Monday, June 2, 2008

The "Suicide" Note


I am so sorry. I am so tired. I just want to sleep for a while. Please forgive me. Tell Kensi and Grace that I love them VERY much. Tell my mom and dad that I love them to. I love you Matt — I am so sorry for the past few weeks. I want to give Kassidy a hug. I need to feel her again. Please continue to be the great Dad to our little girls. Love them every day for me.

I am sorry. I love you.


Yup, that's it. That's the note Matt claims Kari typed up before she took her own life and left her girls, entire family, students and friends forever and ever, Amen. You gotta be kidding me!?! I got more descriptive and lengthy notations than that from Kari sent home on my son's homework papers. Kari was such a passionate and lively, loving woman. I heard her talk about her girls. I saw her adoration for them with my own eyes. If she was planning on leaving this earth, she would not have left this staccato, disconnected, robotic (with a misspelling) note as her legacy. Never. Not to mention this: If you had come to realize recently that your husband was having an affair and possibly trying to kill you....would you make the focus of your note how much you love HIM, thanking HIM for being such a great Dad to your daughters, apologizing to HIM twice and asking HIM for forgiveness? It is so obvious that a woman did not write this note. It's a complete farce.

The note has been posted on another blog that I found a few months ago. It's a fascinating blog called Eyes for Lies. I know many of you have already found this blog because I've gotten numerous emails from people wanting to make sure I was aware of it. This woman is "dead on" with her observations.

When I read Kari's suicide note (shown in the post below) for the very first time, I was immediately struck by how short the note was, the lack of an explanation as to why she was committing suicide, the lack of feelings that would normally be expressed by a woman, and the statement "I just want to sleep for a while".

The statement "I just want to sleep for a while" is a statement that you might hear if someone is in denial, or can't face the consequences of what they are considering doing. It is something someone might say to another if they are contemplating suicide, but can't face it, or say it.

If one is in denial about committing suicide, and acts on an impulse to kill themselves (like jump over a bridge), you won't find a suicide note left behind because in their denial they wouldn't be able to sit down, and write their good-byes.

But if one leaves a note, we can be sure the person was well thought out in their decision to leave us, and had accepted the outcome, and there was no denial. With that, I would expect direct verbiage in a suicide note that the person is finished, doesn't want to go on, doesn't want to live anymore in some form or fashion. I would not expect a person to write a denial statement like we see in Kari's note. One who commits suicide doesn't go to "sleep for a while". To me, these words suggest a big contradiction in behavior that is not logical given the circumstances.

Click here to read the rest of her analysis.

And I want to highlight a comment left on that blog because I think this person is quite astute in their thoughts about this note as well.

As usual, Eyes, you have nailed a crucial discrepancy. You are incredible. You are so amazing and yet so dependable!

This was the first thing that jumped out at me, too: "I just want to sleep for a while." Why apologize so much ("I am so sorry," "I am sorry," Please forgive me") if your stated intention in taking a bottle of sleeping pills (pills which for some reason won't be found in your stomach at your autopsy) is merely to sleep "for awhile" because you are "so tired?"

And why does this note begin by giving the motive of being "so tired" and wanting "to sleep for a while?" when it becomes clear a couple of sentence later that the writer obviously actually intends for the motive to appear to be an obsessive, implacable, desperate desire to be with her child who died seven years before? The other thing that rings so terribly false about this note for me is how badly it fails at expressing a mother's heart towards her children, both living and dead.

Matt would have us believe that Kari's unrelenting anguish about Kassidy's death had brought her to the point of being willing to abdicate her love and obligation to her two living daughters, by deliberately choosing to leave them forever bereft of their mother; her beautiful living daughters (daughters whom she could "feel" and "give a hug" any time she wanted); all for the uncertain, dubious chance to do so with Kassidy again. Does this sound even remotely plausible?

As any mother can tell you, knowing the pain of losing one child would make a woman keenly aware of the unbearable pain her living children would be left with, if either parent were to die suddenly. She would simply not be likely to do that to them. She would be even less likely to leave them no other legacy than the (typed, not handwritten!) words, "Tell [them] I love them VERY much." -- Gee, Mom, thanks for going to all the trouble to hold down the shift key while you typed the word "very." That so makes up for the devastating pain of losing you suddenly and being abandoned by you for the rest of our lives!

