Thursday, May 15, 2008

Computer Issues

In an effort to try to do some explaining about the computer question raised in a comment under the 48 Hours post, an anonymous commentor C&P'd a portion of an interview published in the Waco Trib back in December of 2007. I won't post it all here because it's lengthy. I don't think this Q&A is still available on the site. But if you want to see what was sent to me, email me and I'll send it to you.

Anyway, I appreciate your time and effort and research on this. But I don't think the report on 48 Hours said the home computer mysteriously disappeared. The report said the hard drive on that one crashed. The computer from his work is the one that mysteriously disappeared. Now, if you can find an article or interview stating where THAT is, I'd love to see it. Authorities would love to see it.


Anonymous said...

Is this the article you are talking about?

Shannon said...

Yes, I think so. I have that link saved somewhere but I didn't think it worked anymore since the Trib usally pulls thier stories off in about 30 days or so. Thanks for bringing that back to my attention.

JMM said...

Oh, that's a great interview. Get out your yellow highlighter and start adding up the inconsistencies. You might need two highlighters. Compare that interview to others.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that was a great interview. But don't think you will need the highlighter unless you are pointing out how the Dulins were so quick to blame. Much quicker than they wanted 48Hrs to know about. But, their stories tend to change as the media asks them questions. Matt's answers stay the same that that really tends to irritate them.

Shannon said...

If you think Matt's answers stay the same, you are completely deluded. 20/20, Texas Monthly, newspaper articles and 48 Hours have all pointed out a LOT of inconsistencies and lies. And there are TONS they didn't have time to expose. You might want to read up a little more on this case.

I'm sorry if that sounded rude. But the statement is preposterous.

Anonymous said...

9:16, your ability to discern is either severely flawed or you are completely blinded by loyalty to Baker.

Stay away from the Kool Ade. You have lost all objectivity, and you simply don't make sense!

enough already said...

I think the kool-ade comments are a bit over the top. Your anger is making you look bad. Name calling and hate spewing does not accomplish anything.

I read that entire interview and almost laughed out loud at all the changes in his story. What in the world? I have no idea what the Da is waiting for. And I do not see how the good people of Kerrville are buying this!

Peggy said...

Anyone have the answer to Shannon's question about the computers? I'm very curious.

KSF said...

Perhaps the kool-aid comment was over the top. However, I am very bothered that there are people in Kerrville (yes, I truly believe these can only be kerrville people and probably someone who was in that little group on 48 Hours)who believe Matt without thinking for themselves. As one person said in the 48 Hours Interview: "Someone who is spirit filled coule not do something liek this."

Do these people truly think that evil never disguises itself as good? Look at all of the scandals in recent years regarding people who have said they were "men of God" but whose actions screamed otherwise. And such actions have gone on for centuries.

They should ask themselves:

Why do the people who knew Matt as an adult find it easy to believe he is capable of murder?

Why aren't people who were church members where he pastored throughout the years coming to his defense (quite the opposite...they are coming to kari's defense)?

Why do his stories change? (And they do. How can you hear him being busted on 20/20 and 48 Hours and pretend you don't hear the different versions).

Where are matt's friends from his adult life? His only friends are a few people from his years in Kerrville. They don't know the adult Matt.

Why is it that NO ONE, other than Matt, saw Kari as a depressed woman?

Why doesn't the forensic evidence support Matt's story? As much as the police bungled the investigation, there is still forensic evidence and it doesn't support Matt's timeline of events.

Why would all of these women who say he made sexual advances be lying? What would it serve them? They aren't connected in any way.

And of course, the relationship with Vanessa doesn't add up. Even she admits they were dating. Why would a man turn to this woman for "comfort." Again, where are his male friends? Why doesn't he have any?

Please ask yourself the tough questions. There are so many more. I just don't have time to write more this morning.

So maybe the kool-aid comment was out of line. But perhaps it was a device to urge people to THINK logically and follow BLINDLY.

ksf said...

