Monday, May 12, 2008

48 Hours

CBS/48 Hours has placed the episode on their website. You can click on the link below to watch it in its' entirety.


A. said...

I watched...

Matt came across as a complete sociopath. The very telling point for me was where he said that he never gave any thought to a relationship with the other woman (can't recall her name), yet he was spending so much time with her. What man would "not even think" about a relationship? His response is so clearly dishonest. Moreover, his answer is so packaged, as though he wishes to give the "right" answer, typical of a narcissist sociopath.

JMM said...

Yeah. He "didn't even have that thought in the back of his mind."
Duh! That thought was somewhere else in his body. He was caught in so many lies that I don't even know where to start.

Anonymous said...

Funny how people here seem to become experts on so many subjects! To say that Matt is a sociopath and how he is typical of a narcissistic sociopath leads me to wonder where this person got there pyschology degree? The term narcissism means love of oneself, and refers to the set of character traits concerned with self-admiration, self-centeredness and self-regard. The term sociopath refers to someone with antisocial personality disorder. I would have to say that from what I know (yes I know Matt) and from what I have heard, Matt fits neiter one of these definitions for which you can look up on wikipedia for yourself! Reminds me of the time when I read on here how the author of this blog knew how "the majority" of Kerrville felt about this case. Credit where credit is due...after being called on it she admitted she was wrong!
I am not saying Matt is guilty or not guilty! Just saying he is neiter of the above mentioned terms!
I will not be anonymous even though so many on this site are!!!
Signed; Al

kerrvillethinksudidit said...

How can anyone still think Matt Baker is innocent? How can anyone believe him? How does he explain the fact that his story keeps changing? Funny that he happened to research Ambian and that what was found in her tissue and Kari never had a prescription for it.
What was it that you ordered from that Drug Company Matt? Also you said you researched "overdose by sleeping pills" because you were worried about what Kari might do...but then you said you never thought Kari was suicidal. WHICH IS IT?
Please someone explain to me why this man is not in jail????

Anonymous said...

Response to JMM:
"He was caught in so many lies that I don't even know where to start."

You are a real tease...please post a few of those lies. Readers are checking the site many times a day for details and the District Attorney would also appreciate any help you can provide.
/sarcasm off/
Seeking True Justice, Kerrville

Anonymous said...

I, too, am from Kerrville, and the people I know feel strongly that Baker is guilty. None of us have ever met him, but that just keeps us objective. His jury will not be composed of folks that knew him, either. You don't have to be a psychologist to determine inconsistencies that do not add up to innocence.

Al jr. said...

Dear Al--
A few comments to your posting.

Do more than just read wikipedia for you information. Sociopaths are very good at fooling people. They are often charistmatic and quite adept at hiding their true selves. Here are a couple of excellent books to help you on this topic:

"The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Stout and "Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us" by Robert D. Hare.

Next, you wrote the following:

I will not be anonymous even though so many on this site are!!!
Signed; Al

So, "Al" is your name? Come on, that doesn't identify you any more than anonymous does others. These digs are not becoming of someone who is so well-versed in psychology through wikipedia (yes, I am being sarcastic).

Just sign me: Al jr.

A. said...

Anon says:
"The term narcissism means love of oneself, and refers to the set of character traits concerned with self-admiration, self-centeredness and self-regard. The term sociopath refers to someone with antisocial personality disorder"

If you're willing to look at Matt honestly, in light of what he has done (his womanizing trend, using his position of spiritual authority to use people, murdering his wife, proclaiming his own victimization while being held accountable for his actions), then it's quite clear that Matt suffers from pathological self-absorbtion. And murder, specifically, pre-meditated murder, is an incredibly obvious anti-social action.

I'm sorry that these facts cause you pain. I didn't invent these terms, and it greatly disturbs me that people like Matt suffer from them.

A. said...

Anon (Al) also says:
"Funny how people here seem to become experts on so many subjects..."

You have no idea how I know what I know. If you perceive that everyone posting here, or following this story for that matter, is within the circle of people that you know in this story, then you are mistaken.

not a or b said...

Shoot! I wish that guy/gal was "a." as in "D.A."!

Still haven't heard one good reason why anyone would believe Mr Baker. I started in the middle, but so far Baker seems to be the only one who can not keep his story straight. The "Charlie's Angels" gals seem to have their stuff straight. Plus what do they have to gain in all this? Nothing besides justice, and even that at this point will be painful.
Hoping this story gets your little DA's office going there in Waco!

Anonymous said...

"The wheels of justice grind slowly, but exceedingly fine."

Baker will find that out soon enough. A little here, a little there--and pretty soon there is a mountain of evidence and folks willing to step out of the shadows to give testimony to what they have seen and know.

CBS has done a good job of greasing those wheels.

Anonymous said...