If Kari's desperation to be reunited with Kassidy forever -- leaving aside for now what her actual religious beliefs may have been on this score -- was a motive for killing herself, wouldn't her note have contained much more passionate language regarding this hoped-for eternal reunion, than the lame, "I want to give Kassidy a hug. I need to feel her again?" "Give her a hug?" A mother longing to see her baby would be much more likely to express the intense longing to "hold her close to me, hold her in my arms, hold her to my heart," or just "hold her." Forgive me for possibly sounding insensitive, but the concept of giving someone a hug -- seems far too remote and mild to be the goal of a desperate,obsessed mother about to take her own life, in my opinion.

And, this is harder to explain, but "I need to feel her again" is an expression of what the grown-up; the parent; wants. Once again setting aside what Kari's religious beliefs may have been regarding physical bodies in the hereafter -- she "needs" to have physical contact with her long-lost baby daughter. It seems vaguely
self-centered somehow. Wouldn't the mother's thoughts be more along the lines of the baby's being alone and motherless, and needing the comfort and presence of the mother? As in "I want to go to Kassidy and comfort her and never leave her?"
or at least "be with her forever" or something like that?The child had experienced so much pain and suffering and fear in her short life on earth. Wouldn't the mother have alluded to the joy and lack of suffering in the afterlife?

And why leave it to Matt to "tell my mom and dad that I love them to (sic)?" Why not just address them directly in your note: "Mom and Dad, I love you?"Did you notice that the note says "my mom and dad," rather than "Mom and Dad?" In Matt's mind, he would be "Dad (with a capital D)," and Kari's parents would be "your mom and dad," or "her mom and dad."

And didn't one of the stories mention Kari having a brother that she loved dearly? What about grandparents? Friends? Her beloved students from school? Sunday school students? etc? Why isn't anyone else mentioned in this note?Could it be because it was written by a shallow, emotionless sociopath, instead of a devoted, admirable young mother and wife?

As other have pointed out, the focus of the note is almost entirely upon Matt. Did you notice this: There is one single "I love them" for the two little girls to share between them for the rest of their lives. There is one single "I love them to" for her two parents to share between them for the rest of their lives. There are no "I love you's" at all to anyone else in Kari's life, but --Matt somehow rates *two* "I love you's" all to himself in this note! . . . Along with an apology for "the past few weeks" and all the other sorry's and forgive me. Sorry for what? For becoming suspicious that he was having an affair? For wanting him to care about her? For suffering from acute anxiety and distress because she didn't know if their marriage -- which he was destroying -- could be salvaged or not? For suspecting he was planning to kill her? For catching a glimpse of the wolf in sheep's clothing?

Justice. Kari and her family need for the wheels of justice to start turning, pick up some momentum, and set its unwavering, God-driven course for Matt Baker.Full speed ahead.

And On the very day she sailed through an interview for a better job, an opportunity she had expressed hope and excitement about?


Just more points to ponder.


fkb said...

I just read a comment on the Eyes for Lies blog from a guy in Kerrville who knows Matt Baker...interesting.


Mick said...

This is an interesting blog spot:
Author Merilee Strong has written a book entitled “Erased: Missing Women, Murdered Wives.”

She writes on her blog:

This blog is about the phenomenon of "missing women" and women murdered by their spouses or partners...cases in which the killer uses an elaborate form of "staging" to try to get away with murder. He may have made his wife or partner just "disappear" and fall out of contact with the world. She may appear to have drowned in the bathtub, taken a deadly fall accidentally, been secretly poisoned, died by gunshot in a mysterious assault where no assailant is found...or she may even appear to have committed suicide. I have researched over 100 of such cases. Most of them, you have never heard about. Many of the killers have gotten away with their crimes. After six years of research I now know that these men are not only deadly because of the strong psychopathic traits that show in their communication and behavior, but they are also learning from each other. Each one smugly believes he can get rid of the woman he no longer needs or wants, and believes that a secret homicide is the best solution.

This is something to think about. After reading and viewing a great deal of information regarding the death of Kari Baker, it appears no one believes she committed suicide, except for those few people who have surrounded Matt Baker in his hometown. These people never knew Kari nor do they know Matt. They only know the “pretender” he has shown them. I won’t discuss the pretty compelling forensic evidence that has been at least partially made public. You all know about it.

