Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Response

The 20/20 show generated a lot of comments on this blog and other news sources. One comment from Sadie really stands out and says so eloquently what a lot of us are feeling. So I am pulling that comment up into a post as suggested by A_News_Junkie. ;)
"Watching this made me cry for Kari. And for Linda and Jim, and for all of Kari's students and friends and family... and mostly for her precious girls who have been lied to and brainwashed, controlled and exploited by their mother's killer, so shamelessly and for so long.

It's beyond tragic, that a man in a position of trust as a worker for God could harbor this unbelievable level of evil inside. That a man trusted by his wife could set out to utterly and heartlessly destroy her like this; that a man trusted by his little girls could rob them of a normal life; that he would scheme to erase the beautiful love their mother had for them, and they for her; that a man trusted by the family could so hideously betray and destroy that trust and care nothing for their shattered lives and broken hearts.

It is the epitome of EVIL. He not only carried out a heinous, cruel, premeditated murder by tricking his wife, he also proceeded to protect himself from the consequences of his actions by trying to murder her good name and her good memory, and by perverting the love in his children's hearts. He turned them against their mother and taught them to hate those who sought the TRUTH about what he had done. He has controlled the girls' minds and kept them imprisoned in his dark web of lies for all this time (with the help of his mother), effectively forcing them by default to act as unwitting accomplices in his cover-up! My heart breaks for them. That is a violation of the highest order.

Yeah, this made me cry. But I will rejoice with you and the Dulins and all who seek justice, when Kari's girls are brought home, and when their hearts and minds are finally free of the mystification that keeps them from accepting the truth and remembering the love of their mother and their other family.

Justice for Kari, part one: Matt Baker has lost the right to live free in society. He is where he belongs. One day, the girls will be where they belong, too: back in the arms of love. And that will be the fulfillment of Justice for Kari.

Love trumps evil. Oh, yes it does."

If you have general comments or thoughts on the show, feel free to leave a comment on this post. I'll be posting some more specific things throughout the day.


Anonymous said...

What new strategy will "Ma Baker" hatch in order to counter all these TERRIBLE lies against her precious boy? A more pertinent question: How soon before the last of her (probably brow-beaten) torch-bearers in Kerrville douse their flames and abandon ship?? Hopefully, now they will not be so inclined to help her--the other sorry half of the "Baker Duet," in her quest to have sole custody of Kari's girls. This broadcast pulled everything together really well, and the picture it painted was one of comprehensive truth. Barbara Baker does NOT need to have access to these children, for she is perpetuating Kari's murder by telling them she took her own life!

ABC presented the facts, and those FACTS make it abundantly clear that Matt is a murderer.

Praying for Justice said...

Excellent comment, "Anonymous!" Except, it's hard to believe that that any person, even in Kerrville, could still have their head in the sand as to Matt's guilt.

Thanks for sharing the Sadie post. I cry, too. I did not know Kari, but I feel certain she will not rest in peace until her babies are out of there and safely with her mom and dad where they should have been all along.

Think about it. The only reason they have been where they are is because their dad ran away from the danger of getting nailed for killing their mother, and because he managed to get away with murder for several years.

I agree that the show did a good job of pulling it all together. Linda Dulin is amazing. From the comments on those sites, you can tell that her spirit and Kari's spirit have touched many hearts. Mine is one of them.

A_News_Junkie said...

I have mixed feelings about last nights 'show. In many ways, it was 'news entertainment' and played up to the 'sex sells' part of the case as the compelling evidence. But having followed the case, I was disappointed that the evidence of the computer searches, the lividity, and all the other evidence wasn't covered.
However, it goes to show that just that part of the case alone was enough for a conviction!
Oddly, once again mattieboy talks and par for the course if his lips are moving he is lying. He really comes off as delusional saying that LE threatened VB into her testimony. That they gave her just enough info to fabricate her story? I didn't know if to laugh or cry at the absurdness of that statement. When he said something to the effect of her being charged as an accessory -- I was like, whoaaaaaa you just blew it dude. If there was no crime, how can there be an accessory to suicide?
I was almost even tickled pink when he went off on how LE 'tricked' her -- and how that was wrong. Well, maybe he didn't get the memo, but that is legal for LE to "trick" you into a confession. Not to mention, if there is nothing to confess - it won't work! It doesn't make sense that VB would make up and lie for LE and ruin her life. But, my giggling at his absurdness of the tricked comment was short lived, when the irony of somber reality is the person who was "tricked" was Kari. :-(( Matt used the best of Kari as his weapon against her - he used her ability to trust and to love and to never give up to pull his dastardly deed. That is lower to the ground than a snakes belly. I have had that done to me and I thank God that I saw it before I was destroyed.
I can't wait for the day the girls are home in the environment of love and strength and just awe inspiring spirit that Linda and Jim have shown the world. I don't think Linda has any idea how many hearts she has touched and made better for it.
One more note:The VB video below that was the reason for Sadie's wonderful post - when I watched that, all I could see was the memory of how I fell head over heals for Jim without him ever saying a word during the trial. I remembering watching it on the stream and being so taken by the spirit of love and protection Jim showed without ever having spoken a word. One of the greatest comforts I had watching the trial was seeing Jim wrap that arm around Linda as if to let her know she was safe. His spirit shone through, without ever saying a word. I know two little girls who could use those gentle loving arms around them - Kensi and Grace.

