Friday, April 17, 2009

Expert witnesses for Baker

Expert witnesses in Baker case could be costly to taxpayers
Tommy Witherspoon

"Ellison has said that Baker cannot get a fair trial without county funds to hire the experts, none of whom will come cheap. Ellison has indicated in a motion that he needs to hire a crime scene reconstruction expert, a toxicologist, a pharmacologist, a pathologist and a psychologist to combat prosecutionwitnesses in those fields.

Stan Schwieger, former president of the McLennan County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, said the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that indigent defendants are 'basically entitled to the basic building blocks of a defense,' including court-approved funds to retain expertwitnesses, if that is what it takes." (read more)

It does stink that the taxpayers of McLennan County will be footing the bill for Matt's experts, but I do see why it is that way. The Judge knows what happens in cases like this. The Judge knows that if you don't give these "constitutional rights" to defendants like Baker, they can and will come back with mistrial and appeal shenanigans. The Judge wants this impending conviction to STICK. So.....we pay.....for justice. Like Tommy says, they do not get an open check. Basic building blocks. Bring 'em on. The truth will shine through.

"More rare, Mark said, isto be asked to assess the mental condition of someone whom he cannot see or talk to, such as in the case of Kari Baker. In 32 years, he has done it twice, he said.

A psychologist appointed for the Baker defense will be asked to assess if she was suicidal by speaking with her husband, friends,co-workers and others and examining any medical or psychological records that may exist, Mark said.

'You do a psychiatric autopsy, if you will,' Mark said. 'There are anumber of things you can do, but I don’t think it would be that precise in any case, looking at it after the fact. You can point to pros and cons, think this is why it may have occurred, look at all the factors involved, like whether there were cyclical bouts of depression. But the bottom line is that you may never really know for sure.'" (read more)

Assess away! Please! Those other than Matt, his mother (who thought suicide wasn't a bad option for Kari) and his ever-dwindling circle of supporters in Kerrville that didn't even know Kari....others actually IN Kari's life that knew her in the past or at the time of her death will clearly attest to her character and attitude and lifestyle. Assess away! It might cost the taxpayers more money because the line of these people will be sooooo long, but go for it. Please and thank you.


Anonymous said...

I hope the judge ask Ellison why his client doesn't go out and get a job like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Well said shannon. I would like to raise one question. Would Matt or this court appointed psychologist like to explain how Kari could be so distraught over the loss of her child that she would deprive her to daughters that needed her?

sg said...

So Jim and Linda Dulin have to spend their hard earned money on experts to look at the weirdness surrounding Kari's death to show the authorities what they missed by not investigating when they should, but Baker gets all the expert witnesses he needs free because he is too pathetic to get out there and get a job? P A T H E T I C! That is not justice!

sadie said...

So true. Matt's crime and his unending web of lies have created trauma, pain, anguish, and untold expense for the family of his victim. (Not to mention unbelievable heartache, past present and future, for his beautiful motherless daughters.) It is unconscionable, IMO.

A true "man of God" who fell prey to evil would repent, would own up to what he has done, would apologize and accept his just punishment, and would seek forgiveness from God and from those he has hurt.

But then, we are talking about Matt Baker here. His demons, or illness, or evil -- whatever it is that drives his behavior -- have a deep hold on this man. It seems unlikely he will ever "see the light" and do the right thing. It is so unfair. But it is what it is.

So, I'm with Shannon. If gouging the taxpayers is what it takes to convict this cold-blooded killer (ever listen to his 911 call?) -- in a fair trial, then so be it. Whatever it takes, it will be worth it.

Too bad poor Kari was not granted a "fair" trial before she was put to death by her deceitful, murderous husband. Too bad her voice was silenced, leaving her unable to defend herself against the slander her killer continues to spew. Thank goodness her friends and family know the truth and are passionate advocates on her behalf and on behalf of her daughters.

Matt's crime is a wrong that can never be made right, not even if he were to pay with his life. Kari can never be brought back. But long-awaited Justice will go a long way toward helping everyone to heal, and making right what CAN be made right.

Linda and Jim Dulin, your decision not to speak ill of your daughter's killer to her daughters is admirable, and shows how you (unlike their father and his parents) place the girls' well-being above your own. Your effort to find a way to forgive this man through your faith in God, even as you seek justice, is astounding. And your sacrifice, courage, and determination in the face of wrenching emotional pain and immeasurable personal expense is a beautiful testament to the love you have for Kari and her daughters.

God Bless You. You and your family are always in my prayers.