I meant to write:
So maybe the kool-aid comment was out of line. But perhaps it was a device to urge people to THINK logically and NOT follow BLINDLY.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the "spirit-filled" comment." How could anyone be that niave. God bless her!
No one can judge what a spirit filled man would or would not do. Look at all the Catholic Priests who molested young people. I'm sure members of their congregations would have said the same thing before it all came out. A human filled with the spirit of God is still a human. They still make their own choices.
Look at David in the Bible. David was "a man after God's own heart" but he sent Besheba's husband to his death so that he(David) could be with her. Maybe that is why Matt identifies so closely with David?

The truth will set you free from that burden you carry. Nothing on earth could be worse than what you have thus far chosen to live with... The key phrase there being "on earth."

Carole said...

A few observations--

~I went back and read the Trib article referenced above. Matt said Kari called her mother multiple times a day. If this is true, it is not unusual behavior for mothers and daughters--I have 2adult daughters and we email/text/talk very often. I can tell by their voices if something is wrong and most certainly can see on their faces if something is bothering them. So Matt wants us to believe that all those times Kari talked to her mom that Linda was not able to pick up on the severe depression that Matt claims Kari suffered from. This is total and complete hogwash! Judging from my own experiences, Linda would have been the very first one to notice something was wrong.

~I am seconding what KSF asked--why have we not seen any guy friends of Matt's surface?

~To the older lady from Kerrville (in the 48 Hours piece) who stated that a spirit filled man wouldn't have done something like this--you, dear lady, are exactly right.

Anonymous said...

IF Kari and her mother spoke several time every day, then my question would be why didn't the mom know about the "dark-side" that her son-in-law supposedly had? Or did it just happen one night in April? Yes, I am from the Kerrville area and know there were men on the 48Hrs townhall meeting. From minister to teenager. However, as we would expect, 48hrs chose not to use these because either one would have made Matt look like the person they were working so far to not show. 48hrs set the tone for this show, and only used the sound bites they chose. Thus, they would not want to show the minister friend that has known Matt for years and years, as a young man and as an adult fellow minister. This same minister has written a book about suicide and addressed the signs during this meeting. But, of course 48hrs would NOT want that to be seen. Yes, Shannon, I realize you have veto power and will probably choose not to show this, but others already know a lot of this anyway.

Shannon said...

Anonymous 12:36 -

1) Apparently Matt hid that well from many people. And obviously he didn't from many other people. Some people he flagrantly showed his dark side. Some people were just able to feel it and wonder.

2) The Kerrville side isn't the only side that didn't have every word, every minute of video, every interviewed person aired. Make no mistake, there was VOLUMES and VOLUMES of interviews and people and information on Kari's behalf that they didn't include. There's only so much time. 48 Hours will be doing updates in the future. They're not done with this story by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

To the Kerrville person who thinks 48 Hours picked on poor little Matt--I want to reply to her but I am laughing so hard it's hard to type.

Peggy said...

You're right on that, Shannon. And the kicker is that I believe Kari was finally putting things together and starting to see Matt clearly. Then her life was cut short. Hmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

to: May 17, 2008 12:36 PM

The picture you have of Kari has been painted by Matt. Are you saying that because the minister wrote a book on suicide that he can say Kari committed suicide even though he didn't know her? Perhaps he may have met her. I don't know. However, I do know that Matt and Kari didn't have contact with Kerrville and its people during their marriage. And I know this because Matt told me!

I think you are well-intentioned However, I also believe that you are not really allowing yourself to consider the facts...honestly and objectively.

You have only begun to know matt again after he has been gone from kerrville for close to 18 years. Why don't people who have known him since he left Kerrvile have the same conviction of his innocence as you did. Why do many, many who have known him so recently through work, church, and socially tend to believe he is guilty?

Anonymous said...

Kari's mom has stated a number of times that she and Jim saw Matt through Kari's eyes--and Kari loved her husband. Short and simple.

Shannon said...

Peggy, May 16, 8:24 -

The answer is NO. When it gets down to it, no answers.