I have been reading and studying about this type of personality disorder…the type you find who often murder their wives when they become “inconvenient.” Strong discussed “the dark triad” on her blog. “The dark triad is a name for this linkage of three traits that are closely related but also distinctive: Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy. One could say extreme manipulativeness, a malignant form of self-centeredness and psychopathy.”

I hope Kari’s family will not tire in their pursuit of justice, both for their daughter and granddaughters. If what I have read and studied is true, this darkness within may lie dormant but it never disappears.

What do others think?


A. said...

I've also read about Marilee Strong's theory (eraser killers, also a blog post on incoldblog a few days ago...). She ties things together brilliantly, I must say, and hits then nail on the head with what these killer all have in common; they want to be rid of the wife that they no longer love. Personally, I think the naricissism come into play with them thinking they have the "right" to exspunge the victim. That she is somehow his property, and he feels justified in disposing of this property in any manner he chooses.

I've also read the EFL blog, Shannon. This commenter (Sadie) stood out to me as well. And I completely agree; women generally do not say "...hug", especially in the deep, emotional context. We want to hold our children, etc.

I'm so sorry to Kari's family. It must be extremely painful to hear that anyone would treat your daughter so coldly, or look upon her as disposable. Whatever happens within the justice system, please know that Matt has not gotten away with this. Anyone who really looks at the facts can clearly see his culpability.

Matt will know, everyday of his life, that we know what he did...

Mick said...

to "a"---

It seems that law enforcement so often have their "killerdar" turned off when it comes to these types of killers. They are smooth….soooooooooo sincere……….and usually pillars of society. While they don’t really have true emotions, these men have become adept at faking emotions. It becomes especially easy to pull off getting rid of the inconvenient wife in a small community like Hewitt, Texas. The police aren’t well-trained (sorry if any readers are from Hewitt but this can’t be a revelation), making them even easier to dupe. The police are committed to saving face and not necessarily admitting they screwed up and changing course…..and this goes for most law enforcement agencies. Also, this type of killer is quite good at passing a polygraph. I know Mr. Baker has stated that he has passed a lie detector on several occasions. There is a reason these aren’t admitted in court…..they are not that reliable. The polygraph detects changes in vital signs, especially heart rate, to check for deceit. It operates under the premise that when we lie, we get nervous….but there are those with certain personality disorders (i.e Strong’s dark triad included) who don’t grow nervous when they lie. In fact, they often rationalize the murder to either convince themselves they didn’t do it or that the victim deserved it.

I agree with everything you said, “a.” However, these type of killers have no remorse. He won’t care that he wakes up every morning with the knowledge of what he did. I think the people of McLennan County are being far too patient with the DA’s office. I understand that they are investigating but (and please correct me if I am wrong…someone who knows) isn’t there a great deal of information out there that they could obtain from the civil team? So much of the work has been done for them. Why aren’t the legal and judicial systems more invested in protecting the people they have sworn to protect. Everyone in this county should be concerned.

Again, keep pushing the authorities. After awhile, they must sit up and take notice that there was murder committed in Hewitt, Texas in April 2006.

Anonymous said...

Here's the part that sticks out to me ...
The statement "I am so sorry for the past few weeks". The emphasis on the past few weeks is a very interesting timeline.
After all, we now know that Matt is the one who had a lot to be sorry for during the past few weeks of Kari's life.

"Please continue to be the great Dad to our little girls." I've said it before and I'll say it again..Matt is the one who constantly needs his ego stroked. I guess the words
great Dad did it for him this time.

C B said...

Kari was a very good friend. Anyone who knew Kari (even a little)knows she had spunk up the wazoo. As we all know now, Kari was putting the affair together. There is no way she would have written a note like this. ABSOLUTELY NO WAY. Of course, we know Kari never left the way this note insinuates (I can't even use the word).
I wish she were here for some many reasons, but especially to raise her daughters. As an added bonus, it would be fun to see her kick matt's a**.
Miss you, girl.

Anonymous said...

Mick is right when he points out the type of killer who is "so smooth and sincere" that even law enforcement can be duped by these "usually pillars of society". I think "Pastor" Matt Baker was counting on this at the time of Kari's death and still uses it today.

