Thursday, May 22, 2008

Coupla comments on the Trib...

Seems that the In Cold Blog blog is drawing a lot of comments. Very interesting. Very telling in some cases.

Anyway, I read these two comments left yesterday and today on the article. Just sharing.

Interested Person - May 21, 2008 - 9:17pm

"In Cold Blog is a new blog site that Erin Morarity is hosting. Thought maybe some of you would like to see how that is bringing out more facts in this case. Erin was the news correspondent on 48Hrs. She took the story one direction, but after reading some of the comments, looks like everyone did not appreciate her one-sidedness? I think she is a good correspondent when she is not listening to only one side. Guess time will let us know whether that is true. She is an attorney, so I find it a surprise that she has made some of the comments she has made. Wonder if Matt's attorney is deciding how to bring case against her and 48Hrs. If I was his attorney I would. Yes, I have read that some think the attorney has been putting on a 'dog and pony show'. Wonder what it is called when Charlie (Bill Johnston) and the Charlie Angels are putting on their show. Don't see any of them as ponies."

Peggy - May 22, 2008 - 6:52am

"Interested Person: Erin Moriarty and 48 Hours did not just listen to one side. Ask Matt (or yourself) how many, many hours their team spent with his side. It's not listening to just one side. It's listening to both sides and drawing a conclusion based on observations and investigations. You're surprised at some of the comments she made? Which ones? Just because you don't like their conclusions doesn't mean anything. Sue them? That's a joke. What are your precise allegations? What exact word or moment in the show are you referring to? Because you have to be specific in Court. What laws did 48 Hours break? Personally, I don't know how you found the time to make this comment here. You've been ever so busy making anonymous comments on the In Cold Blog one. Busy times, man. Busy times."

Peggy, whoever you are....stick around. I couldn't agree more.


Michelle said...

People.... The 48 Hours crew didn't take a side. Matt Baker may have had more air time than anyone. Many people in Waco thought he did get too much air time! The Kerrville people are upset that so much of what they had to say was chopped. Can you say....duh??!!! What did you expect??? There were quite a few people who had been interviewed for the show from the Waco area, who weren't used at all.

48 Hours wanted to air a show that contained the most important information so that people would better understand "this mystery." They wanted to bring the information they found to light.
The most important information didn't come from matt's friends giving testimony to matt's "spirit filled" character. There were several friends of Kari's who were interviewed and they weren't given any air time. Again, I know these people. I was shocked when they weren't on the air.

Editorial decisions have to be made when you have 100s of hours of tape and a one hour show. Matt had every opportunity show he was innocent. Instead, he was caught in lie after lie. And you blame the 48 hours people because he can't keep his stories straight? Did 48 Hours fabricate the forensic evidence? Did they hold a gun to the toxicologist, who wasn't connected to this case in any way, and make him say what he said? For all they knew, he could have agreed it was suicide. He didn't. Are you saying they had something to do with this?

Stop blaming Erin. Stop blaming 48 Hours. Start questioning your own blind allegiance.


A. said...

Just a small note to correct the WacoTrib commenter; Incoldblog isn't new, and Erin Moriarty isn't the host. She's a contributor there, who chose the Baker story for her post.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to ask "Interested Person" exactly what new facts were brought out in the In Cold Blog post or comments to the post. I'm just guessing that "Interested Person" also frequents this blog. Maybe we'll get an answer.