Friday, May 23, 2008

Point to Ponder #1

Once again....pulling Peggy's comments from In Cold Blog to post on. It's a perfectly legitmate question that when asked, NO "Matt just couldn't do such a thing" folks have a response. It just sits there like a giant white elephant in the room that they don't want to acknoweldge at all.

Peggy says:

"Emotionless question:

Matt says he was gone for approximately 50 minutes when he came home and found her dead and called 911. As body temperature and rate of lividity showed, Kari was dead for for 2-3 times longer than Matt was away. How does this add up to show Matt innocent?

Quoting from the 48 Hours piece:

'And he is not the only one who questions Matt’s story. Steven Karch, a toxicologist 48 Hours consulted, said that if Kari were alive when Matt said he left the house, her body would not be cold to the touch-as both Matt and a paramedic reported. 'Being cold in an hour is non-existent. Unless you’re killed in the Arctic or in an icebox,' he said.'

Quoting from the arrest affidavit:

'Your Affiant is aware that Dr. David Stafford of Memphis, Tennessee, has reviewed the evidence in this investigation. Dr. Stafford was the Director of Toxicology for the University Of Tennessee Medical School. Dr. Stafford has determined that if Kari Baker had ingested enough Ambien or Unisom to cause her death, it could not have taken place in the time frame given by The Defendant to police. Dr. Stafford believes it would have taken at least an hour or more longer than the time frame explained.'

Also from the arrest affidavit:

'Your Affiant is also aware that Tom Bevel of Norman, Oklahoma, has reviewed the evidence in this investigation. Mr. Bevel is a well-known expert on homicides and homicide investigation and a published authority on numerous subjects including crime scene investigation. Mr. Bevel claimed that he believed that Kari Baker was not nude at the time of her death as the Defendant described. Mr. Bevel believed that Kari Baker’s panties were put on by her, not someone (else,) after her death. Your Affiant believes that the Defendant may have told the story that Kari Baker was nude to provide a reason for her body to be cold to the touch. Also, Mr. Bevel believed that lividity could not have begun and become set in the time frame given by the Defendant. Mr. Bevel believed that it would have taken much longer for the body to become cold and lividity to set.'

Points to ponder. "

Indeed, Peggy. Indeed.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the DA have moved forward with the case if he thought these experts opinions would hold up in court? Has the DA discounted these opinions because they were paid for by the family? What are your thoughts?

Chas said...

The rhetoric on this case gets quite heated at times. It is imperative for this case to go to trial so that the ENTIRE truth can be revealed and justice can be served. While a civil trial is fine, it must also be heard in a criminal court of law. I can see that the DA's office wants to get its ducks in a row before taking this to the grand jury because so much was botched initially, both by the justice of the peace and Hewitt PD. I live in McLennan County. The DA's office isn't known for wanting to jump into tough cases. But its their job, folks. If a crime has been committed in their county and they have enough evidence to take it to trial, they have a legal and ethical obligation to do so. IMO, they have plenty of ammunition for trial. And I have only heard what is in the media. Perhaps they need more time to gather this evidence. But they must have the courage to do what they are in office to do. This time it the Dulins and the two Baker children (I am so sorry for you). Next time??? I am sure they never thought this could be possible in their family. We must know that we have a DA who will do they right thing in such circumstances.

If Mr. Baker is innocent, as his supporters believe, then he will be vindicated in court. If not, then he will go to prison.



Shannon said...

The expert used on 48 Hours had nothing to do with the family. He was asked to give his expert opinion by 48 Hours. No connection to either side.

The other 2 experts are very highly regarded and tops in their fields. Does Matt have anyone that can refute their findings?

Also, the body temperature and degree of lividity were not recorded by people hired by the Dulins. That was personnel on the scene that night and the lividity is also very obvious in the crime scene photos.

Body temperature and lividity are more of a science than an opinion.

TM said...

Here is what the DA's office had to say on May 10th in the Waco Trib:

“Our office has been investigating the facts and evidence in this case since we received it,” Long said. “Because of the nature of the case, there is complex scientific medical and forensic evidence that is being examined and evaluated in the investigation.”

It sounds like they are investigating the case, but as Chas wrote, they want to get their ducks in a row.

Let's hope they the courage to continue forward. I agree with Chas that this needs to be heard in a court of law.


Shannon said...

I think this is offically a:

:::::::crickets::::::::: moment.

Speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

I sympathize for Kari, her children and everyone close to her. But for you to create a website as Christians to simply judge another Christian is pathetic. Honor her memory, cherish it, pray for it. But realize that you have tread a fine line between honor and love, and hate, you better ask yourself which side of the line you are on. Justice will be had, whether it is in this life or the next or even both, but if you think that it is your responsibility to be God or to do his retribution, you are sadly misguided. For those who did not know the family as I did not, what right do you have to comment on how much you hate him. What right do you have to continue to spread a disease of hate that has continued since the beginning of time and will continue because of your actions? If Matt truly did commit this horrible act that you are so convinced he did, it already hurt Christianity and then you continue that. Justice is indeed warranted and I do not understand your pain, I cannot understand that agonizing feeling. But it only takes a spark to start a fire. That fire can be for good purposes or bad. This website,....which one is it. I doubt this comment will be approved and posted on the website since you only want hate posts, but at least you,the creator can read it. I hope hate does not take over your heart and I hope that Kari is honored with love and passion and her memory not masked by hate. That will be murder all over again.

Mick said...

To June 3, 9:37:

Who in the world has said anything about hate? I believe you are the first person to even use that word. DO NOT use your weak platitudes to argue against justice; that is all people are seeking. We have our legal system to help ensure that justice is served, not to usurp the power of God. Seeking justice is not equivalent to hating. Seeking justice through legal channels is not an act of revenge. Review what you wrote; I hope it embarrasses you.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the word HATE has not actually been written, but the hate is present. You agree that we have a legal system. However, you then say that it doesn't work, and you are only after justice. Is it possible that the legal system has / is working and justice has / is being seen? Maybe just differently than you would like.

a Wacoan said...

To anon June 6, 2008 3:12 PM

If hate has been demonstrated it has been through Matt Baker.

First, the forensic evidence shows he killed Kari. You can try and spin this any way you want but that one is hard to refute.

Next, even after her death he has continued to smear her name. What purpose does that serve? People in Waco heard Baker doing this as soon as she was killed.

Next, he worked to destroy her memory for Kari's daughters. People in Waco also witnessed this.

Yep. I live here and I was one of the witnesses.

So, if you insist on saying hate is part of the picture, it came from Matt Baker.

A Wacoan