Sunday, May 11, 2008


The volume of supportive emails after last night's 48 Hours show is amazing...humbling...and precious. I will respond to them ASAP. (I'm in between kids coming in from outside and showers and reading before bedtime.) I will also forward some of them to the proper channels. What a blessing you all are!

God bless! And Happy Mother's Day to you all.......however you spend it. With your healthy, jubilant Mother. With your sick Mother. With your cranky, onery Mother.

Or without your mother. Mothers that are sorta here and sorta not. Mothers that want to be here but can't. Mothers that went Home long ago. Mothers that went Home 2 weeks ago exactly. Mothers that went Home yesterday. Mothers that went home before.......well, before they were supposed to.

God bless all our Mothers. God bless Kari's Mother, Linda.....who has the perfect name for this day. Beautiful. Courageous and fighting.......and oh so beautiful Mom.

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watching in Arizona said...

Thanks for giving us a place to find the latest on this case. Please let the Dulins know that so many people want them to find justice for their daughter. Equally important is getting their granddaughters to safety.

Watching in Arizona.