Anonymous said...

tick. tick. tick. I know you come to this blog, matt baker. You can't stop yourself. You HATE that so many people loved kari. You hate that those who didn't even know her feel her spirit and her love for her daughters. You hate that they are drawn to her positive energy and repelled by your negative aura.

These insightful examinations of the note and into your psyche must make you very nervous.
tick. tick. tick

SG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Of course he comes to this blog. He just can't help himself. His insatiable thirst to be in the spotlight can not be quenched. He must be noticed to exist. He can not survive in the shadows. For it is here, in the shadowlands that he disappears.

Maybe this is one reason he became a minister. Typically, ministerial positions are exalted in a community and those who hold these positions are known for walking in the light. He longs for the light to keep the darkness at bay.

I am also intrigued by the events in Matt's adult life and the time frame in which each happens. It is as if He needs the momentum of these events to continue. It doesn't matter if they are negative or positive events....but, they must continue! They must keep the light focused on him! Otherwise, he will end up back in the shadowlands where darkness abides. Oh Matt...Darkness approaches.

watcher said...

He doesn't care what you say here. He only cares about keeping the act up to get what he wants. He is a sociopath.

He does not feel guilt or regret. He is not scared because he thinks he is invincible. He likes attention. He does not know how to fit in with normal people, however he does not feel lonely. He thinks he is superior to others but will do what he has to do to "come down to everyone else's level" to fit in when necessary. it's all about getting what he wants. that is all he cares about. But he is not stable and unable to get what he wants. Of course in his eyes it is always someone else's fault. Oh that he has to put up with all stupid lowly people in the world who do not measure up to him! He also does not feel emotion like you and I do. He knows rage, anger, envy, and frustration but regret, guilt, remorse, and sorrow are lost on him. He does not show true emotion ever. That would be a sign of weakness. Any "emotion" he seems to express is false and only meant to manipulate those around him. He will not change. He has no desire to change. He may not even be able to change without intense and extensive mental help. But of course he is superior to any help. He is a dangerous man. He is a sociopath.

To those who support him.. be careful.
Your loyalty will not earn you any favors. In fact helping him may someday make you the object of his wrath because you will fail him. Everyone fails him eventually and has to be dealt with. Don't get to close to him. Don't turn your back on him. Whatever you do, never let him be near if you are ill or asleep. He hasn't the courage to confront or hurt you if you are able to defend yourself. He is a complete coward. He only asserts himself on the helpless or unconscious who can not fight back. Mark these words. He will not be able to control himself forever. He will kill again. He is a sociopath.

Anonymous said...

Nor has it been mentioned that Kari had a passion for writing. Her words were eloquent not choppy.

Anonymous said...

I find utter surprise that each of you "know" the real Matt. You know how he feels, thinks, and how he will act. When did you get your degree? Maybe the question is which one received their degree. One it one of the relatives that for eleven years did not see any of these traits. It doesn't really add up, does it? This blog site has reached the elementary level of "did she misspell a word?" Would she have hugged the girls or would she have held them. (lot of difference, huh?) Seems like there are a lot of writing experts showing up. Wonder where they received their degrees?

I am just surprised at all of the issues that could be discuss, this blog site has gone this way. I checked it a few days ago and expected it to be a short-term diversion, but guess I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 9:47: The grammatical error is a big deal. It is a mistake that would NEVER be made by
someone who knows the correct usage. It is not
simply a misspelled word. It is incorrect grammar.
It is highly unlikely that a writing teacher would
make such a mistake. I think this proves that Kari
did not write this note. Then who did???

I am just an outside observer looking at the facts through neutral eyes. And yes, I do have a degree.

Anonymous said...

This is for anonymous 9:47-
Your opening address should read as follows....

I find it utterly surprising that each of you
claims to "know" the real Matt. (How's that for a degree?)

I do not have time to correct your entire blog entry. However, I would suggest you proofread and edit in the future.

No one claims to "know" Matt. These entries are what we call "profiling" in murder cases.

Anonymous said...

June 3, 2008 9:47PM

He's here....Darkness approaches.

A. said...

Where did we receive our degree?

