Sunday, December 2, 2007

Inclined to Agree...

Letter to the Editor in the Kerrville

November 21, 2007


Take time to read arrest warrant. Regarding the benefit to raise funds for Matt Baker’s defense: Perhaps those so inclined to raise money should read the arrest warrant which led to the capture of Matt Baker. Maybe these kindly folks would be less likely to financially contribute to this “cause.”

Though Mr. Baker might be considered innocent until proven guilty, I would be hesitant to support the legal defense of a man who was looking at an engagement ring for his mistress days after his wife’s death.

Save your benevolence for those who aren’t quite so suspect. Showing mercy is a good thing. Throwing pearls before swine is foolhardy.

Julie Janik, Dallas

While I do not know this letter-to-the-editor writer, I am inclined to agree.


4truth said...

Now, this is interesting. Pearls before swine....I like it. It certainly applies here.

4truth said...

Julie Janik is my new hero. Pearls before swine. It fits.

Julie Janik said...

I went to college at Baylor and knew Matt briefly in 1992/93 when his room-mate dated a friend of mine (and later married another friend).

Tonight, our prayers were answered when the guilty verdict was delivered. I continue to pray for the family of Kari, because the loss of their daughter/sister/mother is unimaginable and is a burden they will carry until they see her again in heaven.