alike...hope they share the same fate.