Friday, April 23, 2010

Huntsville Bound - Filing motions all the way

Matt Baker transferred to state prison system in Huntsville
Tommy Witherspoon

More later. This happened quick.

Baker reportedly transported to Byrd Prison Unit Channel 25

"Baker will likely spend two to four weeks in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison where he will be evaluated physically and mentally, as well as for his education and skills before it is determined where he will serve the remainder of his sentence." (read more)

Matt Baker Leaves McLennan County, Files Motions (KCEN-TV, Channel 6)

"Friday Baker filed two motions. One, is for a mistrial due to alleged judicial misconduct. Baker claims judicial misconduct occurred during his trial when one of the witnesses on the stand was saying Baker had an alibi -- that he was at Hollywood video when Kari died. During the witness' testimony, Judge Ralph Strother called for a break because a juror had to use the bathroom. Baker's motion says the judge interrupted the detective's testimony, and when the the break was over the judge did not have the court reporter read where the court left off.

The other, is for a new trial entirely. The motion for new trial says Baker, 'prays this court set this motion for new trial for hearing and that as a matter of law, the motion be granted and defendant be given a new trial in this case.'

However Baker's court-appointed lawyer says Baker missed the 30-day filing deadline, after he was sentenced. The lawyer, Stan Schwieger says both his motions are irrelevant, and he says Judge Strother isn't taking any action."

I'm guessing that Matt sent letters on his own for these two ridiculous "irrelevant" motions or he forced Stan's hand somehow to file them for him. Matt really things he can represent himself but he doesn't even know what relevance is and what is actually a meritorious motion. Where's the "This is a good idea" in any of that?

Gosh, I feel for Stan. He's probably getting to the Number 1 spot of people involved in this that are ready for this whole thing to be over with.


Anonymous said...

It is about time. I pray those girls aren't forced to go to Huntsville often to see their "dad". It's an ugly place for ugly people...not for children.

SG said...

NOT TO MENTION Bakers first motion was inaccurately false. The policeman's testimony did not give Baker an alibi because an exact time of death was not determined. Bakers attempt to gain an alibi by gassing the car and renting a video failed miserably because the lividity and temp of her body indicated that she was dead before he left the house.

Sadie said...

I feel for Stan, too, Shannon. He probably rues the day that his wagon got hitched to this evil star.

Isn't it amazing how everything Matt touches turns to MUD?

I agree with SG about that silly "motion," too. The officer who was testifying was most certainly NOT giving Matt an alibi! What a crock! No way, Matt. Not even if the natural laws of anatomy, biology, and forensic pathology COULD have been suspended somehow to make your bogus timeline work. Like Stan said, this latest behavior shows that Matt is living in FANTASY-LAND.

So glad to see him disappearing at last into the prison system where he belongs. I wish they would add an extra four years onto his time, to pay for the four years he spent lying, manipulating, brainwashing the girls, getting away with murder,etc. But alas, even that wouldn't come close to undoing the damage he has done. So I'll settle for being glad to see him locked away to do his time.

Now, unfortunately, we all know that for awhile, he'll still continue to pop up here and there for appeal stuff -- like the evil 'whack-a-mole' he is! But I'm going to just visualize him getting bopped back into his hole each time until he finally just goes away for good. (BAM!)

Praying for the girls. Praying for the Dulins.