How many times do I have to remind you that you don't know us (many of us, anyway)? Nor do you know how we arrive at our observed opinions. Certainly (since you read here regularly) you can see that this site has attracted people who spend quite a bit of time analyzing these types of things (crimes).

truth's boots said...

If you are still clinging to your unraveling thread of hope that Matt is innocent of murder, 9:47, that is not ALL you are wrong about.

No "degree" is needed to see what is obvious to anyone willing to take an objective look at what has already been revealed for public scrutiny. We are just wondering what ELSE there is...and we DO believe there is more. Probably a LOT more.

Matt knows the truth, and I'm betting he is feeling pretty queasy. He of all people is familiar with that Bible passage about how things done in secret (in the dark of night??) will surely be revealed. That revelation has begun, and it will be concluded in at least ONE court of law!

4truth said...

To anon on June 3, 9:47 PM.

That’s right. Guess you were wrong. What bothers you the most? Let’s keep it simple…multiple choice.

A. People have researched personality disorder issues and have been able to discuss the disorder intelligently and with some knowledge as it relates to a certain individual.
B. Insightful people from other blogs have also weighed in on this case, and they don’t seem to think Kari took her life (leaving only one person who had the motive and opportunity to do so).
C. People are very invested in seeing justice carried forward. Even if they didn’t know Kari, they know that a life was tragically removed from this earth and two little girls no longer have their mother. They care.
D. Deep inside you really agree but you are unable to admit it to yourself yet.
E. All of the above.

BTW, if the family and others close to Matt did not see this “darkness,” that is not unusual at all in this type of psychopathic personality. Along with Strong’s book, there is a great deal of research on the charismatic psychopath who is able to operate within societal norms (most of the time) and fake emotions. He fools many people! However, this person has no true empathy and love inside of him (most of the time these people are men). Read about this type of person. Go to Strong’s blog. Read other research.

Anonymous said...

If we are profiling just 'cause, then are we safe in profiling Kari? Or will you keep it off this site, Shannon? I was a friend of Kari's, and no you do not know me. I have a couple of notes from her, and there are misspellings on them. Maybe we can get Matt or Kari's mom to post some of the e-mails that have been referred to on this blog. We could look at them word for word and see if the note from that night reads like her other notes.

kari's cousin said...

Sure. You’re a friend of Kari’s (wink, wink). Let me see….crystal ball…..picture appearing…..yep….you are that ONE friend of MB’s …the cult member (as many call you).Save it. That note was no more written by Kari than the Declaration of Independence was. I will not try to prove anything to you about Kari’s writing style. I will tell you that the “fake” note was nothing like Kari. It was written by a guy who doesn’t know how to express real emotion and was pretty bad at faking it in this note. There was nothing authentic or real about that note. Kari was full of life until it was ripped away from her. Her writing was also full of life. Save your junior high actions. You aren’t talented enough to pull off the charade.

Kari’s cousin (one who knows how Kari wrote!!!)

4truth said...

to anon at 3:20/6-4

Hey "friend of Kari's" (come on,you don't even begin to sound like a friend of Kari's.)---

Why don't we put some of matt's writing up here and compare it to the note? If you want a comparison.....just saying.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you knew Kari. And you know Matt. And deep down I think you suspect him but it is just too painful for you to go there. It would mean that so much of what you believe is a lie. I understand. But heed the words of so many "strangers' on this blog. Watch your back. He is a very dangerous man.

Carole said...

To Kari's "friend"

How dumb can you be thinking that someone is going to post an email or note--something that could be admissible in court later?

LM said...

Anon at 3:20
Why don't you post the notes you have? Come on, be a "friend." ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, you all proved a point. I did not know Kari, nor did I know Matt. However I could not refuse seeing who jumped on this particular request. I find it funny how one side jumps and has answers they need to try and convince everyone to believe, while the other side goes calmly on their way, probably much too busy to even read, and certainly would not stoop to commented on a blog.

As far as the "profoling", calling Matt a sociopath sounds like it is coming from a sociopath. Wonder why s/he is trying so drastically to get people to believe such.

Could say so very much more, but some would be brought up in trial, so mute is the word.

Shannon said...

Okey Dokey, Anonymous 9:31....
Where do I start?

* You're on the wrong side of the joke on what you find funny. Well, I don't find it funny....I find it sad. But you're on the wrong side and you look, well, uninformed. Or blind. Whichever you feel best about.

