Saturday, December 19, 2009

Justice in 2010

Mark your calendars for justice to finally arrive mid-January 2010. Jury selection starts January 12 with the trial following. Less than a month away now. We have all waited long enough. And it is time. We've waited long enough for this justice and to hold Matt Baker responsible for taking my son's teacher, Jim and Linda's daughter, Adam's sister....but most importantly Kensi and Grace's Mother.

Once all the evidence is laid out there for everyone to see, it will all be so clear....beyond a reasonable doubt....that Matt Baker must spend the rest of his life in prison for his crime.

Did he really think he would get away with murder? That good people would walk away and JUST FORGET? Kari was loved and WE fight for those we love....and they don't even have to be our own blood. This profound sense of justice and love may not be something someone like Matt Baker would understand. It's powerful stuff.



Linda said...

Thank you, Shannon, for being there with us through this entire LONG but very necessary journey. I believe with everything in me that there will be justice. I KNOW the truth. What I know frightens me for Kensi and Grace. Jim and I only want them to be safe.

Have a blessed holiday season.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, you are such a sick and vicious person. Couldn't you at least wait until after we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior before spewing forth your venom?
Shame on you.

Shannon said...

I am not sick or vicious. I am simply in this fight for justice. I couldn't say or write anything to please you because you are either Matt or one of his supporters. Take this special week off from reading this blog so you don't upset yourself reading about plans for near-future justice.

And for the record, I celebrate the birth, death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior every day. I don't minimize what He did for us to three days on a calendar. The date of Christmas has no bearing on whether I long for justice....long for wrongs to be righted. I meant to update on the blog when it was about a month before trial and yesterday was the first time I had a moment to sit and do so. No bearing or time significance to Christmas.

May you find peace in your soul soon. It's a really good feeling.

Anonymous said...

"May you find peace in your soul soon. It's a really good feeling."

May I suggest you look in a mirror?
I'm not Matt Baker but do believe he is innocent. Blind justice will not convict a person based on the self-inflicted torment and grief of a family who has lost a daughter they love.

I hope you find peace in your soul when the Not Guilty verdict is rendered.

Lindsey said...

Shannon -

You have been amazing throughout this terrible tragedy our family has had to go through. We have never given up and continue to fight. Kari is missed so much each and every day and that will never go away. I sat in front of her house the other night as we were looking at Christmas lights and her house was beautifully lit up and just reminded me of every reason we loved her so much! As I get closer and closer to finishing school, I think of Kari and her motivation and belief that I would be a great teacher. I only wish she were here to watch me walk across the stage. But I know she is always watching over me! I look forward to this fight for Kari, Kensi and Grace.


Shannon said...

I can look in the mirror. I am at total peace with my actions and words here.
And I'm not worried about peace with the outcome of this case. You are aware of the evidence they have against him, aren't you? And I'm sure there'a a lot more the DA's office has come up with in their investigations in the last 10 months that hasn't been made public yet.
Anyway, I'm not going to argue with you here. We'll let the facts speak for themselves in the courtroom. And once again, this is a criminal case prosecuted and tried by the McLennan County District Attorney's office. This is not a Dulin-driven trial. There is a big differene in criminal litigation and civil. The DA didn't run to arrest Matt Baker due to the Dulin's grief. He did so when the overwhelming evidence was presented to his office.

Anonymous said...

Well said...Shannon. Anonymous...why do you keep coming to this blog if it makes you so angry...seems like you have something to hide.

I think everyone on this site knows there will be justice in 2010.

Please keep posting Shannon. It means so much!

Love ya Linda, Jim, Adam and all of Kari's family. I pray for the day you will be reunited with Kensey and Grace. All my love!!