Friday, November 30, 2007


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Shannon I did not jump your case and I have read it from beginning to end. I even posted regularly until you started slamming Matt. I stopped making any comments at that point. I continued reading because occasionally someone would say something nice and I needed that. Then, you just continued to defend yourself and this site and you would write the occasional bash comments in between so called memories. You confuse me when you argue that you are not bashing and that is not what this site is about because you do quite a bit of bashing in between your memories!
Posted by Anonymous to Don't Even Get Me Started at November 30, 2007 8:06 PM

But you have to would anyone reading....that my posts have become MUCH more dry C&P'd news. And then lately defending my right to have my own blog. I started off with memories and shock in my heart at this. Then tossed in some pissed and ready to fight. I have become more careful in my words and posts and what I think is okay to let come through without hurting those that are like-minded with me. I still have not met Kari's family......but I feel them. I still cannot explain my "role" in Kari's story. But I have felt her hand on me since she passed. I cannot let it go. It's not in me. I'm trying to be careful. But seriously, it's my blog. I answer only to myself...and my God-given conscience.

Okay. That was my reply comment. I apologize for saying "pissed" and not editing it. It's just the word that fits. Sorry.


4truth said...

"pissed" works ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree!