Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Those darned skeletons....

.....just won't stay in the closet.

Prosecutors subpoena Matt Baker's school records, preparing for murder trial
Tommy Witherspoon
"McLennan County prosecutors are seeking Matt Baker’s college and high school records pertaining to any criminal investigations, disciplinary actions and counseling sessions." (read more)


Anonymous said...

Read that. The reporter got something wrong. MB's mommy isn't a teacher. She just works for the school district.

Anonymous said...

The DA must be short of any substantive evidence if they are asking for high school records. I remember Matt Baker being a normal high school kid who mainly ran around with a group of friends from his church youth group. It will be a surprise if there are any skeletons found in the THS closet. Will the Baylor records show anything? No idea.

As another post mentions, Mrs. Baker is not a teacher. She has been a teachers aide for many years.

Shannon said...

On the contrary, I think it shows that the DA's office has the conviction evidence licked and is on to gathering evidence to present during the punishment phase where things like this can REALLY affect sentencing.

And evidence of sexual misconduct/assualt at Baylor has been made public and is in the Baylor files....among whatever else lurking that hasn't been made public.

suzie said...

to: May 20, 2009 1:10 PM
sociopaths are good pretenders. I am betting girls from high school have different stories to share about the ol' preacher.
I am with you, Shannon.

sadie said...

Hmm.. Interesting about this subpoena of school records. May go to motive, may go to impeaching his prior statements, may go to sentencing considerations... Yeah, the skeletons are rattling, alright!

You know, Matt sure could save everybody including himself a whole lot of time, trouble, tears, expense, and heartache if he would just tell the darn truth and plead guilty.

Just think, he could get started on his sentence of life without parole to pay for what he's done, and everyone else could get started on healing.


P.S. Thank you, Shannon, for doing such a wonderful job of keeping the public updated, and for everything you do in the quest for Justice for Kari. Hugs.