Wednesday, May 18, 2011

KCENTV- Channel 6 News Story

Thank you KCEN (Channel 6) and Ashley Goudeau for taking such an interest in the DulinFans Online Auction!  You've helped reached thousands of potential bidders!

Friends of Jim and Linda Dulin raising money for custody battle
Ashley Goudeau

Linda Reichenbach and Shannon Gamble are staying busy. Businesses and people around the world have donated a hodge podge of items to them for an online auction they're organizing. 

"We have small items, $5 in value, $3 in value all the way up to a Rolex watch which was donated for $1,500," Linda says.

One of Shannon's favorites is a red, white and blue baseball cap. "This was from West Lake Monogram in Hewitt. And they created these hats custom made, we have six that will be auctioned off separately that say 'I helped Kari's kids.'"
I haven't seen the 6:00 PM news yet and am waiting for the 10:00 PM news story.  I tried to brag on all the wonderful local businesses that donated things and I hope that those comments make the 10:00 story.

Thank you all, businesses and private donors.  It's continuously so amazing, yet not unfathomable in "God terms," how many people are working, praying, giving and helping more of "Love Trumps Evil."

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