Sunday, October 24, 2010

48 Hours - Saturday, October 30

The "48 Hours" we have all been looking forward to is almost here. Set your DVR's for this coming Saturday, October 30 for 8-10PM Central. Yes, 2 hours! From what I understand this is 48 Hours first 2 hour, back-to-back special. And goodness........the hours and hours of dedicated footage they had over the years.....squished into 2 hours. I have no doubt it will be nothing short of amazing.

The first hour will be basically a re-cap of "The Preacher's Wife" with some updates. The second hour is named, I think, "Dirty Little Secrets."

I will be posting on teasers, web extras and other goodies throughout the week. Stay tuned.
For now, here's a link:

A preacher's wife is found dead. Now, the other woman reveals his dark,
murderous secrets. Erin Moriarty reports on a special double episode, Saturday,
Oct. 30 beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


Sadie said...

Thank you for keeping us updated! I will be watching and weeping.

Dirty little secrets indeed. That is what this case has always been about.

What is hidden eventually comes to light.

As for Kari's family, I imagine it must be a mixed blessing for a program like this to air. I know it must be so hard for them, and they have my sympathy and my prayers. I especially pray for Kari's sweet daughters, and for their lives to soon be freed from the ongoing damage inflicted by the smooth-talking evil monster and perpetuated by his family.

Overall, I think it is a good thing for more and more people to hear Kari's story, and to expose the "dirty little secrets" that have caused so much sorrow and destruction.

I'll be checking here for updates, and thank you again for always keeping up with what is happening in the case and passing it along. You do a great job, Shannon.

Bless you.

News said...

It is so sad that the one person who knew in advance let this happen and now I hope those Dirty Little Secrets haunt her everyday of her life. While I appreciate that she finally did the right thing and testified it is bitter sweet in that she walks free and sweet in that it aided in JUSTICE FOR KARI!
I hope 48 hours knows the story is not over - not till Kari's babies get into an environment that fostered a beautiful loving mother and respected and loved member of society. I also hope that the other Dirty Little Secret that MB thinks he got away with will one day come to light. Then and only then will full justice be served.

I am so glad to see this show is going to be aired and told because I think it tells a story that all women need to hear and anyone whom ever encounters the sociopath.

Now, teasers, web extras and goodies - oh my! Sounds very Halloweenish! Can't wait!

Sadie said...

Wow, did you see the preview of the second part, "Dirty Little Secrets?" (at the 48 Hours link)

The preview alone brought me to tears. I have a feeling this 48 Hours Special is going to blow people away.