Friday, February 5, 2010

Expert Opinion VS Baker Opinion

Convicted killer Baker, appellate attorney seek to part ways
Tommy Witherspoon

"Baker’s letter says he wants to fire Schwieger “due to his refusing to represent me appropriately in a post-conviction motion (i.e. motion for new trial).”

Baker’s mother, Barbara Baker, said Thursday the Bakers are seeking to replace Schwieger because he reportedly told them he did not intend to file a motion for new trial, which is rarely granted.

She said he told them that he would wait for a transcript of the trial to be prepared and then file a direct appeal." (read more)

God forbid the self-proclaimed "Baker Duet" take the advice of an experienced appellate attorney in state and federal court and instead insist on playing this out according their their thoughts on the matter. Go ahead and throw precedent and legal logic out the window and then call foul on the system when it doesn't work for you. Looks like the final nail in this coffin will be self-imposed.

Tommy also has an update on Vanessa in the article.

VIDEO: Channel 25 - Bruce Gietzen's phone interview with Barbara Baker


Anonymous said...

I just listened to Mrs Bakers statement to News 25 yesterday at the link below. Further proof that she is completely delusional when it comes to Matt's guilt. Further proof that the girls need to get out of there.

Shannon said...

Thank you, Anonymous above. I will go ahead and add that video link to the post.

A_News_Junkie said...

From Matt's letter:
".............based on numerous inconsistent statements to BOTH my Power of Attorney (mother) and personal consultant."

So, is his mother his "personal consultant" or is their another player???????

OHBOY said...

Maybe Matt should just represent himself. He (and his sidekick) obviously know more than any legal mind on the planet Earth. Do I see a possible second career blossoming?

dan said...

Everyone should note: expect many repeats of this type of behavior from Baker. As a sociopath, he has one specialty: manipulation. He will continue to attempt to manipulate the legal system.

As I read this letter, I am reminded of Baker's statements to friends after Kari's death, statements that to normal people sound strange: that the girls were happier without Kari, that Vanessa Bulls looked like she could be Kensi's and Grace's mother, and so forth. He doesn't realize that what he is saying or doing is atypical. He's been faking normalcy with the skill all sociopaths possess: they can't feel genuine emotions, so they mimic. But the mimicry is only skin-deep. When called by circumstances to react in normal ways, something deeper than lip-service, the veneer of normalcy is quickly scratched away.

Of course he knows that inmates with court-appointed attorneys don't normally get to pick and choose: but in his mind, he is the exception to every rule. He's probably mystified that we don't understand.

Sadie said...

Matt is filthy guilty. He has been since 2006. God has spoken, the jury has spoken, Matt Baker has been found guilty. It was a fair trial. It was the right verdict. There are no valid appeal issues. He is where he belongs.

With all due respect for a mother who surely must be hurting somewhere inside despite her stoic, cold exterior, Barbara Baker has again demonstrated in that interview, and in her support of bad legal moves for Matt, that she is not rational. That home is not a healthy environment for the girls. They need to be living lives of healing, truth, and love right now. They need strong, honest, loving adults who will help them face the reality of what has happened, and will help them grow and heal and move forward.

What they do NOT need is delusion and brainwashing. Not strategizing to delay custody issues. Not the constant mouthing of empty spin and propaganda. Not the stress of having to show support for their lying, murdering father as he tries to further manipulate the system. Not the pressure of appearing happy at all costs, so as to protect the image of killer Daddy and Ma Baker. Not the consuming hatching of plans and plots to protect their mother's murderer. Not being kept in the dark about the truth, or having an adult pronounce to the media what a child believes in her own mind and heart.

Barbara Baker, your son is a sociopath. He is a murderer. He is a liar. He is a danger to society and to his own children. He has shamed the name of "son." He has shamed the name of "father," "minister," "friend," and most of all, "husband." You have harbored and supported him, and you have continued to live a lie and feed lies to the girls. You will not allow them to know the truth. You will not even allow them to believe the truth for themselves! What are you doing to their poor minds and hearts?

It is so odd how the "Baker Duet" seem to be the only fighters in this losing battle. I've often wondered where Matt's father is in all of this -- why has he steadfastly remained absent and silent on the matter? Doesn't Matt have a sister? Where is she? Why hasn't she weighed in, or supported him in court or in the media? How does she feel about all this? Deafening silence is what we get from the other Bakers. Why have we not heard from all those 49 "brothers and sisters" that were in the group foster home the Bakers ran all those years ago? Why the silence?

All that seems to matter to Barbara Baker is to protect the obvious lie that Matt is innocent. She has helped him cover up his lies, and yet she continues with the insanity of vouching for him. She is irrationally, selfishly protecting the "Baker Duet" at all costs, to the detriment and harm of the girls.

Kari's daughters need to be released from the cult compound, or the Gulag, or the Stepford house, or whatever we might call the dysfunctional environment created by this sick "duet." The girls need to have their welfare placed first, above and beyond all self-serving, sinister, delusional motives of the adults they're stuck with at present.

I think it is interesting that according to Barbara, Kensi's first question to her when Matt was convicted was whether and when the Dulin's might begin their efforts to gain custody. It makes me wonder whether somewhere in Kensi's heart (where her mother's love surely still resides), or in the back of her mind (where the truth of her former life still resides), might lie an unexpressed wish...

Praying fervently for the safety and health of Kari's girls. May they come home soon. May love once again trump evil.

*Sorry this is so long. Tried to resist the rant, but could not. My heart hurts for how hard this must be for Kensi and Grace.*

Anonymous said...

I so agree with Sadie. I too wondered the same thing about Matt's Dad, sister, and all the foster kids that resided in the Baker home. Where were they during the trial? Why weren't they there to support Matt? That is extremely odd to me! My hunch is that skeletons abide in the closet of that home. My prayer is that they will come out and shed light on the darkness.

Washington State

Anonymous said...

The sentiments expressed by Sadie are surely shared by all sane-thinkers. So many excellent points; all valid. I hope whoever represents the Dulins in their quest to gain custody make these same points to the judge who will decide the future of Kari's girls. I also hope this case is decided really soon, for I hate the thought of Kensi and Grace being fed the kool-ade another minute! Healing is impossible if they cannot learn the truth, as horrible as it is, that the father they surely love does not deserve their affection. Real "justice for Kari" will come only when her precious children are allowed to live with the grandparents KARI would have given custody to--and it would not have been the emotionless, robotic mother-in-law, who refuses to consider that her son is a murderer.

Anonymous said...

This link is broken. I would love to read it.

Anonymous said...

No really Sadie, tell us how you really feel... dont hold back. Your post is great and says what we all feel!!!!

Shari said...

ANON: try this:

Sadie and Dan - thank you both for saying what I would if I could so wonderfully!