Anonymous said...

" Praying for Justice said...
Excellent comment, "Anonymous!" Except, it's hard to believe that that any person, even in Kerrville, could still have their head in the sand as to Matt's guilt. "

I live in Kerrville and can tell you that there are people who do still believe Matt. I know them, have argued this with them, and go to church with them. Unfortunately, many of them had not spent time with Matt since Kari's death, and still see him as the young man they knew when he was in youth group. I only knew him after her death. I have based my opinion only on court documents I could read, and I believe he is guilty. But, as I said, there are those in Kerrville who do not.

Elizabeth said...

Bless you for standing for truth. I am beyond shocked that anyone still thinks that Matt is innocent ~ especially Christians.

In an interview, Matt says, “The people who believe in me still believe in me and think the system is wrong.” And therein lies the problem. "Another Kerrville Voice" posted a comment on May 10th that very eloquently spoke to that issue. I wish that the church members who believe in "Matt" could read it.

@scottayres said...

I often wonder what sort of sexual abuse Matt endured as a child. From what I have read anywhere from 20-40 foster kids came through their house when he was growing up.

Obviously he was abused by someone and learned this behaviour. The patterns throughout his life prove that.

Not making an excuse for the douche bag, but at some point he got abused, got overlooked and then it became part of him.

And I'll still never understand why no charges were ever brought against him in all these instances that he came on to kids, co workers and etc. This stuff shouldn't be swept under the rug..

I worked at the camp at FBC Waco many years after Matt did? But, there was a special rule in place that no counselor could be left alone with a camper no matter what. It was always told to us that this rule was in place because of some things that happened with a counselor some years before. Someone who worked at the camp for a long time told me that a male counselor had gotten caught in the roller skate closet alone with a girl touching her and the same counselor had come on to a janitor. I never knew it was Matt until all this happened...

I went to school with Kari growing up and when she and Matt moved to the Waco area I ran into Matt a few times and was always creeped out by him. His spirit did something to mine that made me always want to vomit when he left.. I could see the evil in his eyes, eventhough he was a pastor.. His church and mine did some things together and went to youth and children's camp together.. I feel that most of that is tainted now because of him.. We were all so blind..

I hope he rots in jail.. I know his punishment is coming eternally some day..

I so hope the Dulins are able to free those girls. Otherwise I'm afraid they will become as twisted and messed up as their dad..

Sadie said...


My heart cries for how this monster has victimized so many, many people we will never hear from. This is one reason why it was so very important that he be held accountable for his most heinous crime -- the murder of Kari. I am glad you decided to speak here about how his sick and criminal behavior affected you.

As for your theory about Matt becoming twisted through some kind of early abusive experience -- it amazed me to read that, because I have always believed the same. When I first heard about this case a couple of years ago, as soon as I read about the foster kids, I immediately felt that there was some kind of incident or situation involving Matt and one/some of them which could certainly have begun to contaminate and possess his spirit, ultimately rendering him into the insidious monster he became.

We may never know the extent of the pain he has caused, nor will we ever be able to count the number of people whose lives have been harmed or destroyed by this man. I, for one, have made no secret of the fact that I believe Matt caused the death of precious baby Kassidy as well. But perhaps that will come to light and be addressed at some time in the future, as God wills it.

For now, my great concern is for the two beautiful children who can still be saved. I pray that they will be, and soon. Heavenly Father, hear our prayer! Bring these little ones out of their dark prison and into the arms of love and healing.

Thank you for writing about how this has affected you, Scott. You have my sympathy. Don't feel bad about being "blind." It is hard for good people with good hearts to fathom the evil that exists in this world, even when it is as close as an arm's length away. But the evil only causes hurt; it never, ever wins in the end. Let's not forget the victorious truth:

Love Trumps Evil!

(Deus Caritas Est)