Yes, CBS did a great job of showing their tabloid story, but I was disappointed that there was no news story. Poor journalism. And may I say welcome Al. Yes, I know that Shannon thinks you are someone from the Baker side since she does not know you. It sounds like you are a neutral person, so welcome. Nice to have a person that is not pointing their finger and saying s/he is lying because...... pick a reason.

Anonymous said...

Pick a reason? Watch the video again, and you will find Matt contradicting himself an uncomfortable number of times. I am betting his lawyer is feeling some remorse over his choice of clients.

If you want tabloid junk, re-read the Hill Country rag that Matt included in his letter pleading for defense funds. You are unqualified to certify "true journalism," it seems to me. Why is that? You are too blind to the truth, perhaps because you want to uphold Baker, no matter what. Time for a paradigm shift...

CBS did not editorialize; they merely reported what they found through their investigation of what happened. Matt blundered a number of times--and the camera did not blink. I commend their efforts.

Anonymous said...

LOL, first I did not get my info from wikipedia, I used that listing for others since they seem to use terms so lightly. Actually if I were to look something up I would use the DSM, much more useful and accurate! 2nd, the digs give me no pain due to the fact they are just that, digs! 3rd, how can you comment on my name when you are anonymous??LOL! 4th, your right, I have no idea where you learn your terms that you use so lightly just that they are inaccurate! And last but not least...thank you for the welcome!

Signed; Al

Anonymous said...

to anon: May 13, 2008 7:29 PM

And just how was this tabloid journalism? Are you saying it was because they called Matt on his lies? They didn't make him lie! Are you saying it was because they had an outside toxicologist state that he didn't think kari committed suicide?

Matt was given a great deal of time to show he was innocent. He didn't. Instead he made himself look more guilty than ever.

I hope the Dulins can get their granddaughters from that monster. I don't believe they are safe.

disgusted said...

Shannon, now that you have the full video on your blog, can you remove the preview with Matt Baker's mug on it. He is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

to 10:15pm

You know what about media? Matt was given soooooo much time to prove his innocence, but only lied? Surely you know that media only asks questions they want certain answers to, and only uses sound bites they choose. Was everything CBS videoed of the Dulins showed on that segment? If so, then they left out a lot.

SG said...

To May 13, 2008 7:29 PM anon, or Al, or Seeking True Justice,

How do you account for the fact that Matt's story has changed? Two national news organizations have interviewed him and both have found instances of Matt Baker contradicting himself with his own words. It was one night. 4 or 5 hours at most. You would think he could keep his story straight on what happened. Was his wife awake or asleep when he left? Did he read the note or not? These are not hard questions. Also it does not seem like it would be that hard for him to explain what he did with his computer after it crashed? Did he throw it away? Where? When? What about his printer? I can remember what I did with all 5 computers I have owned n the last 20 years. Or what it was that he ordered from that on-line drug company? He has no memory of the name No receipt? No e-mail confirmation of his order? Nothing? If Matt Baker were telling the truth he would give consistent verifiable answers to these questions. But because his story has not been consistent it appears he is being dishonest. No one has cast more suspicion on Matt Baker than he has cast on himself.

When I look at all the questions surrounding this death there are no explanations that clear up all the inconsistencies other than Matt had to have killed Kari. Nothing else holds up. Have you even tried to look at the facts without the emotion? Have you made a list of all the questions brought up by the family, the arrest affidavit or any other investigation and asked yourself how can this be? If you have and you have come up with a different conclusion, I would honestly like to know how? What do you know that we don’t?

Anonymous said...

Right on, 9:08! Just one little thing where I believe the old boy was telling the truth...He said he did not read the suicide note prior to calling 911. I think he was being honest. He did not have to read it; he wrote it.

SG said...

PS To the weirdo who thought I was Shannon. I'm not. Along with our beliefs about this case and our concern for Kari's family, we just happen to share initials.

Anonymous said...

Think he did explain what he did with his computer at home. And what he did with his printer. Media seems to pick and choose what facts they want to remember, or to mention. From many, many hours of videoing from the different national networks, they only find two situations they can try and take issue with. Should be dozens if he is lying. But, realize that when someone has their mind made up that a person is guilty it doesn't really matter if s/he looks left, then right, or straight ahead, whether s/he blinks or not, the person is guilty. Someone could pick apart Linda's talk with 48Hrs, how she looked at camera, or not, how the tone of her voice was different for different questions, etc.


to: May 14, 2008 7:01 AM

Help me understand. I would like to learn more about tabloid journalism. Will you explain what made the 48 Hours story a tabloid piece? I am not being sarcastic. I really want to understand what you mean.

You said:

Surely you know that media only asks questions they want certain answers to, and only uses sound bites they choose.


Was everything CBS videoed of the Dulins showed on that segment? If so, then they left out a lot.


