Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hello, While I never knew Kari I do know her mother. My heart just aches for her loss and truthfully I don’t know how she continues. But I know she does so that she can offer strength and love for those left behind, especially for Kari’s children. My mother and I both are proudly declaring our support for Kari and her family. May justice be the end result!
Blessings, Kristi
*email posted with permission

Thanks so much! I know it's sometimes hard to get these pics to me but I really appreciate those of you that have been able to do so. I've had several people say they are starting to see them out and about...including someone from the Waco Trib. The word of this support is getting more and more obvious.
Thanks again everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, another sticker on the back of a dirty bumper. For your sake I'm glad you are giving these away because if you were trying to make a living selling them, you would starve to death.

Jana said...

Were you not loved as a child or what?

Kelly Fread said...

to anonymous April 24, 2008 7:34 PM

I guess I don't understand your point? Does it bother you that people loved Kari and care for her family? Does it bother you that people believe justice for her is worth fighting for?

Please examine this scenario: If experts in their fields examined forensic and other evidence that showed the death of someone you loved more than life didn't die as originally stated, wouldn't you fight to have the truth revealed? If indeed the evidence continues to mount, wouldn't you fight for justice? If there were innocent
grandchildren involved, wouldn't you want to ensure their safety?

Why do you make snide and hurtful comments..immature comments..about people who are doing that?
Why do you make such immature comments about a community who knew Kari, loved Kari and continues to love her family?

Where does your bitterness come from? I hope you never lose a child. I certainly hope
you never lose a child in the way the Dulin's have. However, if a similar tragedy does strike your life, I hope you will fight for justice just as hard as they have.
And I hope people will show you more empathy than you have shown this family and the people who care for them.

You can support Matt Baker without resorting to such childish statements. In fact, if you do support this man, why come to the blog?

Kelly Fread

Anonymous said...

A reply to Ms. Kelly Fread:

1. I think it is wonderful that people like you loved Kari and care for her family. But it saddens me to know that your search for "justice" also hurts Kari's children. Your desire to "punish" Matt Baker for something that cannot ever be proven he did actually hurts the girls, Matt and his family. They are loving people too. They are doing all they can to provide for these young girls.

2. If I am up to date, there is no forensic evidence that is conclusive about what caused Kari's death. You state that "evidence continues to mount". Please share your inside knowledge of this evidence with the rest of the world. I'm sure the local DA would like to know what it is.

3. You refer to my bitterness. I'm not bitter. Just a realist who has been following this case knowing that a young man has most likely been accused of something he didn't do and nothing, absolutely nothing has surfaced to disprove my analysis. I am not being snide when I suggest you look in the mirror and ask if you aren't the one who is bitter. I can try to put myself in your shoes and understand why. But someday, you have got to let this go.

4. I come to this blog to follow the case. I've not seen any post that says this sight is for Matt haters only. In fact, on the right side of the blog is a survey of "How are you connected to this case?" I will let you figure that one out.

Carole said...

To: Anonymous 7:34

It is comforting to know that you are so concerned about the welfare of the person giving the bumper stickers away that you would send a message of sarcastic concern. I wonder how you can, in good conscience, write a silly message concerning this matter. It makes me feel bad for you that you have nothing better to do than to be critical of people who have taken up a cause they believe in and have united to do something that has meaning. Maybe whatever is lacking in your life could be "fixed" if you sought a hobby or tried to find something that would interest you--this would give you less time to bother those of us who believe we can have some small part in seeing justice served.

kf said...

to anonymous April 25, 2008 7:04 PM

What drugs are you on!!??? The evidence out there will be revealed at trial. Of course, you don't know what they have....If you are up to date (you said)?You don't have a clue; there is no way you can be up to date!

I will tell you this, don't really know the adult Matt Baker. Those that worked closely with him before he moved back to Kerrville believe he is capable of horrible acts....they have seen his dark side. I have heard many stories.

Tell you what...go away now....after the trial you can come back so I can tell you, "told you so."

I am a realist who believes in fighting the good fight. Kari's girls need to be rescued.

Shannon said...

I would comment on 1, 2, 3 & 4.....but I already have time and time again....almost ad nauseam. We will all know the truth soon.

Jana said...

I guess I don't understand your point? Does it bother you that people loved Kari and care for her family? Does it bother you that people believe justice for her is worth fighting for?

Yes, it does bother that person. A LOT. Speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

I can understand Baker, his family and his friends having feelings of consternation toward Kari's family. Baker, in my opinion, appears to be culpable in the death of his wife, and it serves his purpose to be "outraged" toward his accusers. (After all, he sees himself as a "nice guy." Those who support him are just following suit, even though some of them surely have secret doubts about his innocence. (How could they not? Matt is the only one who unequivocally knows EXACTLY what happened.)

What I CANNOT understand is Matt and his family spewing their foaming-at-the-mouth rage toward KARI. Even worse, they appear to be fueling an effort to turn Kari's daughters' memories of their mom into negative ones. {Read their most recent interviews and draw your own conclusions.)

Most reasonable people will wonder what Matt and his mother hope to gain by their continued disparaging commentaries of the wife and daughter-in-law they "loved" and will "always love." Maybe they have forgotten that old adage about what happens when you throw dirt...You are only losing ground. It seems to me they have created a very large pit for themselves, and at least one of them may very well find the slopes too steep for any salvation.

For the sake of all concerned, this case must be brought forth for trial. Justice for Kari will bring justice for Matt. Isn't that what Matt and his followers want?

