Monday, April 25, 2011

"Twist of Faith" - Investigation Discovery

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones (on the Investigation Discovery channel) is airing their show on our case this Thursday, April 28.  If you are on DirecTV, it's Channel 285.  DishNetwork is Channel 192.  If you are in Central Texas: Time Warner is Channel 134 and Grande is Channel 161.  To verify what channel it is in your area and with your service provider, you can click here and then scroll down a little bit on the right side and you can put your info in their Channel Finder widget.

Case Profile: Matthew Baker
By Chris Opfer
Edited by Kevin P. Allen

Matthew Baker is a former preacher and father of three who was convicted of killing his wife so he could be with his mistress. The Baptist minister drugged and suffocated Kari Baker and attempted to make her death look like a suicide. The scheme almost worked.

ID VIDEO: Who Was Kari Baker?
Aphrodite Jones meets with convicted murderer and former Pastor, Matthew Baker. His interview sparks the question about his victim, "Who Was the real Kari Baker?"

ID VIDEO: Kari Baker's Last Days
Aphrodite Jones learns more about Kari Baker's last days before she was murdered by her husband, Pastor Matthew Baker.

Come back here after the show and we can discuss.


News said...

I hope Aphrodite Jones does justice to Kari's story! I will be watching.

Sadie said...

Thank you for this post, Shannon. Just finished watching these two clips and I feel physically ill from it. Will watch the show, but wow, it is really and truly (literally) sickening what Matt did to Kari and what he continues to do to Kari, her daughters, and her family.

Kari was a beautiful and special woman. It is such a tragedy that her life was snuffed out by a sick, deceptive being who is nothing but evil.

Thank you, God, that this snake is locked up for the crime of murder. How sad it is that from prison he is still able to slander Kari -- the wife he silenced forever -- to broadcast his bold and ugly lies, and work his malevolent influence in the lives of Kari's daughters and her family and friends from afar. A costly and hard-worn, long-delayed justice was obtained with his guilty verdict. But there is still another important measure of justice that needs to happen before it's all over.

I look forward to the day when nobody cares what Matt has to say any more, when he will live out his sorry existence silently behind those prison walls year after year, utterly forgotten except for the horror of what he has done, which no one can ever forget.

I look forward to the day when Kari's family does not have to worry and cry and live in anguish over their precious granddaughters, who have been and continue to be the most vulnerable victims of his and his family's evil.

I look forward to the day when Justice for Kari and her family has been completely rendered, and those whose lives have been tainted by this man's evil can heal and hope and move forward in peace.

Thank you again for posting about the upcoming program, Shannon, and for your powerful dedication to this cause. God Bless You for all you do, and God Bless all of Kari's dear friends and loved ones.

Carole said...

As much as I hate for Matt to get media attention, I believe  there is an up-side to each interview--every time he opens his mouth he reveals to the world the evil within.

Sadie said...


Thank you for pointing that out. You are SO right about the obvious nature of the lies that come from this awful man.

It is obvious now. I feel terribly sorry for all the people (especially his former congregants) who once believed in and placed their trust in this lying killer. In retrospect, the damage he has wrought is deep and wide, and it breaks my heart.

I think that Kari's story, the Dulins' battle for justice, and the unmasking of the wolf in sheep's clothing really do resonate with people. The publicity can open the eyes of others who are unaware of danger lurking right under their noses. I hope Kari's story will teach and empower many people.