Thursday, April 3, 2008

In my Gmail inbox yesterday....


I've enjoyed your blog for several months now. You're doing a great job of keeping people informed and mediating the wide variety of comments you get. I read with interest the comments about how many Kerrville folks support Matt. I live in Kerrville and have met Matt. My kids know his kids from school. Please do not assume that we all blindly think he is innocent. The majority of the people I know think that there is a very good chance that he did indeed do what he has been accused of. Even many people who grew up with him or knew him as a child.

And I hate how this might hurt Matt's parents. They are actually very nice, very decent people. I just wanted to let it be known that just because we live in Kerrville does not mean that we necessarily believe in Matt's innocence. Keep up the great work!

~ A Friend From Kerrville
*Posted with permission
Yes, I know this can't possibly be how every person in Kerrville feels, but I think it is important to give these folks a chance to let their feelings be known.


Anonymous said...

Thank you from all of us in Waco.

4truth said...

All anyone should want is the truth. I have been amazed at MB's more rabid supporters who have said that no matter the truth, Kari's daughters should stay with MB because he is the only remaining parent.

How could people in their right minds say such a thing? These girls should be raised by the man who killed their mother just because he is the remaining parent???

I am so glad to know that not everyone from Kerrville thinks that way.

Anonymous said...

I really do feel for matt's parents in this at times. You would never ever want to think your own son...
But i hope and pray that they will someday hae the courage to look at the long list of women from the past who said Matt made sexually inappropriate things and then the long list of things that just do not add up in this case and then look in the eyes of those two girls...and ask the hard questions and do the right thing. God bless them! That would be so very very hard to do!
But the Dulins are also incredible people and don't deserve to have their daughter and now grand daughters taken from them. Justice. Please God let there be justice!