Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Defense wants grand jury transcripts

Former Waco-area pastor trying to get access to grand jury testimony in preparation for his murder trial
Tommy Witherspoon

"Matt Baker is curious to find out what his alleged former girlfriend told a McLennan County grand jury last month that led to his murder indictment in the April 2006 death of his wife, Kari." (read more)


"Baker has acknowledged that he gave his wife’s cell phone to Bulls after she
died and that they racked up hundreds of hours of calls on the phone." (read more)

And from the many witnesses (like the commenter in the post below) looks like the two of them spent lots and lots of hours together in perso on top of all the hundreds of hours on the phone.


Anonymous said...

They don't need the transcript. Just have the attorney ask Baker what she said. He knows.

Carole said...

Somewhere along the way I think I read that Matt gave the phone to Vanessa one week after Kari's death. Is that accurate? If so, was anyone at that point “accusing him or looking at him strange” as he stated? Sounds like another timeline problem for him to me.

Anonymous said...

A man whose wife has just seen out buying a ring for the 'new' soon-to-be wife AND gave his dead wife's cellphone to! Oh, yeah, I'd say he's acting suspiciously!
Does the average American think the rest of us are just plain stupid??
Something to make you go hmmmm????