Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pictures from Today

I know the official date is April 8....but we all know it was actually Friday, the 7th. I went by this afternoon to drop off some flowers and say a prayer. On this 3rd anniversary, justice is finally just around the corner.

And one for sweet little Kassidy....


Linda said...

Oh, Shannon, thank you so much for being here....for loving Kari...for loving us through all of this. God has shown us His love through the people he has put in our lives. I am so grateful

Linda said...

The flowers still look gorgeous ( a day later). Jim and I went to the cemetary today to put flowers on Kari's and Kassidy's grave sites. I saw your sweet, sweet gifts of love. It makes me so sad that Kensi and Grace don't have their mom...Why?? I won't say more.