Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"If something happens, check out my husband...."

I received an email from someone else whose life was tragically touched by a possible Eraser Killer. With permission, I am sharing that with you here.

I just wanted to tell you what an impact that Kari’s case has made on me. You see, my own Mother was supposedly found pulseless, with blue lips, and cold in early March of 2008 by her then husband. As the twisted story unraveled, it became more and more clear that he had done something to our Mother. We believe he suffocated her as well, after shoving pills in her mouth to make it look like she had overdosed or something.

These men out there, that have such disregard for life, that they feel they must kill in order to be less burdened or feel they are going to lose there belonging because of a divorce they would rather commit such terrible acts, just make me sick. In my Mother’s case, the ambulance was called almost 45 minutes after he said he found her and only when her best friend came over to drive her to her Dr. Appt she had. The paramedics worked on her all the way to the hospital, then the hospital worked on her for well over an hour, finally regaining a pulse, but it was to late because she was brain dead due to lack of oxygen. My Mother was 2 days before turning 61.

My mother's case is an open investigation that seems to just drag on. We are trying to get Mama exhumed, but the case is just dragging. I have had to hire a team of private investigators, including a forensics death nurse to assist in the investigation because of the slow pace of the sheriff’s office.

I just want you and Kari’s family to know that there are more of these “Eraser” killers out there than you know and I pray that you get the justice for Kari that you deserve. I know what a relief this will be for you, when he is convicted. I too, await that day when my monster step father pays for what he did to my Mother. He remarried another woman 5 weeks after my Mother was buried, and her name is the same name as my Mama, and she is the same age as well as body build. These men are truly evil and the thing about it is he thinks he has gotten away with this. Just like I am sure Matt felt until he was finally arrested. And "his" timeline of
events is as way off on his version of the "truth" as Matt's is.

Kari’s case is so similar to my mother’s that it put chills on me when I watched it. I know the pain you all carry day to day, because I share the same pain.

I emailed her back thanking her for her email and to let her know I'd add her to my prayers. I also asked if I might share her story on the blog. The following is a portion of her response:

Thank you so much for your kind response. All prayers are certainly needed and most certainly deeply appreciated.

We did not do an autopsy at the time of my Mother’s death. “He” had told me and my siblings he had feared she had “overdosed” due to pills coming out of her mouth when he arrived home. I wanted to have the autopsy done, but my siblings just could not bear it, especially thinking that Mama could have overdosed accidentally or utherwise. So for sake of not fighting at the hospital, it was not done.

I turned over all of my Mother’s medical reports from the ambulance, hospitals and her regular Dr.’s to the forensics death nurse who is also a licensed private investigator. She went through each report and evaluated her findings. She also is the one that introduced me to “Eraser” killers and felt “HE” met the profile. She has assisted many different agencies as an expert witness. I felt she was truly needed, as I had to show the sheriff’s office that we believed foul play was involved and that it was not just a stroke , natural causes or any other excuse they could find. I have found her knowledge and expertise in this field, crucial to my Mama’s case.

Shannon, I am honored that you offered to put my email on your blog. Please, Please do so. I believe the more it is put out there, that these monsters exists amongst us, the more educated people can become. My Mama also told her best friend around a month before her death “if anything happens to me look into “HIM.” Just like Kari.

I just ask that you do not use my name or Mama’s name at this time. Also, my private investigators wanted me to let you know how we “all” had watched the re-airing of Kari’s story coincidentally at the same time and how it effected all of us. We “all” just could not believe the similarities, almost as if “HE” had taken notes from Matt.

You have no idea the pains I have been through to get the authorities to listen to me and look into that monster that was married to my Mother. My Mother would still be here today if it were not for “HIM”, just as I am convinced Kari would be still here as well. That is what is so tragic. So full of life and love for their families only to have the life snuffed out of them by a bold faced, lying, manipulative, coward who could only see the importance of their on life and no one else’s.

May God bless Kari's family with the justice deserved as you all approach the trial, and I will be praying for her family, as well as continuing my own quest for justice for my sweet Mother.

For more information on Eraser Killers, please re-visit my post Eraser Killers - Men Who Make Women Disappear. Also, check into Marilee Strong's book, "Erased: Missing Women, Murdered Wives."

And don't miss the article on lemondrop.com discussing Strong's book. In the photo gallery, you'll find Matt Baker listed in the company of Scott Peterson, Mark Hacking, Ira Einhorn, Tim Boczkowski, Barton Corbin and Drew Peterson. The experts see this so clearly.


Geo said...

Yes. That is an appropriate list for Baker to be a part of. Doesn't take a rocket scientist.

Suzie said...

I am so sorry about your mother. Don't give up. I am sure it has been hard for you, as it has been for the Dulin family. Stay persistent and strong. Keep the faith. These eraser killers can't be left to roam free on the streets.

Matt Baker's day is coming. His freedom is coming to an end. Enjoy your last Christmas as a free man, matty boy.

