Friday, July 9, 2010

Video from 20/20 - Vanessa Bulls

Murdering Minister's Lover Tells All
Pastor Matt Baker used sex game to drug wife, former lover Vanessa Bulls says.

WARNING: Matt Baker's description of his wife is not for the ears of children.


Sadie said...

Wow, Shannon.

This clip is powerful, and so terribly disturbing!

Of course, I did hear and see all of Vanessa's testimony while watching the live-feed of the trial in January, and then again during the In Session broadcast. But WOW -- here is the horrific, damning, shocking truth about what really happened to Kari, edited and condensed together in one six-minute clip -- there are just no words. Matt's crime is atrocious times a thousand.

I am glad 20/20 is not shying away from letting the world hear from Vanessa's mouth what Matt did to Kari.

Watching this made me cry for Kari. And for Linda and Jim, and for all of Kari's students and friends and family... and mostly for her precious girls who have been lied to and brainwashed, controlled and exploited by their mother's killer, so shamelessly and for so long.

It's beyond tragic, that a man in a position of trust as a worker for God could harbor this unbelievable level of evil inside. That a man trusted by his wife could set out to utterly and heartlessly destroy her like this; that a man trusted by his little girls could rob them of a normal life; that he would scheme to erase the beautiful love their mother had for them, and they for her; that a man trusted by the family could so hideously betray and destroy that trust and care nothing for their shattered lives and broken hearts.

It is the epitome of EVIL. He not only carried out a heinous, cruel, premeditated murder by tricking his wife, he also proceeded to protect himself from the consequences of his actions by trying to murder her good name and her good memory, and by perverting the love in his children's hearts. He turned them against their mother and taught them to hate those who sought the TRUTH about what he had done. He has controlled the girls' minds and kept them imprisoned in his dark web of lies for all this time (with the help of his mother), effectively forcing them by default to act as unwitting accomplices in his cover-up! My heart breaks for them. That is a violation of the highest order.

Yeah, this made me cry. But I will rejoice with you and the Dulins and all who seek justice, when Kari's girls are brought home, and when their hearts and minds are finally free of the mystification that keeps them from accepting the truth and remembering the love of their mother and their other family.

Justice for Kari, part one: Matt Baker has lost the right to live free in society. He is where he belongs. One day, the girls will be where they belong, too: back in the arms of love. And that will be the fulfillment of Justice for Kari.

Love trumps evil. Oh, yes it does.

Carole said...

I didn't think it was possible for Matt to look worse but he does. He is still lying--in Matt's world even the poor jewelry store clerk "conspired" against him. I hope he serves every single day of his 65 year sentence.

A_News_Junkie said...

Wow - the post above me should be an entry! I always love reading Sadie's comments. I came to post my thoughts on the show last night, but I will wait till morning and see if there is a new blog entry. But, after the show, I feel more people know of Kari's story, the Dulins (that includes the Angels!) journey and the dangers of sociopaths like MB. I watched this trial too and am still left feeling like Sadie, there won't be peace until the pieces are back together - and at this point that will be when they are in a home where love is grown, nurtured and shown clearly in truth.

Anonymous said...

Does Matt Baker realize what a joke he has become? I mean really. Tonight he became the national definition of a lieing, cheating, murdering minister. No one in their right mind believes him. Let's think about this... Vanessa had no reason to lie. She lost her job and made herself look like a cheeting 2 bit _____. What was the motive? What could they have on her if you didn't do anything? What would she be afraid of? The affair was out. According to Matt the world conspired to get him convicted. No Matt you just finally got a little piece of the Justice you deserve. Stop lieing. There is no way things could have happened the way you said. Your past finally caught up with least part of it.

Scott said...

Has anyone else ever thought that maybe Vanessa and Matt murdered Kari together? She knows alot of details. Even if he was/is that messed up would he tell her every little detail? I think her hands are dirty personally. And even if she wasn't there they are dirty because she knew it was going to happen and didn't speak up. She deserves to be in prison..

If she was there Matt would never admit it or point this out because then that would mean he'd have to confess. Just seems odd to me.