Friday, May 15, 2009

More attorney shuffling........

Gray is back in the Baker saddle.

Former Waco-area pastor changes attorney defending him in his wife's death
Tommy Witherspoon

"The former East Texas prosecutor who invited the media to come take their best shots at Matt Baker is back on the case." (read more)

I wonder if Ellison is ticked...or relieved.


Anonymous said...

Baker has probably increased his chances for acquittal exponentially with this change. Gray is a highly successful prosecutor and criminal defense attorney.

The big question is...will Gray stay with Baker once Vanessa's grand jury testimony is released? In another WacoTrib article, Gray stated he would consider representing Baker again "based on the evidence." Does he know what she told the GJ? This is an interesting development.

Anonymous said...

If he has any sense at all, he is at long last exhaling...with relief! Who, but one who seeks to be in the national spotlight, would WANT to defend Baker?? It will be a smelly job.

suzie said...

I'm betting relieved.

Peggy said...

I'm sure Ellison's conscious is relieved.

cliff said...

to anon at May 15, 2009 12:46 PM--
You must be reading Gray's own press. He was a DA in a small Texas town and had one big case, the James Byrd dragging case. That is it.

But the truth is still the truth. The best lawyer on the face of this earth won't keep him out of prison. His time as a free man is coming to an end.

bk said...

From the article

“I won’t defend a guy who won’t talk,” Gray said at the time. “If we ever get into the courthouse either civilly or criminally, he will be on the witness stand or get another lawyer.” Can't wait to see if Gray is aman of his

sadie said...

I do remember that, bk. Good point there. Wonder if Gray will indeed stand by his word on this one?

Put him on the stand? Really? Oh, right. We've all witnessed what a consummate prevaricator Mr. Baker is in his many media appearances and in that long Waco Trib interview he and Gray gave. The many different versions of Baker's statements and stories shouldn't be a problem, right? Especially since the whole country has seen how credible and sincere he seems every time he opens his mouth. ----- NOT!!

Seriously, if Gray were to put the guy on the stand to perjure himself, er, I mean testify in his own defense, past behavior pretty much guarantees his sworn testimony would be nothing but sociopathic mannerisms, blunders, obvious lies and blatant inconsistencies. As in self-incrimination.

Um... Gray?

Did you maybe paint yourself into a corner with this statement? Methinks Matt Baker most likely wouldn't be the best defense witness for Matt Baker...

(hmm.. future appeal on grounds of incompetent counsel much?)

But hey, stick to your word, Gray. Bring it! It would make the jury's job so much easier. Just imagine the field day the prosecution would have with Baker on cross examination! Oh yeah. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Slam dunk. Just sayin'!


It's coming.

sadie said...

I just went back and carefully read the entire Waco-Trib article you linked.

So, Gray is representing Matt in exchange for the publicity it will bring him ... er, I mean, for FREE, because Matt has no money.

And I noticed the comments from Ellison don't rule out the possibility that Ellison ditched Matt. What happened? Did Ellison panic after looking into the evidence and all of Matt's transparent lies? Grow a brain? A conscience? Or maybe it's just self-preservation; jumping off this quickly sinking ship.

Finally, Matt Baker is going down.

Too late for Gray to pull any tricks out of his sleeve to shore up his career and save a murderer.
It's looking like Baker will soon be history.

Too late for a gag order.
His lies have publicly proclaimed his guilt for some time now. They are out there for all the world to see.

Words cannot be unspoken.
And alas, a beautiful mother, daughter, friend and teacher cannot be un-murdered.

Even a free attorney with a penchant for publicity can't undo the damage. (A defense attorney with 25 years as a PROSECUTOR -- gotta love it.)

It is time for Matt Baker to finally face justice for his crimes and lies.

Justice for Kari, and God Bless her sweet daughters and family.