Anonymous said...

it does sound like suzie knows this "matty boy"?? Maybe very close to him? Could this name be just an "alias"?

suzie said...

hey anon from 9/24 at 11:43--
OF COURSE, SUZIE IS AN ALIAS! Is anonymous your name? Your point??? Are you the same person who makes these same comments on every blog site when people write negative things about "matty"? If so, prepare to get cramps in your fingers from typing so much. I bet that was you who went after Washington State and said the same thing about her/his comments posted under one of the local news stations when the trial was delayed. I laughed at that because Washington State has been posting comments since the beginning of this case.

Are you suggesting that I may be one of Kari's family members? They sign their names. I cringe at your suggestion that I might be "closer" to matty. The closest I will be to him will be at the trial. I want to see him convicted.

Come on. Tell me who you are and I'll tell you who I am. Yep, that's what I thought.

Linda said...

You are so right, Suzie. Kari's family members sign their names. Thank you for setting that anon straight.
Kari's mom

Frankie said...

Hey, Suzie, is this the comment that you were talking about in reference ot Washing State? I found this under the KWTX link after i read your comment.
Posted by: by Texas State Location: Texas on Sep 4, 2009 at 02:06 PM

to Washington State: how can someone from that far away from the facts be able to lable someone as a sociopath? What are you basing that on? I don't guess I understand your "hint" at the possibility that he smothered someone else. If you have such facts why have you not showed your hand? As we would say here in Texas "Put up or shut up". My guess you are not really from Washington State, and that you really know this situation much more than you want to sound like you know it. hmmmmmm the clock is ticking .... tick tock

LOL. I am with you. I bet the anon here and this person on Shannon's blog are one and the same.

I have to agree on one point. The clock is ticking. Enjoy this holiday season Mr. Baker. It will be your last as a free man.


Anonymous said...

So there isn't really a "Suzie"? How many other alias does one person have? IF "Suzie" can be an alias, can Anon NOT be an alias? Double standard? So, is "Washington State" an alias? One must wonder if "Linda" could even be one? hmmmmmm Does one person ever know another person, especially if everyone is hiding behind alias?

Shannon said...

Anonymous from 8:25,
Hiding behind an "alias" isn't as effective as one would think. I know Linda's IP address. I know Washington State's IP address. And I know your IP address. Not huge mysteries.

Suzie said...

Hey anon from September 25, 2009 8:25 AM--
You asked if Washington state was an anon. I am sure it isn't; I bet that is the name on her/his birth certificate. If you are going to try and play with the big boys and girls (intellectually), you are going to have to be a little sharper on your toes. LOL

I bet you are Matt. I know you from the years you terrorized people in Waco. I knew you from the Y. You were never bright. You would make what you thought were funny remarks and when you left, we would laugh at you. We also would ask each other what Kari saw in you. Pity maybe?

Suzie (yep, an alias).

ks said...

I was really hoping this would be the week that Matt Baker was held accountable for killing my friend Kari. Do you think he feels this overwhelming sense of relief to be given this short reprieve? That is all it is: A short reprieve.

Washington State said...

To Anonymous Sept. 25 8:25
Spoken like a true sociopath my Dear!

"hmmmmm. Does one person ever know another person,especially if everyone is hiding behind (an)alias?"

It's me, Washington State!I noticed that I hit a nerve with you when I responded on the KWTX link.

Thanks for playing right into my hands....

Now to further enlighten you....Here is another characteristics of sociopaths.

WHEN CHALLENGED, THEY WILL RESPOND. After all,they are so much smarter than anyone else! They also thrive on challenging others. WHY? Because it gives them a sense of empowerment in their sick mind.They have to do it!

Go back (way back if you like) and read the post from Anonymous...I guarantee you they are challenging someone or something everytime!!

So, I guess Washington State knows more about sociopaths than you realized.

Washington State said...

Hey Suzie!
I agree with you. It is the same person."Matty-boy"
doesn't like it that we have him figured out. Afterall, HE IS SO SMART!! He challenges us because we hit on a truth about him that he thinks is still hidden. We expose his false sense of empowerment and he can't handle that. So,in his sick mind, he must regain his power. That is why he challenges us. He really believes that his stupid remarks allow him to regain his power. More than that, he gets an extra dose of empowerment when he uses words that were originally written by those in support of Kari.

Here's an example: When he responded to Washington State in the KWTX comment, he closed with "hmmmm the clock is ticking".

Notice,he closed with these words. Now, he has all his power back.(LOL) Poor little sociopath. It must be exhausting!

beth said...

You are so on target, Washington State. MB is a sociopath. And he has kari's daughters. This trial can't come too soon. Justice and safety for those precious babies.

I know that family and I miss kari more than I can express. She had this wonderful spirit. Matt was dull black and white next to her. Actually, he was almost invisible. kari was all these brilliant colors; she was an incredible woman. Someday her daughters will be able to love their mother again and be able to remember her lovingly.

There will be justice. Kari's spirit is too strong over all of this.


Anonymous said...

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