Monday, May 5, 2008

The Letter

Well, not everyone in Kerrville (as I understand not even close to everyone) buys into the convoluted, ever-changing stories provided by Mr. Baker. One of the Kerrville folks I've "met" recently sent me a copy of a letter beginning to make its rounds around town where Matt continues to mangle the truth and continues to disparage the Mother of his children.....all in an effort to ask for money to fund his defense in the upcoming civil trial for the wrongful death of his wife. And while I won't publish the entire letter, I do need to include a few lines that need correcting.

"As most of you have read or heard, the District Attorney of McLennan County dropped ALL criminal charges against me (Matt), due to significant lack of evidence."

Not so fast. Here's what the DA's office says about this matter:
(From the March 26, 2008 Waco Trib)
McLennan County District Attorney John Segrest said the murder charge against Matt Baker stands, but his office agreed to an order issued Tuesday that required a refund of the $200,000 bond used to secure Baker's release from jail in October. "It was an act based solely on the passage of time," Segrest said. "It does not dispose of the criminal charges in the least. Those matters are still under consideration by this office."

Mr. Baker, it appears your statement was less than truthful. You received your bond money back because of the "passage of time" and not because of "significant lack of evidence." I also personally called the DA's office and got this information first hand. This "posse" is still ridin'.

"The Dulins continue to slander my name and publicly acknowledge that they will stop at nothing to see this go to trial."

They filed a civil wrongful death suit. The case will go to trial. It wasn't necessary for them to say they would "stop at nothing." Moot point. Done deal. Over and out. You want to talk about slander?!?!?! At least you're alive to defend yourself.

".....and after two years of searching that included exhumation of my wife's body, a Medical Examiner's autopsy showing NOTHING externally caused her death, and the finding of long-term multiple drug use evident in her tissue, they still continue to blame me and cause pain to my family."

Check the arrest affidavit: “Your Affiant has seen an abrasion that is evident on Kari Baker’s nose in the crime scene photographs. There is also the appearance of bruising to Kari Baker’s lips. Your Affiant believes that these wounds are consistent with what would happen if a pillow or another similar object were placed over someone’s face to suffocate them. Your Affiant is aware that there were pillows, including what appears to be a course-woven pillow, in the room where Kari Baker’s body was found.”

This information didn’t come from the autopsy. It came from the crime scene, according to the arrest affidavit. The body was exhumed a month after Kari’s death. Of course, the medical examiner couldn’t make any observations about those particular external features a month after her death. That is all I will say about that!

Mr. Baker says Kari was taking multiple drugs long-term.....that needs repeating.....Mr. Baker says Kari was taking multiple drugs long-term. His invention. Not stated any where else. I have the autopsy in my hand.

Continue to blame you? The evidence is pretty compelling. It is evidence that will decide your fate, Mr. Baker. The Dulins never wanted to believe you were capable of such an act. However, when it became impossible for them to ignore the forensic and other evidence, they were forced to move.

As for causing you pain, well, do you really want to go there, Mr. Baker?

"My family has been told that a quality defense may cost up to $100,000. And attorney can start my defense for a large portion of the total amount. As time progresses more may/will be needed." "As this injustice against me and my family continues our hope rests in your hands. First through prayers and then by any monetary gift that you feel God leads you to share."

I just find this sickening. If only I could say what really needs to be said here. Holding my tongue publicly. Invoking the name of God as you panhandle. Well, may God bless every single cent donated to help fight for and find the truth and the justice that everyone deserves in this case. Everyone.

Mr. Baker has always claimed that he shields and protects his girls from all of this. Well, the video news footage and the video interviews, pictures in the paper left and right and now this. He has both of those young girls sign this letter....this letter that continues to try to denigrate and disparage his wife and their Mother. Their tiny little signatures are hard to look at....but not for the reasons that Matt planted them there. Because of the continued exploitation of innocence.....this time for money.

Included with this letter was a copy of the HCC Journal. Oh, for the fiction that flows from this "newspaper/journal," well.....don't even get me started.


Anonymous said...

Just curious....wasn't Mr. Gray taking his case pro bono?

A. said...

This takes the term "predator" to a new level.

Matt Baker should be deeply ashamed of himself for continuing to prey on innocent people.

SG said...

I hope someday someone shows those little signatures to a judge when they are fighting for custody of those little girls. I knew he would have to raise money somehow, but never thought he would use the girls. I am continually flabbergasted by what this man is capable of.

Would you please send a copy of that letter to the DA. Maybe it would move him?

SG said...

What is the HCC Journal?

Anonymous said...

This sickens me for Kari's daughters. What is he doing to them!?

Anonymous said...

I think it has been referred to as the "Hell Country Journal." (More accurate than "Hill Country Journal.") When you go there, you will not be reading accurate reporting of this case. I think it is shameful. Someone else has seemingly fallen under Matt's spell!

Anonymous said...

Mr Gray is defending MB in the criminal trial.

Carole said...

Two simple words--shameful and shameless.

Anonymous said...

I guess his good friend that helped him post bond with the loan is all tapped out. Could it be that he has come to the realization of what we already know.....he is guilty.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This sickens me for Kari's daughters. What is he doing to them!?

The real question is what are the Dulin's doing to them? No judge will ever give them custody if it can be proven the girls have to see a counselor after every visit with the Dulins.

p.s. I doubt Shannon will allow this to be posted as she conveniently left this controversy which was in the HCC article out of her initial post. Show a little it.

Shannon said...

