Monday, April 28, 2008

Comment from this morning...

The following comment was received under the "Another" post this morning. I wanted to bring it out in a post so that it wouldn't get missed.

The Dulins will NEVER give up. They fight for the welfare of two little girls who have been heartlessly told that their mother did not love them as much as she loved their little sister. They fight because the TRUTH must be told, and ultimately, those girls will have to know it. Kensi and Grace need to know their mother did not choose to leave them! The Dulins see the pursuit of that truth as the final thing they can do for Kari--a continued and unequivocal committment to the children she loved and adored and would never have abandoned. NEVER.

Contrary to the hateful remarks Matt and his mother have made in the press, Kari's parents are not vengeful people. They are calm, soft-spoken, generous--and very, very smart. They absolutely love their grandchildren more than anything, and they are rightly concerned for their well-being and mental health. They DO NOT disparage Matt to those little girls, regardless of statements to the contrary by the Bakers. They fully understand that those children love their dad and believe in his innocence, and they do not attempt to take that belief from them by discussing the case in their presence. Not ever.

Sadly, Matt and his mother do not respect the girls enough to allow them to love and be loved by Linda and Jim without guilt attached. Just read the remarks those two have made to the media, and that point becomes painfully obvious. There is no apparent effort to shield the girls from publicity, either. On the contrary, they are used as "props" when the pity-seeking father gives interviews.

I have been in the Dulin's company many times, and they have never once spoken of wanting vengeance. They pursue justice in the courts because they have put together enough information from a myriad of sources that speaks loudly of Matt's guilt. It cannot be ignored, and evidence continues to grow as the investigation gains momentum.

No, you have no need to worry, Anonymous Poster. The Dulins will not be leaving the fight. They will always seek justice for Kari, and we can pray that it comes soon.


Anonymous said...

Amen to the literary artist who composed this statement.

Linda said...

thank you.

Rick said...

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I commend your passion that is shared by so many of us! But I do have to wonder if you are with the Dulins ALL the time that you can say they NEVER say anything bad about Matt in front of the girls! How can you make that statement when you are not there all the time? You have no way of knowing what is said to or around them unless you talk to them! Using the words NEVER and ALWAYS should be used lightly in this case by both sides and all concerned!!!

Linda said...

Anonymous poster: May 3, 2008 7:36 PM

I agree that NEVER and ALWAYS are words that we should normally be careful about using in such instances. However, the person who wrote those comments was correct.
My husband and I have NEVER disparaged my granddaughters' father in front of them....EVER.
We will NEVER do so. We love them far too much to ever do that. If you live in Kerrville, I know you have heard otherwise. However, what you have heard isn't true.

I don't know who posted this about us. Clearly, this person knows us. People who know my husband and me know how much we love our granddaughters. We would NEVER, EVER, EVER say anything negative about our precious grandaughters' father to them. We hurt for them more than words can express. We would never make their burden heavier by disparaging their father; they love him.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Kari's mom

Anonymous said...

Well, 7:36, you are of course, correct when you remind me to be careful using "absolutes." I should have prefaced my statements with, "I believe..."

You are also right in your assessment of my passionate desire to defend two exceedingly honorable people. I hate, hate, hate what has happened to them, and I am eager to stand in the gap against those who torment them.

My only defense is to cling to an old adage that tells us how we can predict future behavior by observing past behavior. I really believe that. The Dulins have consistently demonstrated commendable character traits, and truthfulness is at the top of the list. They have told the truth in the past, and I believe they will continue to do so. They have assured me and everyone else that they shield the girls from the case---and I trust their word. 100 percent. Always. I have observed their truthfulness over and over.

Contrast that with the truth-challenged former son-in-law...who consistently twists and perverts information to suit himself.

Anonymous said...

I live in Maine and just finished watching the 48 Hours story about Kari. My heart goes out to Kari's family.

To Kari's mom - I know there are people who, in their ignorance, will try to discourage you from seeking justice for your daughter. I believe it was Matt who accused you of "living in anger"...saying that in your grief, you've been unable to get past the anger stage. In watching the 48 Hours show, I did not see an inappropriately angry woman. I did not see a woman who was so lost in anger that she could possibly be disillusioned in any way. What I saw was a woman who has carefully and rationally looked at every possible cause for her daughter's death and has discovered the truth. I just want to give you words of are doing the right thing (as I know you already know). Stay strong, for any that are against the truth, there are more who are supporting it (supporting YOU). I've never met Matt (and thankfully never will), but after watching that show, it is clear to me that he is a liar and most definitely a murderer. I can see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice, and tell it by the words coming out of his mouth. I have confidence that his own actions and words will ultimately bring justice for your daughter.

To the keeper of this blog: Thank you for keeping these records updated. I have bookmarked it so I can keep up-to-date on what is going on with the case. My prayers are with Kari's family. I will send a picture of that bumper sticker on my mini-van's rear window as soon as I get it!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts keep coming back to those little girls. I feel awful inside knowing that they are living with the man who killed their mother. He is no doubt lying to them every day of their lives. And when they showed in the 48 Hours show that he has a past of inappropriate, sexual acts with young women (and saying inappropriate, sexual things to minors as well as kissing a minor), I prayed to God that he is not abusing those little girls. I pray that God keeps those girls safe from harm and that evil man does not poison those little girls' minds to the point that they forget their mother as the person she truely was. I have never met any of the people involved with this case but I have an awful feeling about that man. I hope when those girls are old enough to fully make their own decisions about right and wrong and no longer are under their father's control, that they will be able to see the truth - their mother loved them with all her heart and she did not leave them on purpose.

I'm now realizing that this comment will most likely not get published, because of the comment about the possibility of Matt abusing the girls. I realize that Kari's mother reads this blog and she will not want that rumour being spread. I know that if that is a possibility, she will do everything she can to get those girls away from him. But I for some reason needed to express my concern anyway. Feel free to edit my post as you feel appropriate or not post it at all. My respect to Kari's family.