Monday, October 6, 2008

Sticker at SV Elementary

When I went to pick up my daughter at school today, I noticed a car I hadn't seen before with a JUSTICE FOR KARI sticker on it. I saw the man getting into the car and I walked up to him and said, "Sir? The sticker on your car...." I told him who I was and shook his hand and thanked him for putting the sticker on his car and for his support. He was very interested in the case and happy to talk about it and had a few questions about how soon we expected justice to come a callin'. Turns out he is the mail carrier for one of Kari's aunts here in town. He saw the sticker on her car and asked her how he could get some. ;) He says that he knows Matt will get justice later.....ultimate justice. But they are praying for justice SOON, too. Nice, nice man. Not sure he knew about the blog before today. But he sure knows about Kari. And he prays for justice for not only her, but for her girls.....AND SOON.

Thank you, Sir. God bless!

P.S. While things may "seem" quiet right now on the surface.....I'm noticing more and more vehicles in Waco and Hewitt with JUSTICE FOR KARI bumper stickers. I'm still getting requests and SASE's for stickers....and not just from Texas. People aren't forgetting. People are still working and praying for justice.

BTW: What does that little sticker mean to you?


Beth said...

My sticker means that people care about seeking the truth and finding justice for Kari and her daughters.

It means we learn patience without giving up.

It means we continue to be persistent so that those who were elected to protect its citizens do so!

I see the bumper stickers throughout Waco. We are like a club of support for justice. We give a thumbs-up when we see the stickers on our cars.

I have never put a sticker on my car until the JFK sticker. I will keep it on my car until we see justice. And we will see justice.


Lindsey said...

I saw an elderly couple the other day driving in Woodway and I rolled down my window, honked my horn and gave a thumbs up. That's not the first time I've done so either. They are everywhere!

The JFK sticker means to me that Justice will be served. It's a reminder everyday that I've lost an incredible person in my life in the most unfair way. It means that I will never get to sit and talk with Kari again. But it also reminds me that she was an incredible woman and has so many incredbile people in her life that support her and this fight for justice.

Thank you to everyone who supports us in this fight.


Anonymous said...

this is how i am doing my part to put a murderer away

LindaR said...

I had those stickers made to help the Dulins in their fight for justice. I never expected this kind of result thanks to Shannon and the news, as well as word of bumper. I am proud of the Dulins and everything they do. Thy will be done...

Shannon said...

And we thank YOU so much, LindaR, for having these made. So many people are so happy to have something they can do to outwardly show support for Kari and her girls in this case for justice.

I am still getting requests for them. And the closer we get to trial (or should I say trialS), the more I'm sure we'll need.

Thanks again!

P.S. For those of you that may not know, this Linda is not Kari's Mom. It is an aquaintance that cares a whole lot about this case.

lisa said...

it means that until justice is done, that fake minister guy in Kerrville doesn't forget that we remember what he did to our friend.

just know that, buddy. whether you come to this blog or not,your friends do. pass it on.

Anonymous said...

A colleague stopped me yesterday and told me that he had seen two cars with Justice for Kari bumper stickers in Hillsboro. I love it when people see the bumper stickers in other communities. I love it that so many people care!