* I promise....there is no "profoling" allowed.

* Yes. "Mute" is the word for the side that has something to hide. You probably meant "moot" but......well, I'd be "profoling" to bring that up, wouldn't I?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous June 4 9:41

I see you couldn't stay away. Thanks for "walking calmly on your way" to your computer and joining us. (Calmy, not much emotion-huh?)

You are a genius!! You were setting us up. I had no idea you were also Anonymous June 4 3:20 (HA!HA!HA!)

Of course we couldn't figure it out!(You are so much more superior and your intelligence surpasses all others.)

Go ahead and boast..
"Thanks, you all proved a point." (What nice manners you have!)

Of course the other side is "probably much too busy to even read"... (Your busy life and time is just far more valuable than others. You have so much more going on than the rest of the world.)

And you "certainly would not stoop".(After all, you are an elitist. You are exalted above the rest of society.)

Be careful now, your sociopathic characteristics are beginning to surface.

Continue to proofread and edit your writing. You still made some mistakes in your last post. However, you have improved
since your post as Anonymous June 3 9:47.

Darkness approaches...

4truth said...

Dear June 4, 2008 9:31 PM

What, you aren't Kari's friend??? I am so shocked (LOL). But you aren't very good at your little game. I am betting you ARE close to someone in this case (and it isn't Kari). And your spelling is rather poor. Do you know when to use "to or "too" ?

You are hilarious. Keep coming back. That was are always on this blog :). Your little handprint shows up quite often...misspelled words and all.

Carole said...

To the person who posted that "we (Justice for Kari supporters) proved a point"--

Buddy--you didn't have a point. Your posts are semi-literate ramblings. Thanks for NOT saying "so very much more."

SG said...

To Anon June 4, 2008 3:20 PM & 9:31 PM:
I'm not sure I have ever written words to someone I was more disgusted with...

Did you really just make up lies about a woman you do not know who is no longer alive to defend herself so that you could make a point? While knowing her family, her mother, and her dearest friends would read your words? I don't know who you are, but that is so wrong.
Is slandering a dead woman worth making a point? The only point you made here is that you have a very sick sense of right and wrong.
Go away.
Don't come back.
You are not welcome here.

This is a blog for people who loved Kari or for people who are interested in justice being served. If you think those who comment here are wrong and you don't like the things that are said, GO AWAY! Again, this blog is not for you.

However, if you decide to stay and continue to cower behind these anonymous comments, please try to muster up an ounce of human decency and do not speak ill of the dead. Do not slander Kari here again. God help you should someone you love ever lay murdered while her killer walks free... After your comments, I wonder if you are capable of loving?

To Shannon & Linda
Sorry my sweet friends for saying these harsh words on Kari's blog. There are times when tables need to be turned over.

SG said...

PS Shannon~ Go ahead and publish that last comment with my blogger profile.

I usually just sign in as SG, but I want Anon to see that I am not afraid to face him (or her) and put my name with my above comment. Think you could come forward and show your face Anon 6-4 9:31pm?

Didn't think so.

I Am The Common Man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shannon said...

Thank you for your comment. Yes, it's quite common for people to use a pseudo name here and there when commenting, especially on really gut-wrenching topics like this. I do thank you for caring enough to look into the matter.
When the commentor uses the word darkness, I don't think they are talking about death in general....but that void and absence of God one will experience if they don't submit to God's authority and do His will.....which includes confession and repentance. It's a really scary word for a really scary situation. As a man in a leadership position the church, use your faith and love of God to encourage Matt to be honest with himself and this world.....but mostly to God.
I don't think Kari had to worry about true darkness. Earthly darkness....a HUGE one....of being betrayed and "taken" by someone that was supposed to protect and honor her. But that darkness, as awful as it was, is nothing compared to eternal darkness. I'm not perfect by any means. But I'm not worried about eternal darkness. My humble and sinful soul is right with God. He leadeth me.

I Am The Common Man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Linda said...

Thank you, SG. You are wonderful! Turn those tables. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope this offers some clarity for Greg.
I am the anon who refers to the darkness in my June 3 1:02 post.I am not referring to death. I am simply pointing out that Matt must be in the spotlight, so he doesn't feel like he is fading away or disappearing.
I believe this is what drives Matt to read and post on this blog. When I use the term "darkness approaches" I believe Matt joins the blog so he can be in the spotlight and get attention.

