Saturday, October 16, 2010

Judge reversals his dismissal of custody case

The words I left you with last week after Judge's dismissal of the custody case....

"God has a plan. He is in control. Our faith is strong."

Wow! How amazingly has God rewarded his faithful and steadfast children! A huge blessing of wonderful news came yesterday. Judge Emerson has reversed his dismissal of the case and the custody case is back on track....with no delays stemming from last week's events!

Judge reinstates Dulins' case in custody battle for Matt Baker's children
Tommy Witherspoon

"A Kerrville judge Friday reversed his ruling from last week that dismissed a lawsuit in which Kari Baker’s parents were seeking primary custody of their two granddaughters.

The new order, issued by 198th State District Judge M. Rex Emerson, reinstates the custody lawsuit between Jim and Linda Dulin, of Waco, and Oscar and Barbara Baker, of Kerrville, parents of former Baptist minister Matt Baker." (read more)

I will try to find out more about the mysteries surrounding all of this dismissal/reversal of dismissal. If anyone has anything to share or help explain any of this, please feel free to email me at In the article, it says that when the Dulins were contacted about this yesterday afternoon, they already knew but could not give comment because of the gag order. When Barbara was contacted about this, she didn't know yet. The Dulins are so very blessed with top notch attorneys that keep them so informed and up to date.

The trial is still on for January. The Judge has also ordered that the children and parties timely initiate counseling and testing as recommended previously. The Dulins have always been in favor of counseling and welcomed any and all studies to help determine the the best, healthiest and healing environment for the girls. Their first court appearance after Kari's death was for a court order for counseling because Matt refused to get them any. After one session, Matt moved the girls to Kerrville and that was the end of that. Adults going through the kinds of ongoing trama the girls have been through would need counseling. Children deserve no less.

Please continue to pray for Kensi and Grace. Also keep the prayers going for wisdom and strength for the Judge and the lawyers involved. And prayers for Linda and Jim and their family......prayers for continued amazing faith, strength and peace.


News said...

This is good news!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad to see the judge reversed his own decision - shows a man of character and hopefully objectivity that will guide the right decision for Kari's babies!

huney7bear said...

Prayers to continue coming from here. I hope and pray to God, that the Dulins get custody of the children. Kari would want nothing less. This travesty has gone far too long and January cannot come fast enough.

Sadie said...

Well Hallelujah.

What awesome news. Now that's more like it, Your Honor! I will certainly be ratcheting up the prayers, for everyone involved. Everyone.

Love trumps evil, always. It's just that sometimes it takes the scenic route instead of the expressway. I've followed this case since early 2008, and I intend to see it through until Justice is complete. Thank you so much for continuing to pass along news as it is available, Shannon.

I'd like to say to the Dulins that you are heroes in my book. Kari must be so proud of you from Heaven! Your faith and strength are matched only by your perseverance born of love. They speak loud and clear, even through the silence of the gag order. What a testimony!

I really do believe one day your beautiful granddaughters will understand the truth about their mother, their father, and you. I will be continuing to pray for you all and for the right things to happen, over and over, all the way to January, and then the right decision for everyone involved. Case closed, amen.

vicki said...

What a roller coaster for all involved. I agree, and hope the Dulins will soon get the children back where they belong. I think it's a shame they have had to fight tooth and nail all this time to get their daughter's murderer put away and now to get the children back. I'm sure it has cost them a lot of tears and money. How terrible what this man and his family have put everyone through. For Kari's parents, keep your chins up, many are praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I hope Kari's parents get custody of those girls!