First, I commented that I think the stories I've read in the HCC are just that.....stories. Stories loaded with opinion and fiction. Not saying every word is fiction. But there is too much of that and too much absolute errors and/or lies (not sure what the author knows/feels/thinks) to give it any credibility. The articles are as one-sided and ridiculous as could be. If Jane Doe talks to the DA's office and gets the facts right from the source and then Jane Doe reads an erroneous accounting of what someone else is claiming the DA's office is saying, Jane Doe calls it bunk.

Second, maybe it's NOT what goes on in the visits with the Dulins that is the problem. MAYBE it's the "work" done on them before they go on the visit and the "work" done after they get back that causes any problems that might be going on. I don't know first hand. And neither do you unless you are Matt or his parents. All sides need to put the girls first and foremost in this whole ordeal. No matter what happens with the upcoming trials, the girls deserve to have the love and peace one usually finds within their own family. And what I know of the Dulins, it is their foremost goal to provide this to their granddaughters.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous:May 7, 2008 8:51 AM

Please remember that the girls ONLY got grief counseling AFTER the Dulins petitioned the court. Their own father said his daughters didn't need counseling after losiing their mother.

Next, the counseling the girls received after visiting with the Dulins was an official act requested by relatives on the maternal side of the family. The Dulins and Kari's other relatives will do whatever is necessary for the well being of the girls. They love Kari's daughters a great deal.

All of this can be verified.

Anonymous said...

HOW do you verify Love? Don't think mankind has a way to measure such.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous: May 7, 2008 7:37 PM

Good question.
You verify love through your actions. People see the heart through the way you treat others. Love is selfless and not selfish. For example, a truly loving father would never exploit his children (no names mentioned).

Anonymous said...

Oh! Anonymous 7:37 you are so clever to state that love cannot be verified. You know exactly what the previous post meant and it was not about verifying love--it was about verifying legal proceedings--you just want to nit-pick because you don't like it because it was Kari's family that requested counseling for the little girls. How pathetic you are.

Anonymous said...

Oh 8:18 you are so sad. Yes, love can be verified by watching a father continue to care for daughters, even while being bashed by their grandparents (?) and seeing that they get the counseling they need to handle the visitation with the same grandparents. Isn't this the weekend they are suppose to be with their grandparents? Wonder how they plan on having their Watch Party with little eyes?

Anonymous said...

To 7:37: Love is an action word. It is a VERB. It is observable! Open your eyes--but take your blinders off first.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous at 8:42/May 7th

You sound a little defensive. I can assure you that the Dulins and other family members will not have a "watch party," as you call it. You see, they don't see any of this as a party. All of this brings them sadness; they do not celebrate anything surrounding this case. Even when they find justice, and they will, they will not celebrate. There are too many lives damaged, especially their granddaughters' lives.

AND they would never watch this show with their granddaughters. Unlike their father, they want to see them shielded and protected as much as possible.

Please try not to be so flippant and hateful.

Anonymous said...

8:42/7:37---You are certainly "in the know," so we must presume that you are a Baker or someone who speaks for Matt and his mother.

I, for one, am glad this is the visitation weekend, since Matt would be the ONLY one likely to allow the kids to watch the TV show. At least we can sigh with relief that the children will be spared the humiliation of watching him being held up to scrutiny. And I don't think it will be much of a "party" atmosphere. No one I know takes pleasure in any of this.

As for your rediculous assertion that the girls need counseling following visits with Kari's family, I would suggest you reconsider your statement. I have personally witnessed an entire weekend the children spent away from Matt--in the company of Kari's family. Those kids were joyful and happy, and the cares of the world were far away. There were many hugs and big smiles and much laughter exchanged, and there was no mention of Matt or the deplorable situation that constitutes their existence. For two days out of their lives each month, they are allowed to be carefree little girls, not mini-adults or confidantes of their short-sighted and selfish father.

Don't pontificate about things you have not seen. You have never been part of such a weekend, so you can only speculate. If they need counseling after a visit in Waco, it is to help them re-enter the dark world of their father.

Kensi and Grace have learned to be survivors. No doubt they have learned to tell Matt what he wants to hear--but my eyes have seen the truth. Those girls love the Dulins, but I am sure they fear letting their father know how they really feel. They know the consequences.

God help them and keep them strong.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that comment earlier suggesting watch party was reall suggesting a party. There is nothing to celebrate about. Kari is gone. No one is thrilled or happy about any of this.

Anonymous said...

I, too, have witnessed the girls with the Dulins. The girls laughed, played, and had a fun time! While I was with the Dulins, Kensi, and Grace, there was love, compassion, and good times. A true family environment! If the girls are devastated upon returning home, maybe because they are torn between truly loving their grandparents and what they are being told once they return home.

I do not have to tell anyone who knows the Dulins just how wonderful they are. I am blessed that our paths have crossed. Truly amazing people that raised a truly amazing daughter.

Thank all of you for sharing your memories. I did not know Kari well, but I do now......

Paula C. said...

This whole thing is so sad! This reminds me of a divorce situation where the kids end up being pawns and the conflicting emotions can cause them so much distress. I watched the show and have read up on the case. I believe he killed her. It's not just his demeanor but the overwhelming evidence of fact on top of fact. The girlfriend, shopping for engagement ring, phone calls, computer searches for exactly how she died and trying to hide evidence. The man is not a very good liar either. When I heard the description of how he hit on young women and made inappropriate comments, it reminded me of the same type of men that I had run into in my life. They put on a good show but have a dirty streak underneath.