Sunday, May 1, 2011

Today's Waco Tribune Herald article.....

Tommy Witherspoon
Tribune-Herald staff writer

Wish I could place the whole article here because it's very good.  And I must add (for those of you that don't get the physical paper) that this story is placed as the top headline story on the Local & Texas section.  Excellent positioning!  This is going to bring much more attention to our online auction and help get the word out to all of Central Texas (and beyond) in a BIG WAY!  Here's a couple of snippets:
Since Kari Baker’s death, family and friends have united behind the Dulins and are doing so again with an online auction to raise funds for legal expenses and, they hope, to fund the girls’ therapy if the Dulins prevail in the custody trial.

Linda Reichenbach and Shannon Gamble, friends of the Dulins, are organizing the online auction and are soliciting donations through Twitter, Facebook, emails, going door-to-door and on Gamble’s Internet blog, “Don’t Even Get Me Started,” a tribute to Kari Baker’s memory that she has kept for several years.

Reichenbach, a computer instructor at McLennan Community College, and her students will create a website on which the auction will be conducted and the auction items displayed. (read more)

And when Tommy asked why I keep doing what I can for continued justice in this case:
‘Just not done yet’

Gamble met Kari Baker when her son, Brody, was in Baker’s third-grade class.

“We are putting this together because it is just not done yet,” Gamble said. “We have part one done, which is justice with Matt being convicted and bringing back Kari’s memory in a better way. Part two is saving her girls. I don’t feel like they are in a safe place. She would have kept fighting until her girls were safe and if I can help do that, I am going to do that, too.”  (read more)

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