Anonymous said...

So, do you feel better Shannon not posting my reply? There was nothing wrong with it by any means! I replied in 4 accounts to what people asked me and then thanked someone for welcoming me! Why even bother to leave my original post up if you are not going to allow me to reply? Very one sided dont you think?

Signed Al

Shannon said...

To Anon at 1:43 today:

You say:
"From many, many hours of videoing from the different national networks, they only find two situations they can try and take issue with."

Only two situations they could take issue with? Are you serious? If so, I don't know what 48 Hours show you were watching. The show (as was 20/20) riddled with Matt's lies and contradictions. Riddled.

Shannon said...

I'm trying to look through the comment emails. Were they all signed by you, Al? I'm not seeing 4 comments from an Al that weren't posted.
And as I've said before, I will not let comments through that are simply argumentative and rude. They show me that there's just an emotion on the other end with no basis in fact. It seems you just want to bash Mrs. Dulin endlessly and aggresively. Why would I want anything to do with that? Especially when I have come to know what a kind and courageous woman she is. Are you jealous of her? Are you jealous that someone like her is fighting for Kari and not Matt? The edge to your anger makes me feel like you are VERY closely related to Matt. VERY. VERY.
Again, this is a support site for Kari and those seeking justice for her. If what is posted here irriates you, you are completely free to not come here and be irritated.

Anonymous said...

He said his computer crashed but he did not say what he did with it.

I could care less where Matt looked or how many times he blinked. The words coming out of his mouth did not make sense. I think if you read through the comments on this post alone you will see many unanswered questions. 48 Hours only had an hour to show everything. I'm sure there was much more they could have shown!

SG said...

Blogs are free and easy to set up. Someone from the "Matt Camp
could easily set one up if they felt they needed a platform.

Anonymous said...

As I recall he was not asked what he did with his computer that crashed. A crashed computer only means the harddrive crashed. Not the entire computer. He also was NOT asked what he did with the printer. He knows exactally what he did with the printer and has probably told the national media what he did with both. It always amazes me that the national media really does not want an answer, because it makes a better story if they go with what they choose to go with.

Anonymous said...

That's right, the national news media want to mess with Matt Baker. That is how they get their jollies. Come on, you Baker cult members; get a brain before you are forced into drinking the poison kool-aid.

About setting up their own blog...they did. The poor blog died of boredom.

Anonymous said...

There is an interesting narrative today from one of Matt's former church members in Hewitt. You will find it by going to the comment section of the Waco Trib article about Matt's fund-raiser letter, located below. It is very telling, and the folks who think Matt is being unfairly portrayed in all of this should read it. He appears to have two personalities!

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that the more this case is in the media, the more angered Matt supporters tend to become. Why is that? Is it because their conscious is eating away at their gut because they are too ashamed to admit they have been supporting a guilty man? Why do you all who support Matt get do defensive and rude when you enter this site? I am just curious why you would rather spend your time on this site than somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Shannon said: "And as I've said before, I will not let comments through that are simply argumentative and rude. They show me that there's just an emotion on the other end with no basis in fact."

If this is your criteria for letting a post be made it is obvious this applies ONLY to any attempted post that has anything positive to say about Matt Baker. An example is Anonymous post May 14 7:27 PM. If that post is not rude then you must have a very liberal view when it is made by a Kari supporter.

And for those who do not realize how a show like 48 Hours cuts and pastes content to titillate viewers in order
to max out ratings just don't understand how these shows work. The group from Kerrville who support Matt had over two hours of taped session with the crew. The young lady from Baylor who made the sexual harassment charge got more air time than all the Kerrville group combined. Why? Sensationalism sells. Get it?

I hope this post passes your "rude and/or argumentative" criteria but I won't hold my breath. If you do not want any posts made from those who believe in Matt, then why not just say so and tell us not to bother reading your site or attempt to make a post.

Praying for both families in Kerrville....

Anonymous said...

At the time I asked if you were happy not posting my my comments you had not done that yet! And yes there are 4 if you look! They are all in 1 section saying 1st, 2nd,
3rd and finally 4th!!!! As I said, you had not even put it up when I made my comment! However if you look at the time I posted it was after 10pm on the 13th. The very next post which was there this aftermoon when my wasnt now comes after mine. So did you put it in later? No I am not jealous of anyone and how can you even say that? Nothing I posted is argumentive, rude or bashing Mrs. Dulin! Perhaps you typed while emotional because I have looked at my post for which there are only two and no where in either of them is Mrs. Dulin not only mentioned there is nothing even implying anything toward her!!! My gosh Shannon did you get mine confused??
Signed Al

Anonymous said...

Amen to taking that creepy photo down!

Anonymous said...

The Dulin's attorney stated on air that he considered Baker to be a very dangerous man. He certainly is, in a variety of ways.