4truth said...

I am sorry you removed your comments. I hope you didn’t have pressure from your church staff or others to do so. Perhaps now you can better understand why the person you were referring in the Eyes for Lies blog might have used a name that was not his own (if your assumption is correct). If you don’t feel comfortable posting here, you can send emails to Shannon. She gets many emails and does not publish them or share them with others (unless she gets permission).


I Am The Common Man said...

No pressure here except what was self-induced. I was just worried that I might offend someone with my words. I was trying to avoid it and my conscience started to get the best of me. I took it down because I am really not looking for enemies.


Anonymous said...

Greg, this should give you a hint of what type of issues Matt has had to deal with. This probably will not make it on this site, so I will plan on calling you and getting the real story. I have tried in the past to make comment, but they get cut. They claim to want the truth, but it must be their truth.

Shannon said...

You have been nothing but kind. You have no enemies here. Know that. You seem like a really good man and your ability to state your beliefs here without attacking Kari or any of her supporters is admirable. You have tact. You're welcome here. And we'll be here for you when the facts stack up so high that there's no room for any other interpretation.

Hang in there.

4truth said...

June 6, 2008 3:18 PM

Yes, please call Greg and tell him the "truth." ROFL
Better yet, why don't you pass im a note in study hall.

You just don't get it at all do you? What will you do when you can no longer deny the truth?

Even the toxicologist on the 48 Hours show admitted that Kari couldn't have taken her life in the timeframe Matt provided. This guy had nothing to do with the case. He was a totally neutral EXPERT and he didn't buy the suicide story.

Why do you still buy Matt's story? Is it because he is "man of God"?
Many, many people from his former churches don't believe him. Some have posted on this blog!!! Many have JFK bumper stickers on their vehicles


Tear stained keyboard said...

To anyone who supports Matt:

Please understand many of us here on this blog truly believe Matt killed someone we dearly love. We truly believe he has a dark side. I truly believe he needs help. I won't pretend to know everything about Matt or what happened that awful April night, but in the depths of my soul I know Kari did not kill herself.

Sometimes the comments on here are strongly worded. People say things that might be better not said. Comments may come across as bitter because the commenters are hurting. And yes, they/we are bitter that Kari was taken away and Matt walks free. We are scared for her daughters. We are heart sick. We can not just sit back and do nothing. This blog is an outlet for all of that. A lot of hurt is expressed here, and anger, and even frustration.

But there is a lot ofconcern, caring and love expressed here too. Love for Kari. Love for Kensi, Gracie, and Kassidy. Love for Linda, Jim and Adam. Love for Kari's aunts and cousins. Love for friends old and new and even for strangers who come here because they some how feel connected to this case.

And then there are the memories. So many memories have been shared. Memories that were once sweet but are now bitter sweet because Kari is gone.

You might feel deep down that Matt is innocent. That is your right. But in the face of all that many of us have witnessed and seen, so many unanswered questions, and too many conflicting explanations, belief in Matt's innocence is just not a possibility. Oh that we could believe that! It would be so much easier! But we can not turn a blind eye to the facts that keep showing themselves. The thing about the truth is that it will not be ignored. It will not stay buried forever. It is always there for those who seek it.

I have been speaking here like I speak for many, but I guess I'm really just speaking for me. I want the truth to come out. I feel it deep down that it will be best for all concerned, even Matt.

God called Matt at some point in his life so I don't think Matt is pure evil BUT, I do think he is living a lie. I believe Matt has a deep seeded problem. If he does not get help for that deep seeded wicked wound, it will forever curse his life and bring grief on him and all who care for him. The only way he can get the help he needs is to stop living a lie.

I don't think anyone comes to this blog looking for a fight, or an enemy. We just want the truth told. We long for justice for Kari... and all involved in this heart wrenching ordeal.

So before you speak poorly of Kari and her loved ones or second guess their motives, please remember that for many this isn't about a criminal case. This blog, is about a precious daughter, mother, sister, niece, cousin, and friend
who was taken away.

I know this comment is long and will most likely be considered too emotional and personal...but that is my point. For many who comment here this case is just that.