Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What does that little sticker mean to you?

In response to this uncouth comment left April 24th at 7:24PM in Another...:

Anonymous said...
Wow, another sticker on the back of a dirty bumper. For your sake I'm glad you are giving these away because if you were trying to make a living selling them, you would starve to death.

I got this wonderful, very well expressed comment today:

I guess that first anonymous commenter has a point. What can a blue "Justice for Kari" bumper sticker on a dirty bumper do?

I want to say it speaks for Kari, but there are many things that the sticker on my bumper cannot say. It can't tell two sweet girls how much their mother loved them. Nor can it tell them that having known how much it hurts to lose a precious loved one, Kari would never have left them on purpose. It can't tell us what really happened on the night of April 7 two years ago. It can't say why Kari thought her husband was having an affair or why she thought he might want to kill her. That sticker can't explain why Matt's recent descriptions of Kari's character and mental health are completely contradictory to what others who knew her saw with their own eyes. That sticker cannot explain why there are so many documented accusations of sexual misconduct in Matt Baker's past or why he was never held accountable for any of them.

That sticker can't ask Matt why the only friend he could find to comfort him in his "grief" over the loss of "the love of his life" was a young recently divorced woman who he was supposed to be ministering to. Where were all his guy friends? Did he have any?

No, that bumper sticker can't tell us what happened to the computers, the printer, or the crushed pills. It cannot explain why a loving father would put his girls in the middle of publicity storm or malign the character of their mother.

It can't tell the Dulins "Thanks for never giving up on me. Thanks for asking hard questions and seeking the truth for me, no matter what the cost to you," as I believe Kari would. That sticker can’t bring Kari back to her Mom.

However, that bumper sticker speaks volumes. It tells the Dulins that they are not alone. In a very public way it says, “I believe that justice is still possible.” It tells a community that there is unfinished business that will not be forgotten. It begs a DA to do his job and seek justice for one who is no longer able to seek it for herself. It warns those who think they can get away with evil that there are good people who will fight for justice just because it is the right thing to do.

That bumper sticker was not made to create financial gain.It was made to ask those who can to please do all that is within their power to bring this case to trial and let justice prevail. I consider that blue bumper sticker to be a badge of honor and it will stay on my dirty mini-van’s bumper until we finally have JUSTICE FOR KARI!

This needs a HECK YEAH, or an AMEN or BOTH! Thank you SG.


B K said...

Heck yeah! Amen!

Kelly said...

Woo AH! ~K

Anonymous said...

I just want to say "Well Said!!" from someone completely uninvolved with this case and the family(s). I started watching this blog after reading the Texas Monthly article and seeing the Dateline piece. My heart breaks for Kari's girls who are obviously being brainwashed against their mother. I cannot believe the amount of unjustice that is being done in this case. What a travesty! I want to see Matt Baker answer all of these questions in a court of law. IF HE WERE INNOCENT, he would be more than willing to give us all the answers we've been awaiting...

callie said...

Well said! Someone has to do SOMETHING. Thank God someone is willing to stand up for Kari!

Anonymous said...

Kari's stilled voice continues to cry out in the most eloquent of ways. All of us are grateful.

Anonymous said...

What a hot air filled, sactimonious post by the lady with the dirty van. I suggest you wash it and go to a prayer bench and cleanse your spirit. Hate accomplishes nothing.

Shannon said...

Wow, Anonymous 1:00 - That's classy.

SG said...

Funny thing is I did actually have the van washed the other day!

Not sure how to answer the hot air or sanctimonious (It's OK. I too am spelling challenged at times) charges but to say my words were sincere and not motivated by hate.
The ache I feel in my heart for Kari's parents and for her daughters brought those words.

I don’t need a bench to pray. I carry a prayer in my heart for the Dulins, for Kensi and for Grace. I pray for the truth to come out and justice to prevail.

You see I heard Kari talk about her girls with my own ears. I know she loved them. I have never, from the minute I heard of Kari's death, been able to rectify my memories of this woman with the presumption of suicide. Never.

The questions I brought up in my comment were valid and are shared by many. I want these questions asked and the answers proven valid when held up to scrutiny of history and investigation.

But more than anything, I want the memory of the Mom that I saw with my own eyes accurately portrayed to her girls.

And honestly, at this point, I would think that Matt would welcome his day in court. If he were innocent and had nothing to hide, then he would seek to have his side of the story told, not just in the media, but also in a court of law. Why would he or any of his supporters be so caddy and hateful towards those who seek justice?

1:00 Anon: You are partially right about hate. It accomplishes nothing good. It can however do great harm. Since you brought up heart cleansing and motivations, I have to ask, was it hate that motivated your comment?

Kari's mom said...

to anonymous poster:May 1, 2008 1:00 PM

I read the blog regularly but have made it a point to make comments that were positive and related directly to my daughter, with one exception a couple of months back. Here comes exception number 2.

SG's comments regarding the bumper stickers were a demonstration of love toward my daughter, granddaughters, and our family. I am grateful that people who knew my daughter continue to say, "We knew Kari. We don't believe the lies surrounding her death." That speaks volumes, don't you think?

I would be willing to believe you never met my child and have only heard lies from a person I will not name. If you are so certain of the truth, you should welcome a trial so that it can be revealed. I do. I want nothing more...or less..than the truth revealed.

It was your rhetoric that was hateful and vitriolic, not SG's.
I am going to sign my name. Do you have the courage to do so? Yes, your real name.
Kari's mom

Lindsey said...

To the 1:00 poster:

Doesn't Matt have a site where you can support and/or trash whoever you want to? I'm not sure why you keep coming back here? Maybe you just love reading about all the people who loved Kari so much and what a wonderful person she was. If so, then keep coming back, sit back, and enjoy!

Kari's Cousin

Linda R said...

This post was so eloquent and so well stated what all of the Dulin's supporters feel in their heart, and know in their souls to be the truth. Thanks for voicing this.

Anonymous said...

Webster's defines sanctimonious as "hypocritically pious or devout." What did I miss in SG's comments? What in her post could be considered hypocritically pious or devout? I also did not read anything hateful. Actually, I thought it was an excellent bit of writing that sounded like it came from the heart! If only I knew who you were "anonymous 1:00" I would take you a dictionary so you could look up big words before you use them incorrectly.