Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Kari's Law" in the news again!

JAN AND TOM PURDY: Couple pushes for autopsy law
San Angelo Standard Times

"An illuminating article in the Feb. 7 Waco Tribune-Herald revealed that in the first year a justice of the peace receives only six hours of training in determining deaths. With all the other duties of a justice of the peace — performing marriages, issuing warrants, setting bail, conducting criminal and civil trials — it seems that determining death is one duty that should be void of discretion and ultimately up to a medical professional.

Since causes of death are not always obvious, especially when criminals go to great lengths to deceive law enforcement officers, 'Kari’s Law' would require either a full or partial autopsy in cases where a person dies as a result of suicide.

Texas does not need to experience another State v. Baker, and Texas families should not have to request a formal inquest hearing to find the truth." (read more)
I'm sorry. It seems my links to the letters you can write for Kari's Law up on the top right column are broken. I think I need to re-load the letters to GoogleDocs. Will do so and let you know when they are ready again. Passing "Kari's Law" would save sooooooo many families the years of angst and injustice that Kari's family had to endure. This is something worth printing and signing a letter for. Justice for Kari can equal justice for so many others!

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Sadie said...

Very well-written article.

I believe that the publicity garnered by Kari's story has already increased awareness of preachers who are wolves in sheep's clothing, sociopaths who pose as normal family members, women in danger who might pay closer attention to those suspicions that they don't want to believe, and investigative mistakes that most coroners and law enforcement officers will be keen to avoid.

Good can come from evil.

If this law is passed, Kari's death will have resulted in yet another positive effect. She will have helped to put a safeguard in place, not only to detect murderers who attempt to stage their crimes as fake suicides, but also will likely DETER many such attempts, because of the anticipated scrutiny that could catch the killer red-handed.

If only Matt had not gotten away with murder for four years! If only an autopsy had been performed at the time of Kari's death, and the crime scene had been properly preserved and investigated! The girls' and the Dulins' lives would be oh so different right now. So much heartache and damage could have been avoided.

I do pray for this law to pass. God bless the Purdys and their admirable efforts to make that happen.