Friday, May 2, 2008

One of those moments.....

Each year the teachers are given a Panther Profile questionnaire to fill out with their birthday, family information, favorite things, hobbies and the like. This is very handy when it comes time to celebrate with your teacher. ;)

Well, last night a friend of mine that is also a Spring Valley parent wanted to call me about something related to this case. She didn't have my phone number handy so she found an old school directory and was looking for it. Lo and behold, guess what fell out of the directory right then and there.....

Things that make you go "hmmmmmm..........."


Kari's mom said...

OH MY. An unexpected gift to see my child's handwriting. I could always see Kari's favorite flower in my head but I could never remember the name of that flower. ;) This is more precious than words can share.
Thank you--
Kari's mom

Anonymous said...

I am moved by this. Kari's classroom was what I like to call loud and proud just like her personality. It was full of vivid colors. It was a bright and cheery place to be. I miss you Kari!

Lindsey said...

I loved reading this. It's great to see things Kari has written. Kari and I were always close, but reading this made me realize just how alike we were in many ways. She loved Samurai Steakhouse and so did I. My husband propsed to me there. And everyday before school I stop and get me a Dr. Pepper and Hershey's Bar. Pretty healthy, huh? But we didn't care to much about that. And I just told my husband yesterday that for Mother's Day I wanted a Kirkland's Giftcard because I love that store!

I miss her so much. Thank you to whoever provided us with this "Panther Profile."

Kari's Cousin

Anonymous said...

I loved those big spotty 1/2 curtains she made to cover all the cubbies and bookshelves in her classroom. It was such a bright and cheerful place to be. Very homey. I remember seeing her working the week before school started. I remember watching her walk grace around the to the Kindergarten hall so many mornings. I remember her
tired "Is it time for Specials?" face. She didn't seem depressed to me.

Anonymous said...

The reason she didn't seem depressed is because she wasn't depressed. She looked the same way we all did at the end of the day..."I'm so glad the kids are gone, how many days til summer...." If that defines depression then every teacher in America should check in to the rehab center right now because Dr. Matt has diagnosed us all as being depressed.

Anonymous said...

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