Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And again.......

Matt Baker sends letter to appellate attorney saying he wants to serve as own counsel
Erin Quinn

"After Matt Baker’s request last week to replace his court-appointed appellate attorney was rejected, the former Baptist minister and convicted murderer sent the lawyer a letter saying he wants to serve as his own legal counsel.

"I guess I didn’t make it clear enough at the hearing,' Baker’s letter to Stan Schwieger reads. 'I am firing you as my attorney. . . . I will represent myself, Pro Se.'

The law does not allow for Baker to represent himself during the appellate phase, Schwieger said." (read more)

I think I find myself rather speechless. But the last line I quoted from the article kinda says it all. Shouldn't one kinda, sorta know basic law before they represent themselves? He doesn't even know he can't represent himself in the appellate phase, but he thinks he's the best authority on the matter? Is this more advice from his "brilliant" consultant?


"NEWS" said...

Something sounds "Fish-ery" to me!!!!!!!!!!!! What a debacle!

Carole said...

Immediately this came to mind--"a man who represents himself will have a fool for a client."

SG said...

OH MY! Didn't he hear Judge Strother when he point blank told him in court that as an indigent, convicted felon he does not have the right to fire his court appointed attorney?
OH just let him try to represent himself! He won't be able to even file the appeal. But just as well. That whole appeal thing was a just waste of tax payer money and our civil servants time. The end result will not change no matter who represents him. Matt Baker has nothing but time, so let him figure it all out for himself.

Are we sure this guy really graduated from Baylor and Truett Seminary?

SG said...

Not to be a comment hog but... Now what does Schwieger do? Baker didn't hire him so he can't fire him. Does Schwieger keep representing Baker until Judge Stroter releases him? But didn't the judge say he wouldn't release him? I am confused. What does all this mean for the appeal?

Ohio AnonyMoose said...

So...Mattie-boy wants to represent himself, does he?

hahahahahaha,gasp,snort,hahahahaha, choke,snort,gasp,wheeze,hahahahahaha
(OMG, catching my breath)hahahahahaha