Thursday, March 11, 2010

He Just Can't Help It ! or ?

Baker disciplined for "obscene sexual hand gestures" while jailed
Tommy Witherspoon

Former minister Matt Baker was disciplined last month at the McLennan County Jail for “making obscene sexual hand gestures” toward two female jail inmates, according to jail records. The disciplinary action came 12 days after Baker was convicted of killing his wife."

"Two female inmates alerted jailers that Baker made what the reports describe as an “obscene sexual hand gesture” toward them both as they walked down the hallway for dental appointments Feb. 2.

The report cites Baker for disorderly conduct, making sexual advances and creating a disruption." (read more)

I don't know if Matt is so sick that he just can't help it or if he thinks he's "so hot" that women ANYWHERE will fall at his rubber-flip-flopped feet if only he'll toss them a "ministerial" obscene sexual hand gesture or what. What's clear is he continues to be a sexually perverted and troubled "man" and is exactly where he belongs. Hopefully the County Jail can protect its women (inmates, staff and jailers) while he's still here. And I'm sure whatever State Prison he goes to will keep him in line just fine.


courtney said...

i'm so sad that the kids not only are missing out on their incredible mom, but will have to grow up and learn what a sicko their dad is. fortunately, they are surrounded by family that loves them, and as we all know--love trumps evil!

Sadie said...

Matt Baker is a sicko sociopath. He will not change. Sociopaths don't get better. His sick, offensive behavior caused a disruption, and was investigated ~ who knows, perhaps they caught him red-handed via security camera records? Officials would not have taken this action solely on the word of the female prisoners, nor would Baker have suicidally waived a hearing on the matter without solid proof. The stakes are much too high for him; he has too much to lose. The fact that he did not fight this speaks volumes.

I wish we could read the report ourselves! (Yes, I am nosy.) I wonder whether it is available to the public?

What a disgusting and dangerous man. Thank God he is no longer around the girls. I will be glad when he is no longer allowed to keep his evil hooks in them via telephone.

It is pitiful to see Baker's desperate supporter/s squirming out there on the Trib's comment section, trying vainly to shoot down this very damaging story. The truth is hard to refute, though. They only succeed in displaying their own pathetic desperation and their impotent malice.

I have news for them: He is pure evil, and he's going to stay that way.

Oh, and as Courtney pointed out above, I believe we all remember what a certain wise woman said once regarding evil, don't we?

:D I know I do. >>> ~ L.T.E!~


Sadie said...

Here is a new Trib link to that story, Shannon. The one you posted quit working. As of this moment, this one is still working:


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sadie. I updated the links with your new URL. The Trib has had so much trouble with broken links and such since they made their site changes. Weird. Anyway, THANKS for letting me know the link was broken. ;)