Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Comments A Plenty"

I have my settings set so that when a comment is left on my blog, it is also emailed to me. I'm glad because otherwise I might miss a lot. Be sure to check older posts sometimes. I still get comments on posts I wrote in September, October and November. They are all interesting to say the least.

Just wanted to highlight a couple of busy comment areas over the last few days. I'll let you draw you own conclusions. I got a birthday party to get to. Nite.

Don't Even Get Me Started: Changes - Effective Immediately

Don't Even Get Me Started: No one will ever know?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what MB is doing since he lost his substitute teaching job? I mean what is he doing besides writing comments on this blog and giving interviews. Not exactly a resume builder.

Anonymous said...

Yes, do know what he is doing, but must keep quiet, don't want to share anything that might mess up the case. Don't think he is even blogging on anything. Yes, he is being interviewed by ones his attorney chooses.

liedar said...

well, anon (12-19), it does seem ol' MB is doing bit of blogging when he isn't on the interview circuit. Ask, I mean Lindsey. LOL