Saturday, May 10, 2008

Waco Trib article today...

Matt Baker soliciting funds for civil suit battle over wife's death

I have more to say and quote from this article than I have time this morning. Just wanted to put the link up for those that might want to read it. I'll check back in later.

* Notice on the left-hand side on the online article they have posted links to previous Waco Trib articles on this case. Very handy for those that have missed some.


Anonymous said...

Well, doesn't sound like the DA has dropped the case:

“Our office has been investigating the facts and evidence in this case since we received it,” Long said. “Because of the nature of the case, there is complex scientific medical and forensic evidence that is being examined and evaluated in the investigation.”

Ben said...

Found this site from a Trib posting. I hope Kari gets justice. I think the guy is guilty as he**.
Why would a depressed woman go for a job interview the day she supposedly ended her life? Why 7 years after her daughter died? And those supposed journal entries that show depression were written right after her daughter died. What I read just shoed a grieving mother. How come no one else saw depression but the guy accused of killing her. Why didn't he tell anyone? Oh, and a short typed suicide note stating how much she loved the guy that she thought was having an affair? I know women enough to know that ain't happening.

Come on. I haven't even seen the forensic evidence and this stuff doesn't make sense.

I think the girlfriend knows something. Wish she had the guts to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your loss of your beautiful daughter and the loss of your grand daughter.

May Kari get the justice she deserves soon!

It is easy to believe that Matt killed her - he came across on 48 Hours at the very least...

as a sleezy, cheating husband ("Whatsover a man thinketh in his heart..."), a LIAR, and a creep.

It was apparent that HE believed everything he was saying and thought he was smarter than everyone else... unfortunately for him, he isn't that smart and couldn't remember his own statements as 48 Hours showed...

You know someone is a monster when they can look another person in the eye and outright lie!

IE: Matt giving inconsistent statements to 48 Hours over the last year or so and looking the reporter in they eye both times without blinking!)

Again, we are so sorry for your heartbreak and this nightmare you all are living through.

Anonymous said...

claaaang....the sound of the cell door shutting.