Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seriously??!?!?! [EDIT]

I have received an email that touched my heart. And I will respond to that person privately. I do not want to cause grief to "innocent" parties. There is something strange going on with all this and until I know more of the particulars, I will try to protect the "innocent." For that reason (and that reason alone), I am removing my earlier post. I do not want to cause this third person harm or embarrassment.

I corrected my statement from saying the third person was the one who put this brochure together. That was my error in the post and it was an innocent one. According to the email I received, she was not involved at all. I still find that bothersome and the whole thing seems rather dubious. I'm not the only one. The Kerrville people I have heard from are bothered by the whole thing as well. I will post something about that in a little bit. I'm trying to hold out judgement as best I can. I just never imagined a Co-Chair printed on the back of the brochure would have nothing to do with it.

All that said, I removed the earlier post and am replacing it with this one. I did this strictly as an act of kindness. NOT because of a threat. I corrected my innocent error. The rest of what I said is just documented fact. But I will still err on the side of over-kindness on this matter.

I do still urge the Founder to answer questions posed to him in some of the comments here so maybe the world can understand his motives and desires in this matter. I mean, why not? Help us understand.


Founder of Friends of Kensi and Grace said...


You are way off base and terribly wrong in making this post. You do not have your facts correct and jumped to a conclusion that is totally inaccurate. I think you have stepped close to slander with your comments and by providing the link to the Waco-Trib information where this persons name can easily be located.

This person DID NOT have ANYTHING to do with putting this fundraising campaign together, the contents of the brochure or mailing. I am solely responsible for initiating the effort. My name does not appear anywhere on the brochure. This may come as a surprise but I'm a male.

I respectfully request you take down this post and make an apology to the person referred to in the Trib blog.

If you will send me your telephone number via email to I will be happy to call you sometime this weekend.

News said...

There is no excuse to Purposely avoid the evidence and support a killer. That my friends is BLIND faith – Blind faith is never good. A murderer and his parents have used your blind faith to get money and convince you that two innocent little girls belong in a family where lies are being heaped upon them. I truly feel for the people who are stuck in this hold - I HATE that they have been used like this. I hate that someone has taken their power from them, using their kindness and trusting spirit as the weapon of choice. It is clear these are good people at the core, but whom have been sucked in and I will pray for them to see this and begin to heal and take their power back from the effects of this dark manipulation.

Shannon said...

To Founder,
I am simply trying to understand more fully how/why/who supports any cause this important so blindly....without even wanting to know the evidence (her own words). And no matter how you cut it, supporting something or someone so wholeheartedly while intentionally avoiding the facts and evidence is a perfect definition of blind support. I'm not stretching or deducing or stating an opinion on that. It's just what it is.
I am very concerned that people do not think not look at not even WANT to look at evidence.....and then draw the conclusion emotionally that two little girls belong with the family whose son murdered their Mother and still continue to claim he is falsely imprisoned. I KNOW these supporters are good people with good hearts and mean the very best! I do. But they are misguided and wrong if they believe in Matt's innocence and think that the girls are in a healthy environment. Even some of their own friends and churchmates don't understand their support for Matt. Come on now. This all wouldn't matter so much but two little girls lives hang in the balance. This is worth discussing, dissecting and fighting for. This is what Justice for Kari is all about.

I am not way off base as this person's name is displayed on the flyer. This person's name was in the WacoTrib with their statements because that person gave her name and her statement to the reporter. These comments and thoughts of hers are not private or meant to be kept under lock and key. They were given to a reporter to report. Linking a public news story where someone gave their name and their comments to a reporter to report is not slander. If it were, the entire blogosphere would be shut down. I was being kind when I didn't put her name on my blog for her to be forever Google-tied to these statements. Some day she may regret those statements. But the statements are very important and indicative of some of Matt's supporters. I wasn't being mean. I was being kind. And because of your request and just me being more kind, I have taken out the link (which I only put on there because when you quote a published source, you are supposed to, not because I wanted people to go find her name) and omitted some other identifying information. Respectfully, I don't know why this person's name is one of the three names on the flyer if they DID NOT have ANYTHING to do with it. That's very odd. Misprint?

Founder, you may not be this same person. But then again, you might be. That's fine. I'm sorry if I combined you two people into one if you're not. I would consider talking to you on the phone. Why don't you email me and give me your number and identify yourself. After all, you know who I am. It's only fair that I know who I am calling.

Founder of Friends of Kensi and Grace said...


You are missing the point about why you need to remove this entire post.

You stated, "But this is the person that put this brochure fundraising campaign together..."

That statement is totally inaccurate and your tying a falsehood to an interview given to the Waco-Trib is not an honorable thing to do. I again request you take down this post. You made a nice gesture by removing the Waco-Trib link but your false accusation is still in the post as is the edited version of the interview. Both need to be removed.

My offer stands for ME to call YOU. I have no problem identifying myself over the phone. I can also explain to you why this persons name is in the brochure. Misprint? - no. However,this person DID NOT have ANYTHING to do with the brochure as I can explain in a private conversation.

Anonymous said...

