Monday, April 6, 2009

20/20 - Former Texas Pastor Matt Baker Indicted in Wife's 2006 Death

On their website, 20/20 has done an update on the case.
Former Texas Pastor Matt Baker Indicted in Wife's 2006 Death

One paragraph really bothers me. It is a quote from Matt's mother.
"Suicide is an answer to pain you can't get rid of," Barbara Baker said. "There was pain that Kari was undergoing that she either couldn't or didn't get the proper help for and that was not a bad answer for her."
Seriously? Am I reading that right? She is saying that suicide wasn't a bad answer for Kari?? No love lost there, I guess.


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It's surprising to hear anyone say suicide is an answer...but I guess turning the blame back on Kari is the only thing his mother can say when she's in denial that her son is an adulterer...liar...sociopath. I find it interesting that MB's "side" never addresses all of his little "misunderstandings" with the many women who have come forward about his behavior. If nothing else, it seems like his inappropriate conduct toward women is a consistent pattern. Did his family never know about these incidents before? Has his family considered the possibility that he's lied to them for years? If a man can lie to his family, he can lie to anyone.

sadie said...

Classic, isn't it? "Suicide was not a bad answer for her."

Blame the victim.

I saw that comment in the original 20/20 story last year, and just shook my head, thinking that the rotten apple must not fall far from the tree... she is talking about the beloved, loving mother of her grandchildren! Just appalling, IMO.

No, Ms. Baker, this tragedy happened because MATT "never got the proper help" --- not Kari.

The 20/20 Update was good. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Shannon. The comments at the link were interesting, too.


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Anonymous said...

She's Matt's mother. She'll believe his story, no matter how lame it is.

Anonymous said...

She didn't really know Kari did she? She didn't really have much to do with any of them before Kari's death. Bless her. She is in for a world of hurt. I can not imagine. But I bet she knows deep down. I pray the truth will somehow set everyone free. The truth will come out. It can not be hidden forever.