Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baker's request to replace appellate attorney denied

Baker's request to replace appellate attorney denied
Tommy Witherspoon

My favorite quote from Tommy's article:

Stan Schwieger:
“At all times, I have acted in the best interest of Mr. Baker, and Judge Strother has acted in an impartial manner and ruled upon the merits of the issues as he felt they should be held. There is no conspiracy, there was no conspiracy. That is a fantasy.” (read more)


Anonymous said...

Is this insanity with Baker never going to end? This so-called "man" is not only a sociopath and narcissist, he's also delusional.

Matt Baker murdered Kari and thought he'd gotten away with it; but justice prevailed. He was found guilty of murder. Nothing he can say or do will ever erase that fact.

If nothing else, Baker's pathetic appeals show how sick and deranged he truly is.

Go away, Matt.

Just. Go. Away.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Matt should wave his right to a lawyer and represent himself. He seems to be the only one who believes his nonsense anyway!

Great job Shannon! Keep it up!