Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trial on "In Session" (TruTV)

I'm sorry I haven't posted this before now. TruTV's "In Session" show is airing the trial. It was on last Wednesday, Friday and all this week so far. I believe they are on about Day 4 of the actual trial and Vanessa Bulls' testimony should be up shortly.

As far as I know, these are the channels for TruTV:
Dish Network 204
Direct TV 246
Grande 55
Time Warner 75

If you want to discuss the trial or the experts and commentators, please feel free to leave comments here.


Annie said...

I hear the comments about the 'sudden" death of the child, Kassidy. Has anyone suggested that Matt Baker was involved in the death of Kassidy?

"News" said...

Just had to share this with you all!!!!!!!!!!!
"Science doesn't lie, but matt baker does. And how do you know that matt baker is lying -- his lips are moving!" Holly Hughes - Attorney

SG said...

Love that quote News! Glad to see you back up DEGMS!

I'm encouraged by all that happened in court today. :) I am glad Strother is really looking at this the way he is.