To Founder,
I was a recipient of the brochure from Friends of Kensi and Grace Baker Fund. Thus, I think I have a right to get answers to a few questions: 1. What is the relationship between what you initiated and the Fund? 2. You indicated that one of the co-chairs of the Fund did not have input in the production and mailing of the brochure. Did the other two have input? And if no, why not? 3. Why doesn’t your name appear in the brochure since you are the founder? I’m not a lawyer, but I wonder if that is consistent with postal regulations concerning solicitation of funds via US mail?

Elizabeth said...

Well meaning or not, Christians are accountable for their actions and will be judged for them. Blind loyalty is no excuse. The person who organized the fund raiser was kindly asked some questions that they have ignored. I conclude that they have no other reason for supporting Matt Baker. Otherwise, they would gladly enlighten us all.

Proverbs 10:13 On the lips of the discerning, wisdom is found, but a rod is for the back of him who lacks understanding.

Shannon said...

In response to Mr. Founder:
I don't want to misrepresent anyone. I apologize if I did. Therefore, I changed the wording on my comment to coincide with what was stated exactly on the flyer that was distributed to community people in Kerrville. Part 1: This person is named as a Co-Chair of the “Friends of Kensi and Grace Baker Fund.” There you go. It doesn’t change the heart of the issue I have. This person admitted she didn’t know the facts of the case. This person said in an interview with the a reporter for the Waco Tribune Herald that she stayed away “from knowing the evidence on purpose. YET, without knowing the evidence she determined Matt was innocent and should have the right to grieve the loss of his wife (still from her interview. Her words. Not mine.). Part 2: This same person is the Co-chair in a fund raising campaign to raise money for the Bakers in support of keeping Kensi and Grace with the family whose son murdered their mother. Please don’t talk to me about slander. I am only reporting, in the name of justice, what this person said and supports. Are you telling me that you added her name to this flyer as a Co-Chair without her knowledge or approval? If so, it is you, my friend, who may have the problem.

 I feel an urgency to speak out and fight on behalf of victims like Kensi and Grace. NO. Especially Kensi and Grace. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and on behalf of Kari, Linda (two incredible mothers), and all of us who know how much Kari loved her daughters and would want them to be with her family…...know this…..WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

If I am incorrect on any facts, I will change them. But if I am speaking the truth......whether it makes you angry or not.......IT STAYS!
Also: I was acting in accordance with the quoting and linking mandates from the If I quote, I have to link. So I go back to my original and stand by it. I'm not posting her name here. But I will not hide for her.

Again, you can't come here and demand I do this and that and demand that I be the one to give you my cell number when you won't even share your identity, your email or YOUR phone number. Why would I trust you? If you would like to discuss this, please do so in an email to me. I cannot fathom a resistance to discussing this via email.

Sadie said...


Thank you for uncovering this travesty. I do not trust myself to say what is in my mind and in my heart after reading your blog post and the subsequent comments between "Founder" and you.

This latest move on the part of the Bakerites has angered me to tears on behalf of Kari's poor daughters, and sickened me like you would not believe. I will wait until I am able to compose a more rational response before addressing what I see happening here.

But for the moment, I'd like to say, with heartfelt tears and admiration, that you are truly a hero for JUSTICE.

I know I am not alone when I send you my prayers of support, and urge you to continue to sing out with your clear voice on behalf of the truth.

Your integrity and your courage have been on display from the beginning, and are compelling and inspiring. Our hearts are with yours, and we are praying, along with you, for the healing and the future of these girls.

Thank you, Shannon. For all you do.

P.S. I agree with "News:" I'd like to hear an explanation of where "Founder" got the pictures of the girls and the other children "he" used in this flyer, and the authorization to use the photos for the purpose of soliciting money for the Bakers. Who approved this?

Friend of Kari's said...


I was really hoping you wold address some of the questions I asked of you in my comment on hearing From Kerrville, Tuesday, May 4, 2010 and again on e-mail from Kerrville. I really would like to read what you have to say to try to understand how you can take this stand. Thanks!


JMM said...

Dear Friend of Kari's,
Don't hold your breath. They never answer the tough questions. I wonder why. If you are right, you are right and it's not hard to explain.

Founder of Friends of Kensi and Grace said...

I'm leaving on a combo business/pleasure trip and will answer some of the questions when I return. Thank you for your patience.

News said...

I stand by what I have posted previously. I truly worry about the supporters that I have been exposed to - all via TV broadcasts, the trial and the comment boards. It is worrisome to me the blind faith and level of justification when the facts seem clear to everyone I know who knows about this case. To say they purposely didn't learn of the details and remain supportive is perplexing at best. On the stand a witness said that she felt it was possible for a good father to kill his mother. Another witness for MB justified that all men look at porn. Collectively these statements show a disturbing pattern, IMHO and I truly hurt for all the people being blinded from seeing just how they have been used and abused and as long as they continue to support lies being told to the girls and this persecution mentality they remain under his control - mentally. Sad, very sad.

JMM said...

It is just like I thought. The founder can't or won't answer the tough questions posed to him/her. And we all know why. I wish it was because he/she had come to his/her senses and was hoping to distance themselves from the whole thing. But I think he/she just prefers to stick their head back in the sand of "don't ask, don't tell" of the Baker camp.

Friend of Kari's said...

Founder that must be one heck of a business trip! Still waiting.

Sadie said...

"Founder" must have gone to the moon. Or somewhere else where there is no internet service.


(Not holding my breath, though.)