Saturday, May 21, 2011

Go forth and BID!!!!!

Help the Dulins bring their granddaughters back home.

Let love and healing be the final act in this terrible tragedy.

Love Trumps Evil!

Alrighty, the time has come..........  The Dulin Fans Online Auction is open and ready for YOU to go forth and find the goodies and services that are waiting on YOU!!  There is a wide range of items/services to choose from.  Got $5.00 to spend?  We got stuff for $5.00.  Got $100.00 to spend?  We got things for $100.00.   Got money burning a hole in your pocket?  We can help with that, too!   And remember, every penny raised in this online auction will go to help Jim and Linda Dulin bring their granddaughters home and work on healing for everyone.


The home page for the online auction:  Dulin Fans Online Auction
If you want to see all the items in one list:  Auction List

You've got 48 hours!   Well, 47 1/2 hours.  Better get to bidding..........


Shannon said...

I've already placed 2 bids and have my eyes set on a few more. I'm aiming for that Sironia gift package. The humor in that donation does not go unnoticed. ;)

I'm also jonesing for Kim's gourmet lime cookies. They look delish!

What do you have your eyes on?

Anonymous said...

I can vouch for Linda R's chocolate mousse. Wowzer--great items. I'm still shopping

Sadie said...

Hi there Shannon, and Kari friends:

Sorry to be weighing in on this so late, but just wanted to say that I thought the auction was a wonderful idea.

WOW, I was so very impressed by the talent, hard work, and beautiful generosity shared -- on the part of all the planners, technical folks, auction contributors, and all the buyers and benefactors, too. This project was Love in action, for sure.

Thank you for the opportunity to make my own small contribution, and I'm so glad that you guys were able to help the Dulins' important cause in this way. Kari's family, as I have come to learn in the years since this case first broke in the news, are truly good and courageous and deserving people! They are just amazing.

Their expenses to date must be absolutely astronomical. I know that this effort, driven by love and a desire to help them, is most certainly appreciated by their loving hearts. Kari must be smiling in Heaven.

I'm praying so hard for her girls to be brought back to where they have always belonged. May love trump evil! Amen.


(P.S. Shannon, is it still possible to donate? I know you must be VERY busy, but could you please email me, or post the answer here? Thanks!)