Matt continues to do his evil by disparaging his wife--and her parents--by trying to negatively influence public opinion about them. He uses his "friends" (one in particular)to get his message out on the various public "comment" forums. It is a waste of their time, however.

His cheerleaders cannot possibly really know these two amazing individuals. Anyone who actally knows Linda and Jim recognize that those two are the real deal and beyond reproach. The matt-lovers are not only blind, but deaf as well--or they could not spout the hate-filled innuendos they are known for.

Matt's attack dog/dogs are operating out of pathetic ignorance based on loyalty to one who is undeserving of it.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Mr. Johnston's on-camera comment about Matt being dangerous...

Matt has let it be known that he wants his daughters to stop having grandparent weekends with the Dulins. He is no doubt trying to pressure the oldest child into saying she does not want to see them. She is twelve. She loves her daddy. She will likely do anything to please him--and therein lies the danger. She is in the clutches of the master manipulator.

A word of advice to the all-knowing and ever so "wise" Mr. Baker: This will back-fire big time. The public--who will make up your civil jury in the coming months and your criminal jury in the undetermined future--will not look upon this favorably. They will see it for what it is--vindictiveness on your part, Matt. You will come across as mean-spirited and hateful, and your ONLY hope is that a few members of either jury will develop some sympathy for you. Revealing your true colors will not be the way to accomplish that.

On the other hand...Go for it! They NEED to see the real Matt Baker. Plenty of the rest of us have--thanks to truthful journalism like 48 Hours.

Shannon said...

I think I finally realized what was confusing me. You mentioned that you made 4 comments. I was looking and looking wondering if I overlooked something. This morning with fresh eyes, I read again. You actually meant that you made 4 points in 1 comment, right? I was looking for 4 seperate comments signed by Al. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I do believe I got your comments confused with another anonymous commentor that was being ugly to Mrs. Dulin when I was looking for your "4" comments and saw a couple more in the same time frame and with similar wording to what you use. For that, I apologize as well.

Also the way the comment moderation works is this: It doesn't matter what day or time that I approve and publish someone's comment, it will show up with the time stamp of when it was actually made and put in time sequence. That's just the way Blogger does it. I don't choose where in the line-up it goes. That can be confusing until you get used to it.

Shannon said...

To Anonymous 10:18 -
I suppose I should re-word that. I don't want to let comments through that are argumentative and rude toward the victims in this case. One victim is dead and she can't stand up for herself. The still-living victims have been victimized enough. When you commit a heinous crime such as this, I don't seem to be able to muster up as much sympathy for holding back what people want/need to say. Believe it or not, I do hold back some horrible comments made about Baker and some of his supporters. I just barely let the one above mine squeek by.

And it's not about not wanting any comments from those that believe in Matt. But if you've been here since the beginning, you will see why I had to start moderating comments and how I feel about this very matter.

Anonymous said...

I waited a week before posting a comment so I could simmer down and try to look at this more objectively, since I don't personally know any of the people involved.

My first impression was that Mr. Baker just *looked* guilty and shifty. That definitely prejudiced me against him right off the bat, I fully admit. Going back and thinking about the evidence against him, apparently there is a long track record of inappropriate behvavior on his part, especially toward women. As someone else had mentioned here, he seems to have a LOT of female supporters, but not many male supporters. Curious. These again are just impressions that led me to not "like" this guy, and perhaps be more willing to believe the worst about him.

But on a purely factual basis, pushing my prejudice aside, I find it almost impossible to believe his story about the following things:

1. The ground-up pills
2. The mysterious loss of two computers
3. His need to find comfort with the young woman from his parish. Even if only to preserve the *appearance* of propriety, why on earth would he ever seek comfort with an "available" woman?

There were other things as well. I can also see why the DA does not want to try this case at the moment. They need to build it up until there is no doubt or they will lose their opportunity forever. For some reason Mr. Baker appears able to win women over to his side and until their case is ironclad, they should wait--one sucker on the jury who responds to his goo goo eyes and it's all over.

I compared and contrasted this story with the one that ran last night, of Tracy Rhodey (sp?) in an almost eerily similar situation. Unlike with Matt Baker, Mrs. Rhodey actually appeared to be sincere; but of course I cannot completely rule out her complicity in her husband's death.

All the best to Kari's friends and family. No matter what happened, the loss of such a lovely young woman is devastating.

Anonymous said...

As much as I want to see this go to trial, I think that it might not be too bad to wait until Matt shows his true self to more people, because he will...
Anyone who looks at all the facts of this case objectively, that is without their "Matt goggles" on, will conclude that he did it. But the DA has to prove it. The proof will come. God bless all who are willing to search and wait for the truth to be revealed. God keep the girls safe and help those who are hurting to embrace the truth and believe the truth will come out and close the book on this sad, dark story!