Monday, April 7, 2008

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Today's Letter to the Editor

Lacking evidence? What has justice come to in the United States? I’m not talking about Guantanamo or O.J. I’m talking about justice in Waco, Texas. Consider the McLennan County DA’s office — specifically John Segrest — and its ineptitude regarding the Matt Baker case.

This is a case of murder, a case so clearly problematic that Texas Monthly ran it as its March cover story. Yet Segrest hasn’t spent the effort to even ask for an investigation in the 180 days since Baker’s arrest. Six months, that is. The Hewitt Police spokesperson and Texas Ranger Matt Cawthon both stated that they haven’t been asked to support or provide information regarding the death of Kari Lynn Baker. The entire matter has been a travesty of justice. First, we hear of concerns that Kari’s husband was having an affair. Then we learn that he has a history raising concerns of sexually predatory behavior. Then we learn that Kari told her therapist only one week before she died that she thought her husband was trying to kill her. Then we learn that Kari found crushed pills in her house and didn’t know what they were. We learn Kari had gone to a job interview on the very afternoon of her death, an odd way to spend the day if you’re going to commit suicide.Only after these revelations was the body exhumed — by a justice of the peace. Only then did the JP realize that this case was not a “done deal.”

“Lacking evidence”? Perhaps the Trib headline should read “DA lacking effort.” Just hope that as long as you live in McLennan County and Segrest is in office your family doesn’t suffer from a violent crime.McLennan County voters won’t forget this abdication of responsibility when it’s time to vote.
Lisa Hoeffner, Waco

**I believe now the DA's office is investigating finally. There is time to turn this travesty around. Keep the prayers up.

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