Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In answer to your emails....

Goodness. So many people have contacted me via email and phone about how they can help the Dulins in this next leg of their legal journey as they work to get Kensi and Grace the help they need. Professional help for replace hate with love....give them back their childhood....let them know it is okay to love their Mom, their Mom's family....and yes, still love their Dad! No one in Kari's family wants these girls to feel pulled or hurt more than they already are. However, this won't be easy because Matt Baker's family seems determined to continue this charade and denial and for that, that ultimate losers are the girls.....Kari's daughters!! Without the truth, there can be no healing. How can someone without even one loving thing to say about their Mother raise them with the real truth of how much their Mother loved them and how she did not leave them by her own hand? Matt's mother statements about Kari have always been completely negative...even going to far as to say that, "Suicide is an answer to pain you can't get rid of......and that it was not a bad answer for her [Kari]."

Kensi and Grace deserve, above all, to know their Mother adored them! Loved them beyond measure! Would have never left them! They deserve to know, work through and blossom on the other side of the truth!

I believe that the Dulins are Kensi and Graces VERY BEST (and possibly only) way for them to grow up whole and free from lies and hate and be able to heal with the truth. As you can hear and see for yourself in Linda's victim's impact statement, Jim and Linda have forgiven Matt. They are not harboring hate in their hearts or home. They just want truth, love and freedom for Kari's daughters.

A portion of an email from a friend, Sadie, hits the nail on the head.... "Bottom line: The Bakers cannot hold the delusional (or self-protecting) line that Matt is innocent and Kari committed suicide -- and that the Dulins had Matt railroaded,etc., -- without harming the girls and their ability to cope with the truth about their parents."

Okay. I'm not saying what you don't already know. I have received so many emails and phone calls saying the very same things. For the so many of you that have expressed the desire to help the Dulins in the next leg of this journey of getting Kari's daughters the help and healing they need, please feel free to email me and we can talk. God bless you and above all, keep those prayers up!

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