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog for awhile now but have never posted. I am not going to leave my name. I will tell you that I was around Matt and his daughters after Kari's death. My heart went out to him and the girls. It became clear to my husband and me that something was wrong, however. Matt ran Kari down constantly. He had nothing good to say about her. Even if he had troubles in his marriage why would he run down his dead wife? She was gone. He was also with Vanessa a great deal of the time. This was right after kari died. They were more than friends. I know more but I will not put it on a blog. Do I know for sure he killed his wife? No. Do I believe he did? Yes.

I wanted to say a little something because this person who supports Matt seems to think she knows him and his character but she doesn't.

I hope the dulins don't give up.

Carole said...

I am only a bystander--I don't know anyone involved, but I think what Matt, et al. say to denigrate Kari, THE VICTIM, is a form of bullying--they think they can divert attention away from Matt and in the process absolve him of guilt--it seems so calculated. A phrase to describe what they are doing is BLAMING THE VICTIM. The thing that makes it so over-the-top, disgustingly vile is that Kari can't fight back; however, one thing Matt and group didn't count on is that Kari has a group of courageous surrogates who are giving it all they have to see that justice is meted out. Nothing the Bakers and their group can say will deter these committed-to-the-cause people.

Anonymous said...

The Dulins will NEVER give up. They fight for the welfare of two little girls who have been heartlessly told that their mother did not love them as much as she loved their little sister. They fight because the TRUTH must be told, and ultimately, those girls will have to know it. Kensi and Grace need to know their mother did not choose to leave them! The Dulins see the pursuit of that truth as the final thing they can do for Kari--a continued and unequivocal committment to the children she loved and adored and would never have abandoned. NEVER.

Contrary to the hateful remarks Matt and his mother have made in the press, Kari's parents are not vengeful people. They are calm, soft-spoken, generous--and very, very smart. They absolutely love their grandchildren more than anything, and they are rightly concerned for their well-being and mental health. They DO NOT disparage Matt to those little girls, regardless of statements to the contrary by the Bakers. They fully understand that those children love their dad and believe in his innocence, and they do not attempt to take that belief from them by discussing the case in their presence. Not ever.

Sadly, Matt and his mother do not respect the girls enough to allow them to love and be loved by Linda and Jim without guilt attached. Just read the remarks those two have made to the media, and that point becomes painfully obvious. There is no apparent effort to shield the girls from publicity, either. On the contrary, they are used as "props" when the pity-seeking father gives interviews.

I have been in the Dilin's company many times, and they have never once spoken of wanting vengeance. They pursue justice in the courts because they have put together enough information from a myriad of sources that speaks loudly of Matt's guilt. It cannot be ignored, and evidence continues to grow as the investigation gains momentum.

No, you have no need to worry, Anonymous Poster. The Dulins will not be leaving the fight. They will always seek justice for Kari, and we can pray that it comes soon.

Rick said...

Amen. Amen. Amen.

SG said...

I guess that first anon. has a point. What can a blue "Justice for Kari" bumper sticker on a dirty bumper do?

I want to say it speaks for Kari, but there are many things that the sticker on my bumper can not say.

It can't tell two sweet girls how much their mother loved them. Nor can it tell them that having known how much it hurts to loose a precious loved one, Kari would never have left them on purpose.

It can't tell us what really happened on the night of April 7 two years ago.

It can't say why Kari thought her husband was having an affair or why she thought he might want to kill her.

That sticker can't explain why Matt's recent descriptions of Kari's character and mental health are completely contradictory to what others who knew her saw with their own eyes.

That sticker can not explain why there are so many documented accusations of sexual misconduct in Matt Baker's past or why he was never held accountable for any of them.

That sticker can't ask Matt why the only friend he could find to comfort him in his "grief" over the loss of "the love of his life" was a young recently divorced woman who he was supposed to be ministering to. Where were all his guy friends? Did he have any?

No, that bumper sticker can't tell us what happened to the computers, the printer, or the crushed pills.

It can not explain why a loving father would put his girls in the middle of publicity storm or malign the character of their mother.

It can't tell the Dulins "Thanks for never giving up on me. Thanks for asking hard questions and seeking the truth for me, no matter what the cost to you," as I believe Kari would.

That sticker can’t bring Kari back to her Mom.

However that bumper speaks volumes.

It tells the Dulins that they are not alone.

In a very public way it says I believe that justice is still possible.

It tells a community that there is unfinished business that will not be forgotten.

It begs a DA to do his job and seek justice for one who is no longer able to seek it for herself.

It warns those who think they can get away with evil that there are good people who will fight for Justice just because it is the right thing to do.

That bumper sticker was not made to create financial gain.
It was made to ask those who can to do all that is with in their power to bring this case to trail and let justice prevail.

I consider that blue bumper sticker to be a badge of honor and it will stay on my dirty mini-vans bumper until we finally have JUSTICE FOR KARI!

Anonymous said...

I think the bumper stickers are great but maybe the sign needs to be larger. Anyone up for helping rent a billboard on I-35 that demands "Justice for Kari!"

Anonymous said...

For the love of God, if Matt's defender(s) believes THAT strongly in his innocence, then why does he or she write anonymously?

I write anonymously, because I don't have a Google account or my own website, and I don't WANT to have one. But if Matt's defender feels THAT strongly, he or she should come out of the shadows and say so!

Anonymous said...

And what is the rent on a billboard on I-35? Perhaps:0).

Anonymous said...

I'll help pay for the billboard! If someone gets it going, I'm in. I also think yard signs are a good idea. The DA might need one in front of his house!