Monday, November 19, 2007

Fund Raiser

Kerrville's : Community Turns Out for Baker Fund Raiser

By Alison Beshur The Daily Times

Published November 19, 2007

Sporting a green “Live Strong”-type bracelet inscribed with the word “Defense,” Matt Baker strolled around the Louise Hays Park Pavilion chatting, shaking hands and hugging attendees at a fund raiser to help fight a case against him.“ It’s unbelievable to know the support I have,” Baker said. “Some of the people, I don’t know who they are. ... It’s amazing.”

In late September, Baker was arrested on a warrant that alleged he murdered his wife in April 2006 in their home near Waco. Her death had been ruled a suicide, but was later changed to “undetermined.”

After her death, Baker returned to Kerrville, where he had grown up, attended school and his parents still live. He brought his two daughters ages 7 and 11 and found a job working as a substitute teacher for the Kerrville Independent School District.

His late wife’s parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit, ordered depositions and then gave some of that information to the Hewitt Police Department for a criminal investigation.

Baker has not charged been formally by a grand jury in McLennan County. The next grand jury meeting is Nov. 28.

Since Baker was released in late October, his family has continued to receive an outpouring of support. Some of that was evident at Sunday’s fund-raising event. Attendees not only bought tickets for barbecue plates and baked goods and placed bids on silent auction items, but they also simply wrote checks to help with Baker’s defense fund. By the end of the night, more than $7,500 had been raised.

“I think we’re going to have a successful fund raiser, helping his family out with immediate needs,” said Brenda Hughes, an owner of Buzzie’s Bar-B-Q and one of the organizers. “It’s heartwarming to see the support and people not necessarily wanting anything in return.” Her son, Tyler “Buzzie” Hughes, said Baker was his substitute algebra teacher for three months last school year. Aside from teaching the subject, Baker also gave him advice and made comments to cheer up the now 16-year-old sophomore.

Most of his classmates don’t talk about the arrest, but many feel the same way about Baker’s arrest.“It’s a sore subject,” Tyler Hughes said. “No one wanted to believe it when we heard about. It was really hard to believe.”

Margo Walters said she felt “called” to attend the fund raiser to help a classmate she had known for decades and a local family who had given to others. The Bakers often served as parent sponsors for church activities and took in dozens of foster children.“Their hugs were genuine and free,” Walters said while finishing her plate of barbecue. “When you come together under God’s will, wonderful things happen.

Walters described her former classmate as “likable” and someone with a “genuine and awesome heart.” Of everyone she knew in high school, he would be her pick as the most unlikely candidate to face murder charges.“I was shocked when I heard,” Walters said. “I still am very puzzled by what is happening to this family.”


Anonymous said...

The people of Kerrville seem like warm, loving people. They have reached out in love and compassion. However, they will be betrayed. MB is a "pretender." He will be uncovered for who and what he is before it is over. This is all so incredibly sad.

Anonymous said...

We are a warm and loving people. The event was well attended and there was a great spirit throughout the crowd. Agree with the above poster that this is a sad situation but disagree that we will be betrayed.

Anonymous said...

Kerrville is an awesome place to live and the one thing I have learned from living here....People from Kerrville do not back something or someone if they do not believe in that place or person! I think the whole situation is sad but I to do not feel betrayed!

4truth said...

Perception is not always truth, anonymous poster. You perceive that he is a good man. He is not. He murdered his wife. He took his children's mother. You will have more insight within the next few months. Hang on. You have already been betrayed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well 4truth, until a guilty verdict comes out I will not be so bold as to say "he did it" Once again the truth is...none were there and will never know the truth!

4truth said...

You are wrong. There is scientific evidence, according to the affidavit, that tells the truth. Toxicology and lividity reports are pretty hard to argue opinion....just the facts....oh, and switching computers and the drug searches...and stacks up, babe.

Anonymous said...

Luke 12:2-3

There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.


Anonymous said...

yes Jesus was correct when he said that nothing concealed will not be disclosed. I think some believe that the truth will show a very guilty person that has lived a lie for his entire life. And another group believe that the truth will show a very innocence person that has lived truth for his entire life. Guess time will give us the answer. But, will we agree even with the answer? Probably not, as there is so much anger involved.